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I smile, barely able to contain my joy. “So.”

It’s way past midnight. We’re in bed. The house is a semi disaster after the party, but I don’t care. The children are finally asleep, but with our luck they’ll wake us at six, eager to check under the tree to see what Santa Claus brought them.

Though I can’t blame them for their excitement. I also can’t wait to see their reactions to what Santa brought them. Growing up, Christmas had always been depressing for my family. Drew admitted his Christmases weren’t that great either. So we go above and beyond to make our children’s Christmas mornings extra special.

“I hear you have a surprise for me.” Drew lifts a brow, his lips curled in the faintest smirk. “Spill woman.”

I smile, thankful I kept my lamp on so I can see him. This is my favorite time of day. When I can finally be alone with my husband, together in our giant bed. Sometimes we fall asleep fast. Sometimes we stay up and talk. Sometimes we have sex.

Okay, a lot of the time we have sex. I have to get as much naked Drew time as possible considering he’s gone so much. The man is busy.

Though really, he’s never too busy for me, or his children. He’s a good man—a good husband. “What surprise are you talking about?” My innocent tone isn’t working on Drew. He grabs hold of me and hauls me in close.

“The surprise you mentioned a few hours ago, when we snuck into the pantry and made out for ten minutes.” Drew’s lips brush against my forehead and I close my eyes, savoring our closeness, the busy-ness of today slowly catching up with me. I’m so tired.

But so incredibly happy.

“That was a pleasant Christmas Eve surprise,” I tell him, because it so was. I’d been bustling around the kitchen, checking in on the caterer I hired when Drew magically appeared out of nowhere, snatched my hand and dragged me into the pantry.

Where he closed the door and proceeded to kiss me senseless. Surprisingly enough, no one had barged in and found us that entire time.

“I know. That was my plan.” His hand runs up and down my back with just enough pressure to make me quietly moan. “Then you told me you had a surprise for me. That you’d tell me all about it later tonight.”

Oh. That’s right. I did say that. I was going to save it for Christmas day, but technically it already is Christmas day so I guess I should let him know.

“I went to the doctor a few days ago.”

“Yeah? How did that visit go?” He can’t always make my appointments and I know he hates that. But I understand. He’s on the road a lot. I can’t always expect him to be here. But when he is, he’s fully present and with me and the kids as much as he possibly can be.

“Really good. I had an ultrasound,” I say, my voice casual. “I know what sex the baby is.”

He goes tense and he grabs hold of my arms, pulling away from me slightly so our gazes meet. “And you’re only mentioning this to me now?”

“It was supposed to be a Christmas present.” I pause. “That I was going to announce to the family when we’re all sitting around the tree.”

“You can go ahead and still do that,” he tells me, his voice stern. “But don’t you think I deserve to know what we’re having before everyone else? I did have a part in this after all.”

I burst out laughing. He’s trying to sound mad, but he’s teasing me. I can tell. “You played a part in this baby making thing? I had no idea.”

“Right, right. I know I’m not around much, so you might forget who I am, but remember. I’m your husband.” He pulls me into his arms once more, our gazes still locked. “I’m the one you make babies with. You’re the mother of my children.”

I know he’s still playing around, but his words are making me emotional. Which is silly, I know it is, but I can’t help it. The baby, the holiday season, being surrounded by family and friends, it’s all messing with my fragile emotions and making me a wreck.

“So you don’t want to wait to find out? I thought you might appreciate the anticipation.”

“Give me a break.” He’s practically growling and I start to laugh, which is so much better than crying. “Boy or girl?”


Another growl. “You’re torturing me.”

“I know! It’s so much fun.” I run my hands all over his bare chest. He’s hot, like a furnace, and he’s wearing little clothing. This could get interesting real quick. “What do you want it to be?”

“I don’t care as long as the baby is healthy and has your eyes.” His expression is tender, a look he gives no one else but me. “Tell me, Fable. What are we having?”

Tears fill my eyes at his soft voice, the way he’s looking at me, like I can do no wrong. “We’re having another…girl.”

He laughs and then he’s kissing me, whispering against my lips. “I like girls. I like girls a lot. Autumn might be mad that she won’t be the only princess, but she’ll get over it.”

“My macho quarterback doesn’t want another boy so he can start forming his own personal football team?”

“You don’t have to be a boy to join my football team,” Drew says. “My girls are gonna be as tough as the boys, especially if they’re like their mama.”

I lightly smack his chest, but it’s like smacking a brick wall. Pointless. He doesn’t even flinch. He just smiles that dazzling Drew Callahan smile, though this one is more intimate. Just for me. Just for us. His blue eyes are warm, his big hands slowly stroking my skin. My heart flutters, my belly flutters, and I’m so incredibly thankful in this moment. That he can still make me feel this way.

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