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Staring out over the quad, the division between the two sides was painfully obvious.

Since it was actually warm outside—not hot, just warm—a good portion of the school was hanging on the main quad, stretched out under the afternoon sun or playing a really weird version of Frisbee where they weren’t actually touching what looked like a much heavier and dangerous disc.

Halfs were grouped together on the other side of where we sat, closest to the dorms. It was a Saturday, and only a few were in their black training attire.

We weren’t the only ones who had a mixture of halfs and pures. There were other small groups clustered around us that had a mixture. I liked them.

My gaze tracked the silvery disc as it zoomed across the quad. A pure jumped up, throwing his hand out. The disc stopped before it reached his hand. The pure flicked his wrist and it flew back across the quad.

Why couldn’t they just, I don’t know, catch and throw it like normal people? Pain zinged behind my eyes.

Closing my eyes, I rubbed my temples with my fingers. The dull ache that had come and gone every day over the last week was back. You’d think with becoming a demigod I wouldn’t have to deal with things like headaches or periods. That would be nice.

“If you fall asleep again, I’m going to get a marker and draw a mustache on your face,” Luke announced.

Colin chuckled. “I hope that happens.”

“I’m not asleep,” protested Deacon. “I’m being all observant and shit.”

I continued rubbing my temples.

“Observing what?” Luke asked.

He huffed. “Look at me, noticing stuff that a trained Sentinel doesn’t notice.”

“I’m not really a Sentinel anymore,” Luke reminded him.

“Yeah, and I’m really not lying here thinking about getting that bag of weed and smoking it.”

I smiled tiredly.

“You’re always going to be a Sentinel, no matter what you say,” Deacon continued. “Anyway, see the group of pures over there?”

Opening my eyes, I looked over to where Deacon was pointing with his bare feet. There were five of them. All dudes. Two of them were fooling around with the Frisbee disc of doom.

“What about them?” Colin asked, closing his book.

Deacon rolled onto his side and shifted down so his cheek was resting on Luke’s thigh. “They’re up to something. They keep whispering and going over to the red-headed dude.” The redheaded dude was throwing the disc to the blond dude on the other side of the quad. “I’ve been watching them. Each time they throw that damn thing, they’re getting closer and closer to the halfs over there sitting with their backs to them.”

Colin set his book aside and leaned forward, bending one leg. “Good catch, Deacon.”

“Like I said, I’m observant.”

Luke snorted.

Shutting my eyes again, I increased the pressure on my temples. I had a bad feeling about the disc of doom.

“Oh crap,” muttered Colin. “I hope I don’t get threatened again.”

I started to frown, but my lips froze as I felt the shiver of awareness dance down my spine. A new sensation I’d felt several times in the recent days, but only once before, and that was when Seth had been nearby, waiting to speak with Solos after training.

And Colin’s reaction also made sense if it was Seth. Threatening the guy appeared to be a rather favorite pastime of Seth’s, and that was the only pastime I was aware of. I’m sure he had more fun ones, kinds I didn’t want to think about.

And that made the ache in my temples increase.

My heart started pounding as I kept my gaze focused on the grass between my legs. Wasn’t like Seth was actually going to come over here. He was avoiding me just as hardcore as I was avoiding him.

“Are you okay?”

Air in my lungs halted at the sound of Seth’s voice. Three weeks since the last time I’d really heard him speak. Three. Long. Weeks. I hadn’t forgotten his voice, but my memories did no justice. The slight accent was still there, hinting at some exotic background.

“Josie?” he asked.

“She’s gone mute,” Deacon quipped, and I heard him sit up. “Luke didn’t tell you that in your daily check-ins with him?”

Oh my God.

Heart pounding, I slowly lifted my head and my chest clenched when our gazes locked. Muscles tensed in my legs and the fight or flight response kicked in. I wanted to get up and run off. Weak, so very weak, but I’d been doing everything in my power to avoid Seth since the day in the garden.

Seeing him hurt.

Having him standing in front of me just killed me.

God, Seth was beautiful, so beautiful. Looking at him now, with the slightly arched brows a darker blond than the unruly strands atop his head, and the full lips, I had to wonder if I’d been smoking meth thinking he and I actually made sense. That he’d been that seriously wrapped up in me. My personality was only going to carry me so far.

Geez. Listen to me. I needed some daily affirmations or something.

The right eyebrow rose further.

Speaking would be smart. “Headache.”

He blinked. “Headache?”

Since I’d spoken one word, proving I was not in fact suddenly struck mute, I nodded.

Looking over at Luke, Seth’s brows furrowed together. “You haven’t mentioned she’d been having headaches.”

I frowned and found my voice. “Why would he? Not like you’d care anyway.”

Seth’s gaze shot back to mine and his eyes narrowed. Maybe no one else had heard that? “I care,” he stated, the two words punctuated clearly.

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