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Lifting his head just enough that his lips left hers, he said, “Are you still confused about why I brought you home?”

“No,” she breathed, dazed.

“Because I can keep showing you—actually, I want to show you.” His teeth nipped at her lower lip, and her chest rose against his. “I’ll admit I’m thrown off by this, too.”

Second thoughts? Damn it. “You are?”

Chad nodded as both his hands landed on her hips. “Normally, I’d just get down to business. Get us off at the same time, the way we like it.”

Bridget had no idea what he was talking about or how he knew the way “they liked it.” All she did know was that his hands were making their way down her thighs, inching closer to the hem of her dress. Her head fell back against the wall as the tips of his fingers finally touched her bare skin.

“God, you’re sexy.”

Closing her eyes, her back arched, and he kissed the expanse of her bared throat as his hands slid back up her body, stopping just below her breasts. His lips found hers again, slipping his tongue inside. “I want to be inside you. All night. But I need to feel you, and then taste you first.”

Chapter Four

Her eyes snapped open, protests forming on her tongue, but his hands found her heavy, aching breasts and those capable fingers swept over the material of her dress, rubbing the swollen peaks. She moaned his name then, already beyond reason, and his mouth closed over her breast, hot and demanding through the dress and the thin lace of her bra. Sharp tingles shot through her.

Chad lifted his head, covering her swollen lips with his again as he palmed her breast in one hand and finally—finally slipped the other under her dress. Using one powerful thigh, he parted hers and then his hand was on her inner thigh. She gasped as she felt his knuckles brush along her center.

“Damn,” he groaned. “You’re so wet.”

She was. She was drowning for him.

One finger moved along her core, stroking her slowly. “Have you ever been this turned on before?”

Placing her hands on his broad shoulders, her fingers dug into the soft material of his sweater. Lost in the building sensations, her body arched against his torturous movements.

“Tell me,” he growled.

What was he asking? When the question resurfaced, she couldn’t believe she’d even consider answering, but then his fingers stopped. Bastard.

“I bet you haven’t.” His lips traced the heat across her cheeks, then down her throat as his fingers resumed their idle back and forth motion. “Not if you’ve been with men who don’t know where to stick their fingers, let alone their dicks.”

The fact that the way he was talking to her was actually turning her on was a bit unnerving. It wasn’t like she was used to dirty talk. “You feel so good” was the extent of bed-talk she had experience with, but those crass words coming out of his mouth were making her think and want crazy, delicious things. “What about you?” she asked.

Chase chuckled against her throat. “I know exactly where to stick my fingers and my dick.”

“That’s good to hear.”

The answering laugh sent a shudder through her. His voice sharpened. “So? Did those other men know how to use their fingers and dick?”

For crying out loud, she couldn’t believe he was asking this question and she was going to answer. The words sort of tumbled off her lips, falling like drops of rain between them. “They were okay.”

“Okay.” Distaste clung to the single word. “Did they make you come?”

Oh, for God’s sake. Her eyes snapped open and that cocky grin he was wearing infuriated her. “Are you going to?” The question was out of her mouth before she could stop herself.

The blue hue of his eyes heated. “A little demanding, are you?”

Bridget didn’t respond. She really couldn’t, because those agile fingers of his slipped under the satin of her panties. Her body jerked and that grin of his turned knowing. Challenge had flared in Chad’s eyes, and it was obvious this man never backed down from one. Excitement pulsed in her blood like a euro techno song.

“Why won’t you answer the question?” he asked. The pads of his fingers brushing against her in a way that sent another jolt through her.

Because she was having a hard time breathing. “It’s a personal question.”

“A personal question? Aren’t we getting personal right now?”

Good point. When she didn’t answer, his thumb pressed down on the bundle of nerves and she cried out, her hips arching into his hand.

“I’ve kissed you. Here,” he said, capturing her lips in a quick, burning kiss. “And I’ve kissed you here.” His lips moved down her throat as his other hand teased the aching peak of her breast. “And I’ve touched you here…and I’m touching you lower now.”

To prove his point, one finger slipped inside her and she gripped his shoulders. “Chad…”

“But all of this is not too personal?” he asked, grinning as he moved his finger in and out, over and over until Bridget was breathless. “Bridget?”

How easily he’d taken over her body, astonished her, and when he cupped her intimately, still pushing his finger in and out of her, she felt the tight stirrings of release deep in her belly.

Chad seemed to know, because he picked up the pace as he tipped his head down. The soft edges of his hair brushed her cheek as he spoke into her ear. “That’s okay. You don’t need to answer, because whatever they made you feel is nothing in comparison to how I’m going to make you feel. And I promise you it will be more than just okay.”

Her heartbeat skyrocketed as the sinful promise weaved its way around her. Oh yeah, Bridget was sure all of this was going to be more than okay.

