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“She texted me. Said she was running late but she’ll be here soon.” He dips his head, his mouth at my ear again and I swear I feel his lips brush against my skin. “She didn’t tell you?”

I drop my hand from his chest and reach for my phone out of the back pocket of my jeans. Yep, there’s a text from Kelli, begging for forgiveness and saying she was running late.

She’s going to have to do some major begging, leaving me here with Tristan alone.

“You want something to drink?” he asks. I nod. “Like what?”

“Surprise me,” I tell him, yelling so I can be heard over the crowd.

His hand falls from my back and he starts to walk away but I grab him, my fingers circling around his thick wrist. He turns to look back at me in surprise, his gaze dropping to where I touch him before returning to mine.

“Just don’t drug my drink,” I warn him, feeling foolish for saying the words out loud. Not that I think he would do that, but I don’t really know him. And there’s enough stories floating around campus about guys taking advantage of girls by slipping something in their drinks without their knowledge, let alone all of the national stories regarding the same topic.

He turns his hand up, flexing his wrist and his fingers curling so I have no choice but to watch as my hand slides into his. “I would never do that to you,” he yells solemnly.

I didn’t realize someone could actually yell in a solemn manner but Tristan just proved he can.

“Thanks,” I say, giving a tug so he releases his grip on my hand.

“Stay right here,” he commands before he turns and heads for the bar.

I watch him go, noticing the girls in the vicinity who watch him too. He stops and talks to one girl, then another, then a group of guys who all yell his name as he approaches and I realize he’s extremely popular. Everyone knows him and he greets them as if they’re all life long friends. He draws people like a magnet, girls and guys alike as if his magnetism can’t be contained.

A pretty brunette approaches him, her long, cascading waves looking straight out of a shampoo commercial. She wraps her arms around his neck, presses her body fully against his and kisses him straight on the mouth.

He doesn’t push her away either.

I curl my hands into fists as I watch them, trying my best to fight off the waves of jealousy that threaten. I shouldn’t care. I’m not here for Tristan, to impress Tristan, none of that. He’s not good for me. I’ve had enough toxic relationships to last a lifetime. I don’t need to add another one to the mix.

“Who’s the fucking brunette?”

I recognize Kelli’s voice and almost cry with relief when I realize she’s standing right next to me. For a moment there I thought I imagined her saying that. “I don’t know,” I tell her, my gaze never leaving Tristan and the girl. She’s still kissing him and the bastard is letting her. “She just sort of grabbed him and hasn’t let go.”

“What a waste of my time,” she mutters, shaking her head. “Now I’ll have to get my own beer.”

“What are you talking about?” I turn to look at her.

“Oh, you didn’t figure it out yet? Tristan asked me to wait a solid fifteen minutes after you got here before I made my appearance.” My mouth drops open in shock and she smirks. “I told you he was an asshole. I think he believed he could convince you to drop your panties in less than fifteen minutes. I don’t know if that speaks to his extraordinary convincing skills or the fact that he fully planned on getting you to drop your panties in less than fifteen minutes, so I’m not sure if you should be insulted or not.”

“Are you serious?” I look at him one more time—that brunette has sunk her claws into him, without a doubt because she’s still gripping him tight—and my vision goes hazy. A little red on the edges.

God, I could murder him with my bare hands right now. This guy is so freaking arrogant.

“As a heart attack. He wants you. I’ve seen him in action before. Once he sets his sights, he’ll do anything to get you.”

“Well, he’s not going to. Get me,” I add when she just looks at me with her doubt-filled eyes. “What, I’m serious! I’m not interested in him like that.”

Kelli’s admission just cured me of that particular problem, thank you very much.

This girl is like an octopus. She won’t keep her damn hands off me. “Layla, please. You need to stop.”

She appears to have no intention of stopping. In fact, she’s nestled her body even more firmly against mine, her hands still looped around my neck. She smiles up at me though I swear her eyes are going to roll in the back of her head at any given moment. She’s drunk as hell.

The very last type of person I should be hanging out with. Not to mention the fact that her tits smashed against my chest and the way she’s trying to dry hump my limp cock is doing absolutely nothing for me.

“Take me to the bathroom, Tris,” she murmurs, her lips coming perilously close to mine. They’re slicked with a dark red lipstick that looks downright scary, not sexy. Halloween happened a few nights ago. This girl needs to get out of costume. “Let me give you a blowjob.”

Well. Nothing like a blunt offer to make my night far more interesting, though I’m not taking her up on it. “I don’t think so,” I start, resting my hands on her hips to push her away.

Her grip tightens in my hair, tugging on it so hard it hurts. “Come on. You liked it the last time I sucked your dick.” She licks her lips, the dark lipstick glistening in the dim light of the bar. I can’t even remember the last time she sucked my dick. Hell, she could be lying for all I know. “You know you love it when I deep throat you.”

She probably thinks what she’s saying is turning me on. She would be wrong. “Not tonight,” I say firmly, grasping her by the hips and setting her away from me. Her hands fall from my neck, the disappointment on her face crystal clear. She looks crushed. “Though I always appreciate the offer,” I say to soften the blow.

Layla glares. “You’re missing out on a good thing.”

“It’s the chance I’ll have to take,” I tell her as I scan the room, looking for Alexandria. I don’t see her anywhere. Definitely not where I last left her. Damn it, I knew it was a mistake, leaving her alone. Some other asshole is probably picking up on her.

“You’re not even looking at me.” She grabs a handful of my shirt and tugs, making me glare at her. “You’re an asshole.”

“You’re only just now figuring this out?” I lift a brow.

She shoves at my chest with surprising force, sending me a few steps backward. “I hope your dick falls off,” she mutters before she stalks away.

I hear feminine laughter from behind me and I wince, fully prepared to find Alexandria standing there when I turn but it’s not her.

It’s freaking Kelli.

“Bravo,” she says with a slow clap. “You’re messing up left and right tonight and I only just got here.”

I ignore her comment. “Where’s Alexandria?”

Kelli crosses her arms in front of her chest. “Why do you call her Alexandria? She goes by Alex.”

“That’s a man’s name.” I grimace. “And she is the farthest thing from a man.”

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