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Upon hearing those words, her heart tripped up and her body blossomed for him. Bridget nodded, because she was so beyond speaking. Nothing she’d say right now would make any sort of sense and would only serve to make her sound like a fool.

“Good—that’s good,” he said, sliding his hands down her front, stopping on the belt. “You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted this. Days. Weeks. Months now. I’ve wanted you—only you.”

“Yes,” she whispered huskily, discovering she was capable of saying that. “Yes.”

He kissed her, tasted her lips and the recesses of her mouth as he tugged the sash loose. The robe parted and air rushed across skin that was bared as he brushed the heavy cloth off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

Pulling back just enough to see her in nothing but the necklace he’d given her, he ran his hand between her breasts and belly in a tender gesture. “Have I told you how beautiful you are?”

Bridget nodded, mouth dry.

“I’m going to tell you again. You’re beautiful. And you’re perfect.” He claimed her lips again as he gripped her hips. His arousal was fierce and hard.

They were moving backward as his hands found her rear and squeezed, and then his hands were everywhere, working her body like a fine-tuned instrument. She was putty in his hands, wet and ready.

Satisfaction and need slammed into Bridget as her back hit the wall, and he was pressed against her, his hips grinding. She reached down, hooking her fingers under his sweater. He lifted his hands long enough for her to tug the clothing off his head and then her skin was flush against his. She went for the top button on his jeans, her fingers brushing his arousal.

He growled against her parted lips as she eased the zipper down and freed him. She wrapped her hand around the hard, hot length, and his hips punched forward.

“Don’t stop,” she begged. “Please.”

“Not planning to.” Chad stepped out of his jeans and shoes. “But I love hearing you say please. Say it again.”

Bridget ran her fingers down his taut, rippled abs. “Please.”

He kissed her, sucking her lower lip into his mouth, and she pulsed between her legs. “Say it again,” he ordered.

As his hand skated over her hip and landed solidly on her rear, she moaned. Her whole body tingled—her nipples, skin, and her sex. “Please.”

Suddenly, his arms were around her, and he was lifting her up. Her body knew what to do, wrapping its legs around his waist. There wasn’t even a moment where she worried about how hard it must’ve been for him to pick her up. Instead, she felt light and feminine.

Chase spun around as he flicked his tongue against hers. “Bedroom?”

“Second door to the left.”


They made it to her bedroom within record time. He stalked to the foot of her bed and held her there another moment as his kiss turned into something uninhibited, lush, and wet.

Chad went down on his knees on the mattress, and then she was on her back, staring up at him. He moved over her, his stare and controlled movements predatory. His arousal stood out, proud and commanding.

He kissed her once more before leaving her swollen lips and traveling south. She felt the soft tickle of his mouth against her throat and then on her collarbone. His breath huffed out against her breast, and his mouth then closed over her peak. Her back bowed off the mattress as he drew her in deep. She jerked her hips into his, feeling him sliding over her belly.

Bridget reached down, cupping him, and his breath faltered as he rubbed himself against her hand. “Chad, I need you.”

A hand tightened on her hip. “That’s all I want to hear—ever.”

She didn’t have a chance to digest what that meant. Sharp darts of pleasure shot through her as he slipped two fingers inside her. “You’re so wet,” he murmured, his eyes bright with heat. “I want to taste you, but fuck, I can’t wait.”

She nodded, deep anticipation stirring in her belly as he rose up, positioning an elbow beside her head. She felt him then, nudging at her core. She spread her thighs wider before thinking better of it. “Condom?”

“Are you on the pill?” he asked. “I’ve never been with anyone without a condom before, but I need to feel you. All of you, Bridget.”

“Yes,” she breathed.

His hot gaze traveled down her, resting at the spot where they were almost joined. “Beautiful,” he murmured.

She raised her hips, desperate to bring them together, but he clamped a hand down on her hip and forced her back down.


“No?” she breathed.

A half-smile appeared on his lips as he dragged his gaze back up to hers. “Not yet.”

Was he expecting her to wait? Because she didn’t want to wait—not for this and not for him. She reached forward, about to force them to join. With reflexes honed from years on the field, he rose to his knees and caught her hands just as her fingers brushed his waist. He brought her wrists together in one grip, forcing her arms above her head.

Her heart tripled in speed. “What are you doing?”

“Getting ready to fuck you.”

“That’s not what it looks like to me.”

He chuckled in a way that made her think of dark and sinful things and shifted so that his knees were between her spread thighs, forcing her open wide. “You just haven’t been properly fucked yet.”

Oh Lord…

Chad’s gaze swept over her again, and she’d never felt more exposed, her body arched, her breasts thrusting up. She couldn’t move her limbs, not with her arms held by him and her legs forced open. Instead of feeling self-conscious, she felt a delicious wave of awareness.

