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She whispers my name and I increase my pace. I’m eager to make her come so I can get inside her.

“You have condoms?” I ask, my breath ragged.

Sydney shakes her head frantically. “No,” she practically wails.

“Pretty sure I have one in my wallet.” I kiss her neck again, just before I sink my teeth into her flesh as I strum her clit. She thrusts her hips up, seeking my touch, and her entire body goes tight as she strains toward her orgasm.

She’s so damn close. I can already tell, can already read the signs. I start to whisper in her ear, something filthy, a little something to help her let go and then she’s a shuddering mess in my arms, my name falling from her lips, her body quivering as her orgasm sweeps over her completely.

I climb out of bed while she recovers and dig the single condom out of my wallet. Then I’m tearing off my underwear, tearing into the condom wrapper and suiting up before I slip back into Sydney’s bed. I don’t even hesitate. She’s sprawled across the bed as if she was waiting for me and I sink into her welcoming body, my mouth finding hers so I can kiss her into oblivion as I start to move.

The bed creaks with my every thrust. I try to slow down, try to remain quiet, but it’s no use. I want her too much. I need her too much. I move faster, her legs wrapping around my hips as she clings to me, our mouths fused together. I can’t get enough of her. I wish I could say that out loud, but it’s too fast. Too fast. Everything’s happening way too fast.

And I don’t ever want it to stop.

The phone starts ringing way too early in the morning, before the sun has even risen. At first, I think it’s my phone and I blindly reach toward my bedside table to answer it.

But I realize quick just by the texture of the case that it’s not my phone. It’s Wade’s. And the name flashing across the screen says “Mom”.

“Wade.” I nudge his shoulder and he grunts but otherwise doesn’t respond. I poke him again, harder this time, saying his name louder too, and he rolls over, an irritable look on his face as he glares at me.


What a grump. I hold the phone out to him. “Your mom is calling.”

“Shit,” he mutters as he takes the phone, sitting up so he can answer the call. “Hey. You okay?”

He remains quiet and I can hear a panicked female voice on the other end, talking quickly. I clutch the comforter close to my chest, uncomfortable at the thought that Wade is on the phone with his mom while naked in bed with me. After we just had sex a few hours ago. It’s kind of weird. But I tell myself to be a grown up and get over it.

“So you’re at the hospital? Jesus, Mom, are you okay?”

My heart drops when I hear his words and I sit up, wanting to touch him but unsure if he wants my comfort. What happened to his mother? Is she all right?

I can hear her talk once again, and she’s slower now, not so frantic. I listen to her before I start speaking again, trying my best to reassure her. “I’ll be there as soon as I can, okay? Yeah. Just—stay there. Don’t let them release you. They wouldn’t do that yet, would they?”

He pauses, letting her talk before he resumes. “They think you broke your hip, Mom. No, they better not release you, or there will be hell to pay. Just sit tight. I’ll be there soon, all right? Bye. Love you.” He ends the call then practically leaps out of bed.

“What happened to your mom?” I ask as I sit up, watching as he goes in search of his clothes.

“She got into a car accident. She had the early shift at work and was driving there when some jackass plowed through a stoplight and T-boned her car.” He slips on his jeans without his underwear, and even in his moment of panic and fear, I can’t help but think he’s totally sexy.

Which means I have issues, right? Right.

“Is she okay?”

“She’s talking and coherent, so that’s good. They think she might’ve broken her hip. I hope it’s not that serious, but we’ll see.” He slips his shirt on, then looks over at me. “I have to go be with her.”

“Yes, of course you do.” But how far away is she? “Where is she at?”

“Still in Chico. I have to go home.” He sits on the edge of the bed, his heavy weight making the mattress groan and sag, and starts to put on his shoes. “I hate leaving right now with Owen and Chelsea still here, but I have to go.”

“They’ll understand.” I throw the covers back and crawl over to him, slipping my arms around him from behind. “Are you okay?” I whisper close to his ear. He smells so good. Feels good too. So solid and comforting and warm. I wish he didn’t have to leave. I hope his mom is okay.

“Yeah. It’s just—the timing sucks.” He blows out a harsh breath and leans against me, as if he needs my support. Turning his head, his gaze meets mine. “If she’s as bad as she says she might be, she’s going to need twenty-four hour care for a while.”

I squeeze him gently, pressing my body full against his. I’m still naked, but I don’t care. I just want to make him feel better. “Maybe it’s not as bad as they all think.”

“I hope not.” He closes his eyes, leaning his head on my shoulder. “I need to be with my mom, but I don’t want to leave you.”

My heart feels like it just tripped over itself. “You have to take care of her. She comes first, and I understand.” I do, I swear. It just—hurts, knowing that he has to leave, and I can’t go with him.

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