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Caressing my stomach and waist, he shifted, and I could see quite plainly that he was aroused—very aroused. I’d felt it earlier, in the pool, and when he was pressed against me just now. He was thick and hard, and this was the second time he’d brought me to the greatest heights of pleasure without really seeking his own.

I hadn’t been able to think past the fact he’d been in my room and he’d been saying those things. When he looked at me like that, when he touched me like that, I didn’t feel like I was barely holding onto everything by the tips of my fingers. I felt confident, sophisticated, worldly and beautiful. I felt happy and in control, and most of all, I felt normal.

But part of me knew this was so dumb and dangerous. Just because he’d said what happened between us meant something to him didn’t mean that once he discovered more about me that he’d hang around. I knew he wouldn’t. I didn’t expect him to, not after he’d peeled back a few more layers. My head was messed up sometimes, and the last thing anyone needed was to get tangled up in that crap.

However, all that common sense was absent as I placed my hands on his shoulders and pushed him onto his back beside me.

“What are you doing?” he asked in that deep, sexy voice.

“Returning the favor.” I sat up and swung one leg over his.

His hands settled lightly on my hips. “You don’t need to.”

Glancing down at the hard line clearly visible through his nylon pants, I lifted a brow. “I think I do.” I bit down on my lip as I straddled his legs. “Unless you don’t want me to.”

“Babe, I want to do whatever the fuck you want to do,” he said, eyes heavily hooded. “And trust me, I want you to do whatever it is you’re planning, but I just want you to understand you don’t have to.”

Oh dear, I felt the back of my throat burn as I ducked my chin.

“I don’t expect that from you,” he said.

I kept my gaze lowered as I swallowed around the sudden lump in my throat. I couldn’t think of the last time it wasn’t expected from me after a couple of drinks and a few nice words. Hell, I couldn’t remember the last time someone had gotten me off before today, especially as easily as he had.

“I want to do it.” My voice was light.

He made a deep sound that made my blood hum. “Then you have me.”

If only.

I started to fix my bra, but he caught my hand. “I like you like this,” he said, his eyes like blue fire. “I’ll never forget you looking like this.”

I sucked in a shaky breath. “Who knew you could say all the right words?”

“I know, right?” He chuckled. “Usually I’m saying all the wrong ones.”

That could be said for the both of us, but I was beyond talking. We were a disaster in the making, but as I slid down his body, I couldn’t stop myself. Neither of us could stop. I’d deal with it later. I was good, if not great, at pushing things away to deal with later.

His pecs were hard and smooth under my mouth. I tasted his skin, reveling in the salty mixture as I kissed my way down his tight abs, closing my eyes as I forged a wet path down to the loose fit of his pants. His body was a work of art—hard and like silk stretched over steel. I could worship him all day long.

I tugged gently on his pants and he lifted his hips. “Look at me,” he said. “Being all helpful.”

“So surprised,” I murmured, giggling.

The laugh died off though when I got my first real glimpse of him. His pants were down to his thighs and he was exposed in all his glory, and boy, was it a lot of glory. Every part of him matched up in size, and he was huge.

I trailed my finger down the center of him, grinning when his entire body jerked at the touch. “You like that?”

“That would be a ‘hell yeah.’”

Smiling, I wrapped my hand around the base. He throbbed against my palm. I knew what to do. I’d done this before, many times when I didn’t want to go…well, those times didn’t matter, because I wanted this. I wanted to do this.

I moved my hand in a slow pace, watching him through my lashes. His eyes were almost completely shut, his jaw locked down tight, and his hips followed my rhythm. It was so natural, and I wasn’t really thinking about anything when I scooted down further and lowered my head. The tips of my breasts brushed his thighs as I circled my tongue over the head.

Tanner all but growled out, “Yes.”

Yes. Yes. That word cycled in my head over and over. I closed my mouth over him and took him in, running my tongue as I went as far as I could go.

“Fuck. Your mouth,” he groaned. “God. Damn. I’m not going to last.”

I would’ve laughed, but I was so caught in the act of pleasing him. Normally this…this seemed like such a chore. With Tanner, it felt sensual and promising. Mutual. Give and take. Sexy and beautiful.

His hand tangled in my hair, but he didn’t hold me to him, and that was a…a nice change up right there. He moved, thrusting his hips, but he held back, and he was right, he didn’t last long.

“I’m about to come.” He tried to pull away, but I wouldn’t let him. Closing my eyes, I took him deeper. “Andrea,” he moaned, his hips rising off the comforter.

The feel of him coming apart was something that I would never forget. The musky, salty taste, the way he pulsed and how he held my neck so gently—all of it was as shattering as the pleasure he had brought me.

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