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“Pretty damn good. How’s Denver?” I ask him, eager to learn everything that he’s been doing since he left for Colorado.

“Hey, you two. Come over to the couch and sit down,” Fable says, sounding like a meddling mother. But I can forgive her since she put this together just for me. She loves her brother so damn much that she’s willing to give up time with him so we can see each other. “Sydney and I will go get Chelsea and us girls will hang out for a bit with the kids. Give you two some alone time to catch up.”

“Thanks, Fabes.” Owen kisses his sister on the cheek and she gives him a quick hug.

We go to the couch and sit on the opposite ends, the two of us grinning at each other. It’s so good to see him in the flesh. I’ve missed him. After spending so much time together all those years, it’s hard to adapt without Owen around. I know he feels the same way.

“Denver’s going good. I like it there. Chelsea and I are learning the city and I’m learning the plays, and they’re a good team. Solid. I think we’re going to kick your ass this season.” Owen laughs. “In fact, I can guarantee it.”

“Asshole,” I mutter, making him laugh harder. “We should bet on that.”

“You’re on.”

We share stories about our respective teams, the players, the coaches. Owen tells me about the new house he and Chelsea bought, how they want to get married soon, probably after the season ends. Then maybe they’ll try and start a family, they’re not sure yet. His face gets this certain expression, sort of hazy-eyed and dazed, and I know he’s still madly in love with her, which is great. It is.

But it’s also crazy, seeing him like this. Hearing him talk like this. I’m sort of blown away by his plans for a house and marriage and a future that includes children, but I know Owen and Chelsea have been on that track for a while now. I shouldn’t be shocked.

But maybe it’s hitting me harder after what happened with Sydney and I last night—and over these last few days since we started this charade. Being with her like this, seeing her all the time, getting to know her, being inside her, has me thinking future thoughts too. Not as serious as what Owen’s going through, but it’s still overwhelming. I’ve never contemplated my future with a girl before.


“Who’s the chick? Well, I know she’s Fable’s nanny. And that you two are faking a relationship to take the media attention off Drew and the nanny doing the nasty story.” Owen shakes his head and I’m in shock. Guess Fable’s told him everything. “You two looked pretty serious, though, when you pulled up in your truck.”

“What, you were spying on me?” I ask incredulously.

“Maybe. Not on purpose.” Owen shrugs. “So what’s going on with you and the nanny?”

“We’re in a fake relationship, just like you said.”

“Right.” The skeptical look on Owen’s face is obvious. “It didn’t look fake, what I just witnessed. You didn’t even have an audience.”

“I like her,” I say simply, not willing to go into more detail. Not yet. “Yeah, it’s fake, but I enjoy spending time with her. She’s fun. She’s sweet. She’s beautiful.” Just looking into her eyes makes my dick hard and when we kiss? Forget it. All I can think about is taking her clothes off.

Owen is shaking his head. “I can’t believe it. Seriously.”

“Why? What’s the big deal?” I’m getting pissed, which is stupid. But seriously, he can’t imagine me in a relationship? What’s the problem?

“It’s just weird, man, the fake relationship thing. It’s exactly how Drew and Fable met, you know? Don’t you remember?”

I frown. “Remember what?”

“Those two started out in a fake relationship. One week. He paid her to be his girlfriend for one week over Thanksgiving break when he had to go home to the fam. What a shit show that was. Fable told me all about it. But there was a good thing that came out of it, and it was Fable and Drew falling in love. Only took them a week, and bam—they knew. Now look at them.”

I had no freaking idea. “Are you serious right now?”

“Yeah, I’m serious. Come on, I know I told you. I told you everything back then. I still do.” He studies me closely. “You don’t remember that story?”

Not really. But when you’re thirteen, fourteen years old, you’re not worried about your best friend’s older sister doing crazy shit like that. You’d rather focus on weed and girls and sports. Back then I was completely self-absorbed. “So all it took was a week and they fell in love.”

“Yep, that’s it. Fable always told me when you know, you know. I never believed it then. I thought those two were a fluke. But then, that’s exactly how I felt about Chelsea too. The first time I saw her, it was weird. I just knew that girl would become a big part of my life. And the more time we spent together, the more right it felt.”

Damn. Like with me and Sydney. The more time I spend with her, the more I want to be with her always.

It’s downright scary.

“So a few days in and you’re already feeling it, huh?” Owen grins. “Think the fake relationship is working with the media? Fable says it is.”

“Well, I don’t know. Sydney had a reporter come up to her yesterday after our last preseason game calling her out on it,” I tell him.

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