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Closing my hand, I dropped my arm and turned to Seth. “There.”

He was staring at me again, his gaze feverish this time, and the glyphs were out, sliding across his skin.

“And yeah, I did that on purpose, jerk-face.”

Seth said nothing as he took a step toward me, but I was ready to explode like that stupid dummy. “I totally get that I need to be better at this, but I’m trying. I’m doing my best. I didn’t have years and years of training. I’ve had months, so excuse you if I get a little distracted by the random eagle or boob-shaped clouds!”

His features were tight, highlighting the angular sharpness of his cheeks, and he was still coming at me with this hungry look on his face.

I was so not finished.

“And I know I’m going to have to be freaking awesome to fight Hyperion and the rest of the Titans. Trust me. I think about it every day,” I told him, my voice warbling as tears clogged my throat. “And I try not to, because when I do, I think about—” I cut myself off, shaking my head. “You know what? Never mind. I’m going to go eat my emotions.”

I started to turn away, but Seth wrapped his arm around my waist and drew me back to him. I hit his hard chest and would’ve bounced off if his arm hadn’t clamped around me.


His mouth closed over mine. I gasped into the kiss as he pulled back, lifting my feet clear off the ground. Clutching his shoulders, I was pressed between the cool base of a nearby statue and the heat of Seth within a few stuttered heartbeats. There was nowhere to go, and despite the fact that I was just yelling at him, I didn’t want to go anywhere.

If yelling at Seth ended in him kissing me like this, holding me like this, then hell, I was going to yell at him more often.

I was quite happy here, even if it was out in public where anyone could stumble upon us. Then again, being in my room wasn’t exactly private considering Apollo had a habit of just appearing randomly.

Seth caught my bottom lip between his teeth, and I wasn’t really thinking about anything. My lips parted in response to the wicked pressure, and there was no room for anything but the way he tasted and how he felt, and I could really, really feel him. He was hard against my lower belly, and then he shifted, sliding his thigh between mine.

As his tongue tangled with mine, he moved his thigh in the perfect way, right against the bundle of nerves. Liquid heat flooded my veins and I moaned into his mouth as my hands dug into his shoulders.

“You liked that, huh?” His voice was thick and sexy, sending shivers straight down my spine and into the most interesting places.

“Yes.” I nodded just in case he didn’t get the message.

He chuckled against my mouth. “You know what that makes me want to do?”


Seth’s tongue traced my lower lip. “Makes me want to hear you make that sound.” He moved his thigh against me, and he got what he asked for. I moaned as pleasure pulsed through me. “And again.”

Oh. Oh, goodness.

His mouth was on mine again, drowning me in kisses as the arm around my waist tightened. He lowered his leg slightly, so my feet were on the ground. “Ride me,” he ordered gruffly.

Heat blasted my face. Ride his leg? Oh my God, my face was burning up, but it was nothing compared to the other areas of my body. I didn’t move, so he gripped my hip with his other hand and then he moved me against him. The friction was immediate.

“Seth,” I gasped out, shuddering.

“Do it.” His kiss was more demanding, more overwhelming. The hand on my hip guided me again, rocking me against his thigh.

I did it.

I so did it.

Didn’t care that we were outside or that I was basically riding his thigh like someone who seriously needed to get a room. I didn’t care that things had been weird in the moments leading up to this. Or that a handful of minutes ago, I was contemplating throat punching him.

On the tips of my toes, I wrapped my arms around his neck and I did what I wanted to do with no clothes between us. I rocked my hips back and forth, slow at first and then faster.

In a distant part of me, where my brain still functioned, I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this out here, but the exquisite pressure building in my core obliterated common sense.

The hand on my hip glided up my waist and over my ribs, creating wave after wave of shivers. He then coasted his hand over my breast, stopping in the center of my chest.

Seth made this sound in the back of his throat, a groan that pulled me out of the haze of pleasure, because it was part aroused, but . . . but part anguished.

I started to pull back, but then he kissed me again, and I was dragged back in, back under. Our breaths were coming out in short, shallow pants in between hot and hard kisses. The tension built. My fingers dug into the nape of his neck. What felt like every nerve ending in my body stretched tight. There was a deep pulling and tugging sensation coming from several sensitive points in my body. Then it all snapped. Release coiled out from my center, and I might’ve shouted. It felt like I did. My throat was suddenly hoarse and there was a hollowness in the center of my chest. I didn’t know if anyone heard it or if the wind whipped it away, and I wasn’t even sure if I cared or not.

The release left me breathless, weak in the knees and utterly sated. If it weren’t for how tightly Seth was holding me, I would have been eating the ground.

His hand trembled against my chest as he lifted his mouth from mine. The bridge of his nose dragged over the curve of my cheek and then his warm breath was dancing on my lips again. He stilled.

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