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Deacon paused, looking at me. I’d told them earlier that Seth had seen me before he’d left. Of course, I didn’t go into details about what we had done, because seriously, that would be a little TMI, but I’d told them that he’d seemed normal. Which was true. Needless to say, Alex and Aiden both had looked at me like they doubted my sanity since I hadn’t alerted anyone to the fact Seth was roaming around.

“And he didn’t hurt Josie,” Deacon continued. “He didn’t feed off her. He basically stayed with her until she slept, said goodbye to her, and then left. Does that sound like an out of control, aether-sucking killer Apollyon?”

“Try saying that fast,” murmured Luke.

“He lost his shit because of what happened to Solos. Can we really blame him for that? None of us were hurt. We need to find him,” Deacon stated, his chin lifting. “Before he does turn into that and starts blowing up islands or something.”

I stiffened. What had Deacon just said? Blowing up islands? Holy crappers, the islands. I blinked. Would Seth really go home? He hadn’t been there since he’d been sent to the Covenant in the UK as a teen, but he’d talked of wanting to go back there. He’d mentioned it once, but to even speak of a place that had been so cold to him, it had to be important. It was a wild guess, completely out there, but it was a very real possibility. His family home was surrounded by nothing by trees and sand. He would be alone there, away from everyone. But would he go that far, halfway around the world? Would he go to that kind of extreme?

Deep down, I just knew he would. Call it intuition, but I just knew I was right.

“I think I know where he’s gone.” I stood up, thrusting my hands through my hair and then dropping them to my sides. All eyes were on me. “I can find him.” Determination filled me. “I’m going to find him.”

“Where?” Luke asked, attentive.

Glancing around the room, I exhaled slowly. “I think he’s gone to the Cyclades Islands.”

“What?” Alex frowned.

“That’s where he was born, and his home is still there. I can’t tell you how I know that. I don’t even know, but I just do. He’s gone there.”

Aiden looked away, his silver eyes flashing as he crossed his arms over his chest. Without saying a thing, I knew he so wasn’t on board with this plan. Not my problem.

Deacon glanced at Luke, who nodded. “We’re in.”

His older brother’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t think that’s wise. You saw him. You saw how unstable he is.”

“I’ve also seen how he’s been the whole entire time he’s been here,” Deacon argued. “So I think my decision is completely wise.”

Alex unfurled her leg, and her shoulders rose with a deep breath. “I’m going to have to agree with Aiden on this.”

“Of course you do,” muttered Deacon. “I mean, when wouldn’t you agree with him?”

Aiden snorted. “Uh, like all the damn time?”

She narrowed her eyes at Aiden and then turned to me. “I know you have seen a . . . a different side to Seth. I get that, but you don’t know what he’s capable of—”

“And you do?” I fired back without really thinking about it, because of course she knew what he was capable of.

“Yes,” she replied quietly, confirming what I already knew. “We all know what he’s capable of. You don’t. And I’m not trying to be a douche canoe by pointing that out, but it’s the truth. Seth can be and is incredibly dangerous, even when he’s chill, but now that he’s a God Killer most likely jonesing for aether? You have no idea how bad it is.”

Irritation prickled along the back of my skull, and the rustling of papers on the desk broke the silence. “He’s not the same person you knew.”

Alex opened her mouth.

“No. He’s not, Alex. He’s not the Apollyon who was tricked by Lucian and Ares. He’s not the same person who got all those people killed. He’s not the man who was willing to play second best to another.” The room went silent. Crickets could be heard. Alex flinched, but I kept going, my words razor-sharp and clear. “I’m not saying he’s all forgiven or that he’s perfect. He’s not. I know that. But he’s Seth. He’s not just the sum of only half of what he’s done. He’s whole and he’s not going to be referred to from here on out as the God Killer. That is not who he is. And he needs help, and because I love him—because I’m in love with him—I’m going to help him instead of giving up on him.” I looked between her and Aiden. “I’m pretty sure that’s something you two are familiar with, right? You two didn’t give up on each other. Not once.”

“Mic drop,” murmured Deacon.

Aiden shook his head as he stepped forward, unfolding his arms. “It’s not the same thing, Josie.”

“It is the same thing,” his brother challenged, silver eyes brightening. He threw his hands up. “You didn’t give up on Alex, and she was legit trying to kill us. None of us did. So why would we give up on Seth?”

Alex pursed her lips as she walked over to where Aiden stood. They stood side by side, a formidable sight. “We’re not asking you to give up on him.”

“You’re not? Because I’m pretty sure you all are totally on board with Herc capturing him. And why would you all want to capture and cage him?” The papers stirred again, and I forced myself to calm down. “If my father or any of the gods truly think he’s a threat, they’re going to amp up on finding how to . . .” A knot formed in the base of my throat. “They’re going to find a way to destroy him. And that’s why he would be caged—held until they find a way. That’s not just giving up on him, but that’s helping them murder him.”

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