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“But I really like her. So do the kids. A nanny is supposed to be a part of our family, right? So we’re going out to dinner as a family, along with our family friend Wade, and Sydney is going to accompany us. She’ll be a huge help with the kids. So what’s the big deal?”

Drew sighs. “Fine. No big deal. Let’s go eat pizza then. Need help rounding up everything?”

Fable looks like she wants to hop up and down like a little kid, she’s so happy. “No, I’ve got this. Sydney will help me.” She turns her gaze on me, grinning from ear to ear. “You are coming with us, right Wade?”

“Oh, yeah,” I drawl, flashing Fable a smile.

I wouldn’t miss this pizza date for the world.

The pizza place is called Fire, and it’s one of those trendy, out of the way restaurants that’s full of people decked out in their best designer clothes, where I probably look like a slob in my athletic shorts and T-shirt, though I really don’t give a shit. Drew’s wearing the same damn thing, but the employees are practically bowing at his feet like he’s a king and they’re all his measly servants.

Not that he acts like that, but it’s kind of wild, how he commands everyone’s attention no matter where he goes.

The owner comes right out to greet us when he discovers the Callahans are dining at his restaurant tonight, and they find us a table in a discreet corner immediately. Both Autumn and Jacob are in good spirits since they just woke up from a long nap, and Sydney is tending to them, sending a shy smile my way every once in a while. Otherwise, she’s not really saying a word to any of us beyond the kids. Drew finally takes Autumn from her since she keeps trying to make her escape and run through the restaurant.

“This place is packed,” I mention to Fable as we both check out our menus. Drew is holding Autumn, who won’t stop squirming. That she can almost sneak out of her dad’s strong arms is saying something.

“Lots of local celebrities come to this place,” Fable says, her gaze never leaving the menu in front of her. “It’s usually quiet and you can eat here without worrying about the paparazzi.”

I scan the room. It’s wall to wall with people, every table and chair filled, along with the bar. There’s outdoor dining as well, and it looks packed too. There was a line out the door when we arrived, so I’m guessing the word is out. “I think your quiet restaurant where you can eat privately is no more.”

A worried expression appears immediately on Fable’s face. “That’s too bad. I love this place. I love their salads.”

“So there are local celebrities here?” Sydney looks around the restaurant with wide eyes, hoping she can spot one, I assume. She’s holding a fussy Jacob in her arms and he’s clutching a handful of her hair in his fist.

“Mostly athletes. Sometimes local news personalities show up. People like that.” Fable leans in close, her gaze never leaving Sydney’s. “I saw Joe Montana with his family the last time we were here.”

Sydney frowns. “Who’s that?”

“Oh God.” I rest my hand on my chest, shocked at her sacrilegious question. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

“Um…I can tell you that, but I’m really not.” She winces.

Drew starts to laugh, shaking his head. “You’re serious?” he asks her.

“Who is he?” Sydney turns to Fable for help.

“Only the greatest quarterback to ever play for the Niners—and maybe the entire NFL,” I answer for Fable.

Sydney turns her pretty blue gaze on me. “When did he play?”

“Throughout the ’80s. He won four Super Bowls.”

She smiles. “Well, there you go. I wasn’t even born in the ’80s, so how I would I know who he is?”

“I wasn’t born in the ’80s either,” I answer. I notice Fable and Drew are talking menu choices, so I decide to ask Sydney a personal question. “How old are you?”

“Nineteen.” Her cheeks turn the faintest pink, as if she’s embarrassed to admit her age.

Because damn, the girl is young. Well, only three years younger than me, but still. It feels like a huge difference considering where I’m at in my life and where she’s at in hers.

She can’t even walk into a bar legally. Not that I’ve gone out much since I’ve come here. I’m trying to leave all that behind. In college, we partied all the time. Me, Owen and Des. Until we got out of control and Owen nearly ruined his relationship with Chelsea—hell, at one point, he almost got kicked off the football team. Getting high all the time wasn’t doing any of us any favors. So I quit, and so did Owen. Considering I’m in training right now, I won’t even touch a beer.

“Have you been a nanny before?” I ask her.

Sydney shakes her head. “This is my first job ever.”

I raise my brows. “Seriously?” She nods, doesn’t say a word. “How did you meet Fable?”

“Mutual friend. My brother knows her brother.”

That was a vague answer.

“Your brother knows Owen?” When she nods, I continue. “How exactly? Maybe I know your brother too.”

“I doubt it.” She smiles. “They met through Owen’s girlfriend, I think? She was participating in a summer program at the same college my brother goes to and they somehow crossed paths. I think at a party.”

“Wild.” I shake my head. “It can be a pretty freaking small world sometimes, I swear.”

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