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“Oh, it’s already going to be awkward and weird, trust me. I’m going to meet his parents, Alex. I’m going to have to sit at a table, smile and make nice with them while I’m eating their yummy turkey and stuffing. All the while I’ll be thinking, ‘I’ve had your son’s dick in my mouth.’ Now that’s fucking awkward.”

“Kelli, God. Please.” I did not want that particular image flashing in my brain.

“Tell me you won’t have the same issue if you ever meet Tristan’s parents one day. Talk about uncomfortable,” Kelli says dryly.

Just thinking of Tristan and his family leaves me feeling melancholy. Which is silly. We’re only apart for a week—less than that really. He’s coming home late Friday night so technically it’s five days.

The five longest days of my life, I’m sure.

“I don’t even think Tristan has parents,” I joke. “Maybe he was hatched. I mean, who created him?”

Kelli laughs. “He’s such a perfect male specimen, maybe God created him, you know? Just pointed his finger and said, ‘And on the eighth day, God created Tristan.’ What do you think?”

We’re both laughing now. “You two make a cute couple,” Kelli says, silencing me. “I’m serious. I think you’re good for him.”

“You really think?”

“Yeah.” Kelli nods. “He needed someone to ground him. Make him less of an asshole. I think you’re doing a pretty good job of that.”

“Oh, he’s still an asshole. Don’t think he’s changed that much,” I say, because seriously it’s the truth. A leopard really can’t change his spots.

“Yeah, but now he’s your asshole. And it’s super adorable.”

We chat for another half hour before I leave and walk back to the house. Kelli promised she’d text Steven as soon as she got home. I told her she should come over later tonight but she gave me some vague “we’ll see,” as an answer.

I figure she’s already made mental plans to spend the night with Steven, which is a good thing. I like thinking of the two of them together. They deserve happiness.

Everyone does.

Minutes later I’m entering the house to find Conrad and Felisha cuddled together on the couch. Felisha is tiny, with long dark hair and matching dark brown eyes. She’s tucked neatly in Conrad’s lap, her head resting on his shoulder as they watch a movie.

“So.” I smile at them. “You two are together now?”

“Yeah.” Conrad gives me a look that says get the hell out of here from over Felisha’s head. “So stop flirting with me, Alex. It’s embarrassing.”

Felisha laughs and I leave because holy shit, what was that all about? I’ve never flirted with Conrad a day in my life.

Thinking of flirting with Conrad makes me think of condoms. Specifically Conrad’s massive condom stash Kelli discovered in his closet…but how?

What were you doing in Conrad’s closet when you found his stockpile of condoms?

I send the text while I’m standing in the hallway by the bathroom. Kelli responds immediately.

Kissing Steven. I just didn’t want to tell you. Why do you ask?

Ha! Figures.

Conrad was just weird to me, and it made me think of his condoms.

Where are you?

At home.


I frown. Why am I getting an all caps response?

No need to yell.

Have you gone to your room yet?


I start heading in that direction, wondering why she’s asking, what she could know. Apprehension slithers down my spine and I throw open my door to find…

Tristan. Shirtless. In my bed.

He smiles. “I thought you’d never get here. Jesus, how long did Kelli chew your ear off at Starbucks anyway?”

My jaw drops open. “What are you doing here? You planned this with Kelli?” I squeak.

Nodding, he reaches up and scratches along his scruffy jaw. He looks so damn good I can’t believe he’s here in my room. In my bed. When he should be making nice with his parents. “Surprise. Now come here, angel. And greet me properly.”

I shut and lock the door before I send Kelli a brief text.

Sneaky bitch.

The response comes as I make my way into my bed and into my man’s arms.

You know it. :)

“I want to ask you a question.” We’re lying in my bed on Thanksgiving night, naked with our bodies entwined. I comb my fingers through Alexandria’s hair again and again because it practically makes her purr like a cat, she loves it so damn much. Anything I can do to make her feel good, I oblige.

Does this mean I’m pussy whipped? I don’t know. I don’t care either.

I changed my plans for Thanksgiving, cancelling on my parents, not that they really cared. Seriously, I think Mom was relieved. It meant she didn’t have to make a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Something she hires someone else to do most of the time.

I’d rather spend the week with Alexandria all to myself. I would’ve missed her too damn much while I was gone. Does this also mean I’m pussy whipped?

Maybe. Fuck it.

“What?” she asks sleepily. We spent the afternoon at Steven’s parents’ house. Yes, even I was invited once everyone found out I was here for the week. Steven’s a decent guy—he didn’t even hesitate in asking me to come and I can reluctantly appreciate the gesture. We had a good time today. His parents were nice, and so was his younger brother Jason, who’s just a miniature version of Steven, only scary smart. Like destined for Harvard or MIT smart.

Kelli and Steven acted like lovesick teenagers the entire afternoon, pretending they weren’t really together, but playing grab ass whenever they thought someone wasn’t looking.

Unfortunately for me, I was looking. A lot. I saw them grab each other often when I really didn’t want to. Caught Steven kissing her in the backyard when I went out for a quick smoke and they sprang away from each other guiltily.

Like I’m gonna judge. I just lit up my smoke and didn’t say a word.

Yes, damn it I’m still smoking but only when I’m nervous, I swear to God. And spending Thanksgiving afternoon with a family I’ve never met before was enough to set me right on edge. Doesn’t take much really.

“My fraternity is having some sort of formal get together in a couple of weeks.” I make a face as I stare up at the ceiling. I’ve never been to any of the couples-only functions my frat has hosted. I’m not stupid enough to take a girl to anything like that. It’s an automatic assumption that I want to pursue something more with them—and that’s the last thing I need.

I want to bring Alexandria though, not that I really want to go to this stupid dinner-dance-bullshit thing. But I think it would be good to have her on my arm for the night. A sort of public declaration that she’s mine, though no one will believe that I actually have a girlfriend. If that’s what she even is.

A girlfriend.

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the word.

She shifts, her knee practically nailing me in the junk, and glances up at me in confusion. “You’re in a fraternity? I had no idea.”

I nod. “I never hang out at the house anymore. I haven’t for almost a year now, though I do stop by on occasion. Go to a party when I can. But usually I’m too busy running the casino or going to school or—spending time with you now.”

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