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Her eyes widened at what he was implying.

Gabe tugged again, getting her leggings down far enough that a strip of her undies was visible. He cocked his head to the side. “Are they butterflies?”

“Shut up.” She flushed.

“Cute. I want to see the rest of them.”

Her gaze darted to the closed door. “Are you out of your mind?” She held on to his hands. “What if someone walks in—”

“No one is going to find us. I locked the door.” He tugged again, gaining another inch. “And this is a hell of a lot more private than a parking garage.”

Her skin flamed with a whole different kind of heat.

Then he pulled again, and Nikki couldn’t even lie to herself. She didn’t really try to stop him, because she was grade-A certifiable at this point. All earlier thoughts of doing anything with Gabe being too risky dive-bombed out of the nearest window as he moved down the bed, pulling her pants off.

Nikki could barely breathe as he dragged his hands up her calves and over the outside of her thighs. He hooked his fingers around her panties.

This wasn’t like Saturday night.

Not at all.

If she let him do this, she was bare to him in ways she hadn’t been bare to another living soul in a very long time.

Nikki didn’t stop him.

Gabe made this deep sound as she lifted her rear, helping him pull them off. He tugged them off, letting them fall to God knew where. Then he was sliding his hands up the insides of her legs, skimming over her thighs.

Air lodged in her throat as she fell back to her elbows. Her skin was burning, but she couldn’t look away from him staring at the most intimate part of her.

“You’re beautiful.” He drew a finger up the crease at her thigh and then did it on her other leg. “Fucking perfect.”

“We . . . we probably shouldn’t be doing this.”

His gaze lifted to hers. “Why not?”

She had a hard time remembering all the very valid reasons this was dumb as hell as he spread her legs, opening her up. Instinct to close her legs got her nowhere. Not when he draped her one leg over his shoulder and came down between her thighs.

“Why shouldn’t I do this?” he asked.

A strangled gasp parted her lips as his breath danced over her heated flesh.

“I said Saturday night I don’t know what we’re doing, where it’s going to lead.” He turned his head, kissing her inner thigh. The rough skin of his jaw drove her crazy. “That didn’t mean I wasn’t going to travel that road and find out.”

He hadn’t even touched her and she was already throbbing. Her senses were scattered, and that’s what she was going to blame for the next stupid thing that came out of her mouth. “You didn’t call or text yesterday. I thought . . .” She stopped herself. “I mean, I figured you’d decided to forget it happened.”

His gaze found hers again. He didn’t say anything as he dragged his jaw along her inner thigh. A heartbeat passed while she cursed herself. He kissed her thigh again. “I won’t forget it happened. And I won’t give that impression again.”

“Oh,” she said, because she had no idea what else to say to that.

And then she wasn’t thinking about any of that, because Gabe’s mouth was on the move. He kissed just below her navel, and then lower. His lips ghosted over her, sending a tight shiver throughout her body.

Nikki shuddered as he got his hands in there, slipping them between her legs, opening her even further, and then his mouth was on her.

“This . . .” He dragged his tongue up her center. “This is what I’ve been thinking about. What you taste like. I just had to find out.”

Nikki cried out as he did just that. He tasted her. Tongue. Lips. Licking. Sucking. Going deep and then pulling away. Any reservations she might’ve had were lost in a tidal wave of pure sensation. Her body took over as a certain mindless abandon swept over her. She gripped the comforter as her hips moved of their own accord, rolling against his mouth as her gasp gave way to moans.

He so knew what he was doing.

Gabe got his hands under her rear and lifted her up. He . . . he feasted on her. Devoured her. That was how it felt. There was no escaping the raw sensations he was dragging out of her with every dip of his tongue, not that she wanted to. Then his mouth closed over the tight bundle of nerves, and Nikki exploded.

Her head kicked back as her back arched, shoulders digging into the bed as her hands tore at the comforter. She lost a little bit of herself as waves and waves of pleasure washed over her. Her leg slipped over his shoulder as he eased off, lifting his head to press a kiss to the space below her navel.

“You taste better than I imagined.” His voice was rough as he nipped at her skin, causing her to jerk.

Forcing her eyes open, she stared down at him. His lips glistened. She shivered. Their gazes connected as her breathing slowed. Dropping his hands to the mattress, he pushed up, sitting back on his knees. Her gaze dropped. She could see him, straining against his jeans. Her stomach bottomed out as her lips parted. She wanted to do the same.

He must’ve been reading her mind, because his hands dropped to the buckle on his belt. His nimble fingers made quick work of the belt and then the zipper. He peeled the sides of his pants away and shoved them down, along with his tight, black boxer briefs. He sprung free, thick and hard.

She wet her lips. “I want to taste you.”

“My new favorites words in the English language.”

“You look incredibly smug today.”

Gabe shrugged as he crossed his ankles, resting his feet on the ottoman in one of the smaller rooms on the main floor. Outfitted with a TV, it was the closest thing the house had to a living room. He’d always liked the room. Probably had to do with his mother. She favored this room in the evening, gathering up the boys and Madeline. This was where they watched movies.

Sucked that the senator was now in the room.

But not even his random appearance on Tuesday could ruin Gabe’s mood. A beautiful woman eagerly and joyfully sucking your dick was nature’s best defense against annoying sons of bitches. Twenty-four hours later, and Gabe was still smiling.

And man, he could still taste her on the tip of his tongue. She was like ambrosia.

He hadn’t made the same mistake he had on Sunday. Truth be told, it had been so long since he actually worried about what a woman he’d been with in any sense of the word worried about after they parted ways that when it had crossed his mind to reach out to her, he’d shrugged it off out of habit.

Dumbass move.

Gabe cared about what Nic worried about afterward. So he texted her last night since she was having dinner with her parents instead of going to the shop. And he texted her good morning this morning.

Right now he was going to let Nic seek him out. She was here, somewhere in the house. He was giving her time.

“I came to see Dev.” Stefan sat in the recliner across from Gabe. “But he’s with Sabrina.”

Gabe couldn’t keep the look of disgust off his face, and it didn’t go unnoticed by his uncle. “You don’t like Ms. Harrington, do you?” he noted.

Gabe smirked. “Who does?”

“Your brother.”

He laughed at that. “I don’t even think he likes her that much.”

“Well, I guess you don’t have to like a person to marry them,” Stefan commented, crossing one leg over the other. His finger tapped along the arm of the recliner. “The same could be said about your mother and Lawrence.”

His gaze narrowed on Stefan. It was no secret that his parents didn’t get along. The fact that Lawrence turned out not to be Dev’s and his father was evidence enough of that.

“I guess Lucian will be the first to break that tradition,” Stefan continued, talking to hear himself talk, Gabe guessed. “Since he’s marrying a nurse.”

“There isn’t a damn thing wrong with Julia or the fact she actually has a necessary skillset,” Gabe fired back. “And I really don’t think someone who has been married three times and divorced that many times should be commenting on anyone else’s relationships.”

“Touché,” Stefan murmured.

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