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“That’s probably going to go over well,” I remarked.

She laughed again. “Yeah. Plus, there’s so much going on. The issues with the halfs and pures. I haven’t heard anything about my mom or Erin. We have no idea how to find the demigods that the Titans have captured or what’s happening to them, and I—”

“I get what you’re saying. We’ve got a lot to deal with and focus on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life a little.”

“Huh.” Her lips pursed.

“What does that mean?”

Josie stopped and turned to me. The wind tossed a few strands that had escaped her ponytail across her cheeks. “It’s just strange coming from you.”

I arched a brow. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t think you live life by that motto.” She poked my chest with her finger. “I don’t think you’ve really been enjoying life until recently.”

Opening my mouth, I started to argue that, but what in the hell could I say? She was right. “Touché.”

Her grin spread as she pivoted back around and started walking again. “I really wish you’d seen that Pegasus. Seth, it was amazing.”

“It’s just a horse with wings.”

Gasping, she shot me an arched look over her shoulder. “I don’t think we can be friends anymore.”

“That’s okay. I have no intentions of being just friends with you.”

Josie rolled her eyes. “Are you going to start training me again?”

“Why not?” I could do the hand-to-hand stuff, but the elements? I really didn’t think I should be pushing it. “But we’re leaving in two days, so that’s going to make training hard.”


We didn’t talk for a few moments as we neared the dorm, and I figured we wouldn’t have a lot of alone time in the next two days. Right now, Deacon was fanboying all over Hercules. Man, I felt for Luke, who looked like he wanted to gouge his own eardrums out and throw them on the floor, stomping on them, when we left. It wouldn’t be long before everyone reconvened to make plans for our trip. There was something I wanted to talk to Josie about.

“Hey.” I caught her hand and hauled her back to me. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Of course.” She placed her hand on my chest and tilted her head back. “Why do you ask?”


Her nose wrinkled. “Really.”

“Okay.” Guiding her off to the bench, I sat and tugged her into my lap. She tensed for a moment and then relaxed. “I saw the way you looked when Alex and Apollo saw each other.”

Josie’s eyes met mine for a moment and then skittered away. I wasn’t having that. I caught her chin, forcing her gaze back to mine. She sighed. “Was it that obvious?”

“No.” My gaze searched hers. When Josie had locked up earlier, watching her father get all friendly with Alex, I found myself wanting to hit Apollo with akasha for the hundredth time. “It wasn’t noticeable.”

“But you noticed.”

I looped my arm around her hips. “That’s because I’m always watching you. If you knew how much, you would probably think it was creepy.”

“Seth,” she laughed.

“Truth? I stared at your ass the whole way to this bench.”

“Oh my God.” She shook her head. “You’re ridiculous, Sethie.”

“I’m honest.” Sometimes.

“Yeah . . .” Another sigh shuttled through her. “I just . . . He barely even addresses me, you know? And I never get to ask him anything. He pops in and out without any real discussion. He seemed . . . he seemed really happy to see Alex. Like they hugged and I . . .”

I wanted to hurt Apollo.

She exhaled roughly. “I don’t have my grandparents anymore. Or my mom, and he’s my father, but he doesn’t act like it. I just feel like I’m an orphan sometimes. I mean, I really am.”

“I feel you,” I said. Josie leaned in, resting her cheek on my shoulder. I lifted my arm, folding my hand around the nape of her neck. “You’re not alone in that. I understand.”

“You do,” she murmured.

I smiled slightly as I looked down at her. Those beautiful eyes were closed and long lashes fanned her upper cheeks. Then she lifted her head. Curving her hand along my cheek, she raised her mouth to mine.

The brush of her lips against mine was tentative at first, nothing more than a sweep of her lips, but it hit me hard. I knew she felt the swift reaction to her. There was no hiding what was pressing against her ass or how my hand tightened along the back of her neck.

“I like kissing you,” she said. “Thought I’d share that.”

I caught the corner of her lip, nipping lightly. “Well, whenever you want to do that, have at it.”

“Any time?”

Tilting my head, I took the kiss deeper, and Josie eagerly met it. It was like we weren’t even sitting outside, where anyone could walk right up to us. It didn’t matter. She squirmed in my lap, restless and seeking more. My hands joined in, sliding down her body, stroking over the curves waiting under her clothes. I wanted to explore her. Wasn’t going to happen right then, though.

Sensing Alex, I pulled away. “We’re about to have company.”

“Huh.” Josie blinked and then shifted her gaze over my shoulder. “Oh. That is so weird.”

I said nothing as I shifted on the bench, turning Josie so her legs dropped between mine. I expected her to get up and put some distance between us. I wasn’t sure if she was okay with the very obvious state of our relationship being out there given . . . well, given my past with these two.

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