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Eden raised an eyebrow. “Out all night? Hot date?”

He grinned and winked at her. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Ugh, not really.”

He grunted and shoved her playfully as he passed her. “Gotta run. I have work to do.

“Oh yeah,” she called after him, hands braced on her hips. “We can all rest easy knowing the hung-over, sleep-deprived, energy-depleted Neith is on security!”

“I know right?”

She rolled her eyes and headed towards Cyrus’ office. It had taken a lot of persuading on Eden’s part for Jack to keep his job. Cyrus had wanted to demote him but Eden had talked him around. Not that Jack showed any appreciation, she winced, rubbing the spot on her shoulder where she’d hit the railings when he’d pushed her. Just because they were friends he thought he could push her around. She’d so get him later for that.

“Cyrus, you in?” Eden knocked on his office.

“Come in.”

Stepping in, Eden glanced aroun

d, looking for him when she didn’t see him behind his desk. Her eyes dropped and the narrowed in consternation. He was kneeling down by the desk, his hand reaching underneath it, his cheek pressed against the wood as he strained to find whatever it was he was searching for. He made a triumphant noise and pulled out a pen. It was such a normal and less than graceful thing to see him do (she was surprised by the fact that he’d actually dropped an item - his coordination was unbelievable) and when he straightened, Eden frowned, noting the worry lines around his eyes.

“You OK? You look… concerned?”

Cyrus sighed, rubbing his forehead. “Just… exasperated. Some of the Texas Neith loyal to Adam is causing some problems. And it turns out there is a detective on Boston PD investigating his own department. About… unreported disturbances throughout the city.”

“Unreported disturbances? You mean soul eaters. And us.”


“Is this something we should be worried about? The detective and the Texas Neith, I mean?”

“No.” He shook his head. “It is just an annoyance. It has happened before, it will happen again.”

“So…” Eden shifted, suddenly feeling disappointed. “I guess this means no patrolling tonight then, huh?”

Cyrus chuckled, having noted the childish glint of dismay in her eyes. “I would not say that, no.”

Hope blossomed. Eden was wired and ready to get back to what she did best. “What would you say?”

He glanced down at some papers on his desk and pulled a note out. “I would say you and Noah better pack.”


“Anezka Nováková, the Councilwoman of Prague has put in a request for assistance. A den of soul eaters keep shifting around the city. Two of them are strong, and her Neith have not been able to take them down.”

Eden’s heart began to pound with excitement. Prague?! “So you want me and Noah on point on this one?”

He grinned. “I do. Your first real assignment. Pack light. Oh and separate hotel rooms.” Ignoring that last part Eden rushed her guardian and threw her arms around him. He gave a huff of bemusement but pulled her close. She felt him kiss her hair. “Be careful.”

Eden pulled back. “Aren’t I always?”

“Hmmph. Well… I suppose you had better tell your partner in crime to pack.”

Leaving him with a quick, affectionate peck on the cheek, Eden bolted out of his office, adrenaline already flying through her body at the anticipation of going to another country with the boy she loved. “NOAH!” she yelled, taking the steps up into the foyer three at a time. “PACK YOUR BAGS! WE’RE GOING TO KICK SOME ASS!”

The sound of Cyrus’ chuckle from his office widened Eden’s grin.


She turned and craned her neck back, watching Noah descend the stairs. “We have a job. We’re going to Prague.”

“Really?” he gave her a wicked half-smile, taking the news with more cool excitement than she herself had done. “I love Prague. You’ll love Prague,” he promised.

He stopped at the bottom of the staircase and Eden reached for him, sliding her arms up and around his neck. “And Prague is going to love us,” she replied in a low, husky voice, treasuring their new found contentment.

“Oh yeah.” He pressed a smiling kiss against her lips. “And why’s that?” he murmured, his mind clearly on nothing but Eden’s mouth.

She cocked her head and imitated the arrogant arching of the eyebrow he was so good at. “Dude...we’re Ankh. What’s not to love?”

The End

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