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“So.” She arches a delicate brow. “Are you asking me to go with you?”

“Yeah.” I remove my fingers from her hair so I can touch her cheek. “Will you? Go with me?”

“Yes.” She smiles and I lean in, kissing her still curved lips. “I’d love to. Though I distinctly remember you telling me you don’t ask for anything. You just take.”

Ah, my words thrown back at me. Every guy loves that shit. “Fine. You’re going with me to this stupid fucking party. End of story.”

Alexandria laughs, pressing her mouth against my chest and giving it a kiss. Her lips are damp and hot, and my dick twitches. She keeps that up and I’ll want to jump her again.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I don’t need an excuse to want to jump her again.

“You don’t have to wear a ball gown or anything crazy like that,” I explain. “It’s just an excuse for the girls to dress up and look hot, and for everyone to get shit faced.”

“Like they need an excuse for any of that?” she asks, blinking innocently.

Chuckling, I kiss her again. Those perfect, pink lips still star in my daily fantasies. What makes life even better is now those lips are a part of my reality too. And what a mouth my girl has. She can laugh, talk, smile, kiss and suck my cock like no one else.

Crude, but honest. It’s like Alexandria was made for me. If I think about it too hard, I start to freak out.

So I prefer not to think about it at all.

“When exactly is it?” she asks.

I give her the date and she grabs her phone from the bedside table, typing it into her calendar real quick. “I’ll make sure and ask for that Saturday off.”

“It won’t start until around seven o’clock,” I point out, knowing she always gets off work by six at the latest, sometimes earlier.

“Yeah, but I’ll need time to get my hair done and maybe a manicure or something,” she says as she sets the phone back on the table. “I’ll have to pick out an outfit too. And shoes.”

“You really going to get all dolled up just for me?” I tease.

“No, for your frat brothers. So they can see how hot your date is.” She smiles cheekily.

I frown. Maybe I don’t want them to know how fucking hot she is. Then they’ll just be slobbering all over her the entire night. And I might have to beat someone’s ass because I won’t allow any shit like that going down.

Jesus, since when did I turn into a grunting caveman?

“I’m warning you now,” I say as I push her hair away from her face, tucking the wayward strands behind her ear. “They’re all dicks.”

“Really? What a surprise.” The sarcasm is clear.

“I’m serious. They’re worse than I am.”

She bats her eyelashes. “How is that even possible?”

I refuse to be butt hurt by what she’s saying. Though it is true, and I’ve never shied away from who I am. She knows this. I’m an asshole. She knows that too. Still, it kind of rubs, the way she’s talking.

“Baby, you’re mean.” I gather her up in my arms and press a quick kiss to her lips. “Seriously. Why you gotta knock me so hard?”

“Why? Am I hurting your feelings?” She frowns up at me.

“Well, sort of. Contrary to popular belief, I do have feelings.” I remember when she said that to Kelli the night I showed up at her house unexpectedly and ended up playing video games with the guys for the first time. That seems like a lifetime ago. I was a different guy then. Totally and completely different.

And I have Alexandria to thank for the change.

“I’m sorry.” Her voice is hushed, her gaze dimmed. She’s all sincere, contrite beauty. Fuck me, I like this girl a lot. More than I probably should. “I didn’t mean to hurt your very real feelings.”

“It’s cool.” I kiss her, a lingering touch of lips on lips. “My hurt feelings forgive you.”

Our mouths meet again and she puts so much feeling into the kiss, I know she’s silently asking for my forgiveness. I give it to her in the form of my eager lips and tongue, kissing her deep, rolling her over so she’s lying flat on her back and I’m pressing her into the mattress. It’s all we’ve been doing the entire week.

Sex. Eat. Laugh. Watch something together, maybe even a movie. Until our hands start to wander and our lips meet like she’s a magnet and I’m steel—there’s no way I can’t resist. Then it starts all over again.

It’s nice that Shep and Jade are gone, Jade having taken Shep to her mom’s house for the holiday. So we’ve taken over their role as domestic bliss, fucking on every available surface we can find.

Yeah. I’m so ready to live on my own. Only a few more months of this shit and then I’m out of here.

Alexandria’s only worked a few quick afternoon shifts but she’ll be back at it tomorrow and Saturday, her boss having prepared fully for Black Friday and the weekend. I need to take my chance where I can find it.

So tonight is going to be a fuck fest of epic proportions.

“Weren’t Steven and Kelli ridiculous today?” Alexandria asks when I finally break our kiss.

I frown. Why the hell are we talking about them now? Women. They love to gossip. “They were beyond ridiculous. I assumed Steven would take his chance and tell his parents—hell all of us—that he’s been seeing Kelli.”

Alexandria gave me a few deets on what’s happening between Kelli and Steven. Not that I was particularly interested, and she knew it. I’ll leave the gossipy-relationship-type stuff to her.

“I know. It was so weird. I don’t get them.” She shakes her head, her hair spreading everywhere on my pillow.

“I’m sure people don’t get us either.” I kiss her softly. Her pretty lips, her delicate upturned nose, her sweet chin. Her rounded cheeks, her eyelids when she closes her eyes and finally, her forehead. I’d start all over again and kiss her in the exact same pattern but she’d probably shove me away.

Or maybe not.

This could be an analogy of our budding relationship, I’m thinking.

“You think so?” she asks tentatively.

“I’m sure.” How could they not? I’m blown away that she wants to stick around me. I’m blown away that I want to stick around her. Not that she isn’t amazing and sweet and fun and sexy as fuck but this goes against my beliefs, spending time with Alexandria like we’re in a relationship or something.

I’m going against everything I stand for. I threw one and done out the window with ease. It’s fucking insane.

“Well, I get us,” she admits softly. “Do you?”

Aw, hell. How do I answer her question without fucking this up?

I wait for him to say something, my chin resting on his chest, my gaze locked on his face. He appears conflicted, like he doesn’t know which way to go with his answer and I’m mentally preparing to hear the worst.

This is Tristan I’m dealing with, after all.

He settles his hand on my head, smoothing my hair back, almost like he’s petting me. I love it when he does that and my eyes start to close as he lulls me into this false sense of security. As if nothing can go wrong as long as Tristan’s touching me like this.

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