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“Wasn’t planning to,” Apollo replied, and a second later, it sounded like he’d thrown himself onto the small couch.

Groaning, I eased her hand away from my dick and rolled to the side. I helped her fix her bra and top before pushing off the bed.

“You two are taking really long in there,” Apollo commented.

“Really? Do you have some kind of sick sense for this?” I tucked myself back in and pulled up my zipper. Apollo was the damn God of Cock Blocking, and one of his powers was delivering blue balls. “Gods.”

“It’s not my fault that every time I come to visit, you’re trying to get with my daughter.”

“Oh my God.” Josie shot to her feet and smacked her hands over her face. “This is so weird and so not cool. I’m going to need years of therapy because of this.”

“You and me both,” I muttered, fixing my belt.

Apollo snorted from the living room. “You could definitely benefit from therapy, Seth, and it has nothing to do with this.”

Lifting my head, my hands stilled at the belt while my lips pursed.

Josie grabbed her hooded sweatshirt and tugged it on over her head. She glanced at me. “I can still see your glyphs.” Her voice was low as she touched my chest with the tip of her finger, tracing the design. “It’s beautiful.”

I caught her hand and lifted it to my mouth. I kissed her palm. “As soon as he leaves, we’re starting over.”

“I heard that,” Apollo said, huffing. “And it makes me want to ensure that starting over leads nowhere for you.”

“Oh my God,” Josie whispered.

I rolled my eyes as I snatched up my shirt and pulled it on. “Ready?”

She looked like she wanted to say no, but she nodded. She was still getting used to the whole Apollo being her dad thing. It had to be weird for her, especially since she had known him briefly as a child. He’d gone by the name Bob then. Bob. For real. And used to bring her dolls and candy. Apparently Apollo wasn’t aware that he’d rate high on the “stranger danger” scale.

It also couldn’t help that Apollo didn’t look old enough to be her father, since he appeared to be in his mid to late twenties.

Placing my hand on her lower back, I walked with her into the living room. Apollo’s large frame took up the entire couch. He was a big guy. Almost seven feet tall and broad. He looked like himself today. Blond hair. Blue eyes identical to Josie’s.

In other words, he didn’t look like a freak.

Josie gave him an awkward little wave. “Hey.”

He smiled at her, and I was struck once more by the genuine warmth in his gaze and expression. Until Josie, I honestly didn’t think Apollo had a large emotional compass. It was obvious he cared about Alex, but even then it didn’t appear to run that deep.

Apollo rose fluidly. “I have not been able to visit you as much as I have wanted,” he said in way of an apology for his continued absentee parenting style.

“I understand.” Josie clasped her hands together. “I know being around me weakens you. And I . . . I know you’re busy doing, um, god stuff.”

I smirked. I was sure Apollo was busy screwing everything that walked, which was also how most of the gods spent their time, because if they were actually doing something useful, the world would end.

Then he looked at me, and his expression returned to the bored indifference I was familiar with. “Is there something you’d like to add, Seth?”

I arched a brow. “Nope.”

He eyed me in a way that made it obvious he was briefly considering knocking me through the wall. “I would love to stay, but I cannot be here for very long.” He turned his attention back to his daughter. “I do have news.”

That was surprising. Usually he just popped in and out for no real reason whatsoever.

“Good news or bad news?” Josie asked.

Apollo smiled faintly. “I would say it is good news.”

Tension eased out of her as she exhaled softly. “Well, that’s good to hear.”

“What’s up?” I asked, folding my arms and thinking it better be awesome good news considering what he interrupted.

“It is imperative that we find the remaining demigods before the Titans do, but until recently, it would have been like looking for a long-haired cat in a room full of Himalayan cats.”

Like looking for what in what?

Josie’s brow wrinkled as her mouth opened, and then she snapped it shut. She gave a little shake of her head.

He continued on. “Since most of my brethren had not kept . . . tabs on their offspring, it could take us years to locate them. We do not have the luxury.”

“I’m guessing you’ve discovered another way to locate them?”

His eyes narrowed. “Don’t steal my thunder, Seth.”

I rolled my eyes. “By all means, please continue then.”

“Thank you for your permission,” he countered drolly. “I’ve discovered that there is something that can sense out a demigod, even if their abilities are locked and hidden away.”

“Really?” Josie sat on the arm of the chair next to the coffee table. “Please tell me it’s not something I need that librarian for, because I’m pretty sure she’s, like, left the country or something.”

His lips tipped up on the corners. “She is still around, but she is . . . how do I put this? Shy? Keep looking for her. You will find her.” He tilted his head to the side. “But no, you do not need her for this. What we need is another demigod.”

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