Mouth dry, she swallowed. “And are you going to fuck me properly?”

“Until you’re senseless,” he said, and then his head dipped. Those wonderful lips wrapped around her nipple as he reached between them, his clever fingers sliding down her belly, stopping just above where she wanted him.

Bridget whimpered.

He nipped at the peak of her breast, causing her to gasp. “What do you want, Bridget?”

“You know.” Surely he didn’t expect her to talk about this.

His teeth grazed her other nipple. Her body jerked. Then he soothed the sting with his warm tongue. He went back and forth, alternating between small bites of pain and soothing licks, until she squirmed from the relentless torture.

“Chad,” she gasped, her eyes wide.

“Tell me what you want.” His mouth went around her breast again, and he suckled deeply, drawing a hoarse cry from her. “Tell me, Bridget.”

Her fingers curled helplessly. “I want you.”

“No. Tell me what you want me to do.”

She could barely breathe. “I want you… I want you to touch me.”

“Yes.” His tongue flicked over her sensitive nipple. “Tell me where you want me to touch you.”

Jesus. There was a good chance she was going to smack him over the head after this. She considered refusing to answer him, but she was too needy and wanted him too badly. “I want you to touch me between my legs.”

Chad hummed his approval and then his fingers were sliding over her aching sex, touching her but not enough. Nowhere near enough.

“More,” she said—begged, really.

He sat back, brought her arms down so her wrists were pinned under her breasts with his one had. His gaze flicked up to her as he slowly, softly stroked her with one finger. “More?”

“Yes.” Her chest was heaving now.

He slipped a finger inside her. “Is that what you wanted?” Before she could answer, he hooked his finger inside her and nearly set her off. “Do you still want more?”

Bridget would always want more. “Yes—please—yes.”

A smug smile graced his lips as he eased another finger inside her, working her slowly at first and then harder and deeper.

“I like this.” He watched her the entire time—his gaze locked on what he was doing. “I like watching you ride my hand. Fucking beautiful.”

He did that hooking thing with his fingers again and between that and the way he watched her, he drove her insane and right to the brink of a huge release.

Chad pulled his hand away from her just as she started to quiver, and she cried out. When their gazes collided, he raised his fingers to his mouth, sucking off her arousal.

Bridget almost lost it then.

He made a low sound in his throat. “You taste so good I just have to have more.”

Then his head was between her thighs, and that wonderful, wicked tongue of his delved deep between her folds. He speared her flesh, suckled from her like she was some kind of sweet nectar.

Her head was spinning, her hips grinding down on his mouth. She came close to release again, her breath ragged as her soft cries filled the room.

Chad stopped short just as she was about to break apart, lips glossy as he withdrew his fingers slowly. He moved his hand farther down, until one finger teased the sensitive, puckered skin. Her body tensed as a slew of erotic images assaulted her—of him taking her like that. Something she’d never done before.

“Later,” he promised in a dark voice. “I’m going to own that too, but later.”

Then he was moving up her, pinning her hands above her head again. He powered his hips forward, plunging deep inside her with one stroke. Bridget cried out, her fingers digging into her palms as he entered her. The minor bit of discomfort as her body adjusted to his size was nothing compared to the pleasure she knew was waiting. She lifted her hips, urging him on.

“Jesus, you’re so tight,” he growled as he pushed down.

Pleasure coiled tightly as he withdrew slowly and then eased his way back in. She’d never felt so full before. He was slow at first, but the pace picked up and his hips were pounding into hers as she hooked her ankles behind his back.

“Chad!” she cried out as the orgasm tore through her, deep and fast, robbing her of breath.

He let go of her wrists then, grasping her hips and lifting her as he hammered into her. She gripped his shoulders as she shattered again, flew apart under his relentless strokes. Her sex pulsed and squeezed around his and then he came, his hard muscles flexing and tensing under her hands.

His heart was pounding against hers, just as fast. The brush of his lips was tender and so at odds with the fierceness that had rolled through both of them moments before.

He withdrew slowly and eased onto his side. She was a useless pile of bones and skin as he pulled her over to him, tucking her close so her head rested against his chest.

In the silence that followed, Bridget listened to his heart. She didn’t know what to expect. For him to leave or go to sleep? She was never good at these kinds of things.

She lifted her head. “I’m…I’m going to get something to drink. Do you want anything?”

He pried one eye open. “I’ll get it,” he said, starting to sit up.

“No.” She placed a hand on his chest. “I’ll do it. I’ll…uh, be right back.”

Chad said nothing as she carefully untangled herself from him and grabbed a longish shirt from the pile of clean clothes folded on her chair. Slipping it on and padding out to the kitchen, she was somewhat pleased by the dull twinge between her legs.

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