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Another husky laugh radiated out from me and then I took her hand, drawing her to the bed. As she lay down, I grabbed the condom off the nightstand and tossed it beside her.

Andrea arched a brow, and I grinned as I reached down, wrapping my hand around the base of my cock. “Keep an eye on that condom. Make sure it doesn’t run off.”

Her gaze dropped. “I don’t think it’s going anywhere.”

“You never know.” I put a knee on the bed beside her as I slowly moved my hand along myself. She seemed to like that by the way her chest rose sharply. “You like that, don’t you?”

“Like what?” Her voice turned richer, thicker.

I moved my hand faster. “This. You like watching me do this.”

Dammit, I loved the way her cheeks could turn pink at a drop of a hat. I expected her to lie, but after a moment, she nodded. “I do.”

My jaw was beginning to ache from how hard I was grinding my teeth. “I’m going to have to file that little piece of knowledge away for later.”


I smiled. “Oh, there’s going to be a later. Lots of laters.”

Andrea seemed to relax in that moment, and I hadn’t noticed how much tension filled her until then. “I like the sound of that.”

Staring at her, I felt my heart do something funny in my chest. Like it had jumped. Damn, she was going to break me in the best possible way.

I forced myself to lie down, stretching out on my side beside her. Drawing my hand down the length of her body, I idly brushed my thumb over the rosy peak of her breast. Fuck, I really liked the way she felt. I really liked the tiny feminine sound she made when I caught her nipple between my fingers. I liked the way she tilted her head back, lifting her chest in a silent invitation for more. Man, I just really liked her. My heart was pounding in my chest like a steel drum as I leaned over, placing a kiss on the little dip at the base of her throat.

“I like that,” she said, running her hand up my arm. “I like everything you do.”

I smiled against her skin, more than pleased to hear that. I rolled the tight nub as I kissed my way down her lovely breasts. She shuddered, and there was nothing sweeter than that. I could eat her up, one lick and nibble at a time, but there was no way I’d last if I went for round two of that.

Trailing a path along the underside of her breast, my hand drifted down her soft belly. I lifted my head, watching my own progress as my hand disappeared between those sweet thighs. I slipped a finger through the wetness there. She was tight and hot and wet. She was ready.

The foil package was already in her hand, and I had to laugh as I grabbed it from her, carefully ripping it open. My damn hands shook as I rolled it on and then I rose above her, forcing myself to breathe slowly as I shifted my weight onto one arm and kneed her thighs apart.

Her warm brown eyes held mine as she spread her fingers across my cheek. “I want you.”

I closed my eyes briefly, shaken by the need I felt. “I will never grow tired of hearing that.” I reached between us, guiding myself to her entrance, and then I grasped her hip, tilting her up. “I’ve wanted this since the first time I laid eyes on you.”

A strange look crossed her face, gone so quickly I wasn’t sure if I even saw it. She smiled. “Let’s not wait any longer.”

Magic words spoken right there.

I eased into her, groaning as her tightness enveloped me inch by fucking torturous inch. She was so tight and hot, a tremor rolled down me. I stilled, gasping. “You’re okay?”

Andrea’s hands slid down my sides to my hips. “Yes,” she whispered.

Her gaze was dark and warm, and the restraint evaporated like smoke. I thrust my hips forward, filling her completely. Her head kicked back as she gasped, my name falling like a musical note between us.

I moved over her and in her, slow and steady at first, and she drew her legs up. Her feet slid along my calves until her thighs pressed against my hips, holding me there as she rose to meet each thrust. I had never felt such intensity, never such rightness. I hadn’t even known it was possible to feel that way.

My back bowed as I drove into her, fisting one of my hands in her hair, yanking her head back. Our mouths met. The kiss was fierce, my tongue plunging into her, just like my hips were. Sweat dotted my brow and my back. The bed shook under the force. I devoured her with a hunger I didn’t even know I was possible of experiencing.

I was losing control.

Maybe I’d never had control. My hips pistoned in and my hand dug into the flesh at her hip. I tried to pull back, mentality and emotionally, but I couldn’t. In the back of my mind I was afraid of hurting her somehow, but she tightened around me, clamping down.

“Oh God,” she gasped, her eyes going wide and smoky with pleasure. “Tanner, I…”

“Let go,” I grunted out. “God, just let go, because I’m gonna—”

Andrea let go. Throwing her head back, she cried out. Her body spasmed around me as her fingers dug into my skin. There was no rhythm or grace in how I moved. I drove into her, the pounding motion moving both of us across the bed. Her lashes swept up and our gazes collided for an instant. What I saw in her stare proved that she hadn’t broken me before, because I broke right then, splitting wide open. An intense, all-consuming release powered down my spine. My senses were fucking obliterated. It was all too much.

I came, my hips jerking wildly as I buried my head against her neck. The sounds of her pleasure were lost in my pounding heart and my own harsh groans. Fuck. I came for what felt like forever, the spasms never ending. My hand tightened around the back of her head as I shook and trembled.

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