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But then worry comes in out of nowhere, swift and sure, and I look away from him, nibbling on my lower lip. “You’re happy about this, right? About having another baby?”

His hands go still. “Fable. You can’t be serious.”

Nodding, I lift my gaze to his. “It’s just so overwhelming sometimes—another baby. Now they’ll out number us.”

He chuckles. “Never thought of it that way before, but you’re right. They might team up and take us down.

“You never know.” I pull out of his arms and lie on my back, resting my hand on my still burgeoning belly. I get bigger faster with every child, I swear.

His hand joins mine on my stomach, sliding beneath the fabric of my thin T-shirt I wear to bed. “Another baby is a good thing.” His voice is rich and deep, filled with emotion and when I glance up to find him watching me, my entire body starts to tremble.

“I think so too,” I start to say but he cuts off the rest of my words with a kiss. It’s slow and sweet, his tongue doing a thorough sweep of my mouth, his hands wandering all over my body. I give in to his touch, going willingly when he pulls me back into his embrace. I wind my arms around his neck, my hands going into his hair. The hold is familiar, we’ve done this a thousand times before, but it still feels so good, so incredibly right.

All these years later, marriage, kids, his successful career in the NFL, and these quiet, intimate moments with Drew never get old.

“You know, we haven’t talked about how many children we want,” he says long minutes later, after he’s moved on to my neck. His voice is muffled against my skin, his words tickling me. “I guess we already know it’s at least three.”

Laughing, I tilt my head back, giving him better access. “Six?”

He lifts away from my neck to meet my gaze, a dumbfounded expression on his too handsome face. “Six?”

I nod. Don’t say a word. I’m torturing him again. But that’s okay. He can handle it.

“That’s a lot.” He hesitates. Swallows hard. “If you want six kids, I’ll do my damnedest to give you six kids.”

Ha. I’m sure he’s referring to all the sex we’ll need to have in order to knock me up three more times after this one. The perv.

Not that I’m protesting.

When it comes to Drew Callahan, I’ll give him whatever he wants.

No questions asked.

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