Chad said nothing as his slipped another finger inside her, but he watched her—oh, his eyes were latched onto hers the whole time he worked her, refusing to allow her to look away, to escape the maddening rush of feelings he was creating.

A self-satisfied grin played across his lips as he brushed his thumb over the sensitive part of her, his eyes burning as she sucked in a shrill breath. He began tracing an idle circle around the tightened bud, coming close to touching it, but always straying away at the last moment. After a few circles, she was panting—absolutely freaking panting.

And Chad reveled in that. “I love the way you look right now.”

“You do?” Her hips moved forward, but Chad pressed in, stilling her movements.

“Stay still,” he ordered gruffly. His thumb made another enticingly close circle. “Your cheeks are flushed and lips swollen and parted. Beautiful.”

Bridget felt like she was burning up inside, turning into a pool of heated water. Her hands slipped down his chest, and she was awed to find his heart pounding against her palm. She ached to move into the wicked touch, but she was imprisoned between him and the wall. The evidence of his arousal now pressed against her hip heightened the yearning sweeping through her.

And when he did something truly devious with his fingers, she cried out. Her soft mewls, his slow, sensual assault, it was all driving her toward the edge. Her back arched as far as he’d allow it. She felt him grin against her flushed skin.

With his lips within kissing distance, he said, “I’m going to make you come in less than a minute.”

Her breath caught. “Less than a minute?”

“Less than a motherfucking minute,” Chad replied, grinning—really grinning. Not a smug one but a playful one, and her heart stuttered when it shouldn’t—it couldn’t, because this wasn’t anything about the heart and she really didn’t know him. “Yes. It will be that impressive,” he added.

Cocky son of a bitch—he really had magic hands. Playtime was so over. His finger moved in and out, fast and then faster. In a matter of seconds, she was squirming, her breathing halting in her throat.

His lips parted. “Forty seconds to go…”

The next pass of his thumb created an outrageous friction. She thrust to draw him closer, deeper.

Chad growled deep in his throat. “I like that—like how your body responds to me. Perfect.”

Sweet agony barreled through Bridget. Her legs stiffened.

Oh, oh God…

“Thirty seconds…” he said, lowering his mouth to hers. He suckled there, matching what he was doing below with his fingers. He pulled back and murmured, “Twenty seconds…”

My God, he was really going to count down? He was absolutely insane.

And then he nipped and tugged on her lips as his fingers pushed in, twisting. Her body was out of control, it seemed: grinding against his hand, seeking more. Muscles coiled and tightened. Lightning raced down her spine, firing at each vertebra. Her toes curled in her boots as her hips raised clear off the wall. She gasped for air. Every single nerve ending was poised to fire.

“Come for me,” he commanded.

And then his hand below moved, rolling the bundle of nerves between his fingers, and he pinched.

Release shattered through Bridget, swift and powerful, tossing her up, spiraling her in the air as sweet waves of pleasure racked her body. Thoughts scattered as she broke apart and was slowly, deliciously pieced back together.

Limp, sated, and mind-blown, she settled against him, gasping for air as aftershocks rippled and blew her mind a little more. She opened her eyes, finding startling blue ones staring back.

“I had five seconds left,” he murmured, his hand still cupping her intimately.

Holy crap…

His lips tipped up on one corner. “And I still need to taste you.”

Bridget slumped against the wall, her heart trying to throw itself out of her chest. Sublimely dazed, she watched him through heavy lids.

Slowly, he pulled his hand free and stepped back. With his eyes locked onto hers, he brought his finger to his mouth and sucked off her arousal.

Bridget had never seen anyone do that. In books, yes, but not in real life. She was shocked—turned on—and completely wrapped in the sensual wickedness of the action.

Chad grinned. “I want more.”

Her heart stuttered.

His hands settled on her hips, and he bent his head, kissing her deeply, and then his hands slid down, under the skirt of her dress. His fingers slipped under the band of her panties again. There was a pause and as he pulled back, his teeth caught her lower lip. And then he was moving down, taking her panties with him.

In a daze, she placed her hands on his broad shoulders as she stepped out of them. She thought he’d remove her dress next or at least her boots, but he settled on his knees, staring up at her through thick lashes. Like that, bowed before her, he looked like some kind of god come to life.

He was beautiful.

Chad inched her dress up. Only when the material was around her hips did their eyes lock. She was laid bare for him, her most intimate parts. For a brief moment, she wondered if she should feel self-conscious, but the near feral promise in his languid eyes made her hot and shivery.

As impossible as it felt, more heat flooded her and a need took root deep inside. She watched, unable to look away as he placed a kiss on her inner thigh and then the other. The stubble on his cheek pricked her skin, sending a rush through her.

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