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He could feel her trembling as he kissed her thundering pulse and folded his hands on her knees. Lucian kissed his way down, loving the softness of her skin, as he slowly parted her legs, dropping onto his knees between them.

Julia was staring down at him wide-eyed, her hands gripping the edge of the cushion on either side of her.

“Beautiful,” he rasped, taking in the most intimate part of her. “God, you’re beautiful. Don’t ever doubt that.” Bending, he kissed the inside of her thigh and then followed that delicate stretch skin to her core.

Lucian licked her.

She cried out, back arching.

Hell, she was already wet—wet for him. He groaned deep in his throat as he lifted his gaze. “You liked that?”

“Yes,” she breathed, those fucking little nipples parting her hair. The hottest damn thing he’d ever seen. “Obviously.”

Lucian chuckled as he nipped at the other inner thigh. “How does this sound, Ms. Hughes? I’m going to taste you and then I’m going to fuck you.”

Chapter 25

In the back of Julia’s mind, she knew that what they were doing could be a huge mistake. But that was the interesting thing about living, she realized at some point between leaving her room and knocking on Lucian’s door. It was flawed. Mistakes would be made.

She wasn’t doing this, thinking that something was going to come out of it other than probably the most amazing sex she’d ever have. No expectations. That was what tonight was about.

And right now, she was just focused on this utterly breathtaking man on his knees in front of her, between her thighs. What he offered sounded like heaven—like something Julia wasn’t sure she could handle, but she sure as hell was going to find out.

“It sounds amazing,” she said, and she didn’t even recognize her own voice.

His smile would’ve melted the clothes right off her if she wasn’t already nude. “You going to watch me?”

Her breath caught. “I’m going to try.”

“You better try real hard.”

Julia didn’t get a chance to respond.

Lucian was done teasing her. One moment he’d been talking to her and the next his mouth was on her. Her entire body jerked at the very intimate kiss. Hot, wet heat flooded her veins when he made this sound that reminded of her of a man starved.

He did something so wet and so hot, it crushed her—the way he used his lips and the way he worked his tongue in teasing strokes. Her fingers were digging into the fabric of the couch. She was going to rip it apart.

And her body was moving, shamelessly meeting the strokes of his tongue. Primal and stunning sensations pounded her. Her body was coiling tight.

“Lucian,” she moaned, her chin falling down. All she could see were his fingers indenting her thighs and his forehead.

Then he clamped his mouth around that bundle of nerves, sucking and licking until she couldn’t take it. She cried out as release poured through her, liquefying bone and muscle. Collapsing back against the couch, she tried to close her legs, but he wasn’t having it. He kept going until her spine curved and she cried out his name again. Then, only then, did he lift his mouth and press a kiss against her inner thigh. “I love those sounds you were making,” he said, his hands flattening out on her legs. “But you know what I love more? The way you came in my mouth. Fucking loved that.”

Julia exhaled raggedly. “Oh wow.”

That half grin appeared and he rose, dragging his hands up her sides to her arms. His glistening lips were the hottest things she’d ever seen. “I’m not done with you.”

“I’d hope not?”

Bending over, he kissed her, and she could taste herself on his lips and tongue. The combination made her feel drunk. Holding on to her arms, he brought her to her feet. He was still kissing her, the material of his clothes rough against her overly sensitive skin.

“I want to go back to my bedroom—to my bed,” he said, and he sounded almost surprised by that.

She ran her hands down his back. “That sounds like a plan.”

He pulled back slightly, just enough that she could see his face. “I’ve never had a woman in my bedroom before. Here, in this room? Yes.” His gaze searched hers intently. “But never there.”

Her chest warmed and brightened, but she tried not to read into any of that. “Okay.”

Lucian took her hand, leading her around the couch. As nude as she was, she felt incredibly self-conscious. She’d never walked around the house naked when she was married. One scorching look from Lucian as he swiped a wooden box off the bookshelf, though? She wanted him to look at her. That heated stare made her feel like the goddess he called her.

He pushed open the door, letting go of her hand as she entered the cooler room. A light came on over the large bed. The room was a blur to her. She only saw him.

Lucian watched her with a heavy hooded stare as he opened the box, tossing a silver foil or two on the bed. He placed the box on a dresser.

Eyes locked with hers, he reached down and pulled off the charcoal-stained shirt he wore. She’d seen him shirtless, but each time was like the first time. His body was impressive. He flicked the button and then the zipper, shucking off his jeans and the tight dark blue boxer briefs.

All Julia could do was stare.

Every inch of Lucian was stunning. From the messy golden brown hair and those broad cheekbones and well-formed lips to the defined pecs and chiseled stomach. And when Julia’s gaze slipped farther down, she saw that the rest of him was just as perfect. He had those muscles on either sides of his hips, those indentations she just wanted to touch. The dusting of slightly darker hair led to . . . Sweet Jesus.

Pleasure hummed in her veins as she got her first real good look at what she’d only briefly seen in the hall. He was . . . God, he was gorgeous, and she didn’t even know where to begin with him.

Lucian extended his hand.

Heart pounding at every pulse point, she walked over to where he stood and placed her hand in his. He drew her in, and the first touch of their bodies, chest to chest, hip to hip, with nothing between them, shattered every semblance of a coherent thought.

The tips of Lucian’s fingers skated up her hips and sides. One hand caught the mess of hair and balled it up. He tilted her head back. When he spoke, his mouth danced over hers. “This is already better than tea, right?”

Julia laughed as she slid a hand to the nape of his neck. “So much better.”

“Told you.”

Then his lips were on hers, tasting and teasing until his tongue ran the seam of her mouth. He was kissing her like he hadn’t done it before, slowing it down until she opened for him. Somehow, and she really had no idea, he got her onto the bed as he kissed her. He kept moving her, hand under her arms, lifting her up further, never once breaking the kiss.

Once he had her where he wanted her, in the center of the bed, he moved back onto his knees and just . . . just stared down at her.

Julia’s heart started pounding so fast she feared she’d have a heart attack. “What . . . what are you doing?”

“Memorizing what you look like right now so I can sketch it later,” he said in a deep, husky voice that made her toes curl.


He trailed his fingers along her jaw and then over her lips. “I’ve drawn you.”

“You have?” Surprise filled her.

“I have.” Those fingers of his were replaced with his mouth. He trailed a path of kisses over her jaw and then down her throat.

Her hands settled on his shoulders. “Can I see it?”

“Maybe.” His lips danced over her collarbone. “But now I have a better idea of how I want to sketch you.”

Considering she was naked in his bed, she wasn’t sure if she could handle that sketch. But then she wasn’t thinking about that, because his mouth was on the move, blazing a trail to the aching tips of her breasts.

God, he knew how to use that mouth of his.

She bit down on her lip as his mouth closed over a nipple. Her hands tightened on his shoulders and her back arched when he sucked deep. His fingers found the other breast, and between that mouth and those fingers, she was already lost in him all over again. Pleasure bolted throughout her body as her hips twitched restlessly, rocking against his hard length.

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