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It works. With a hoarse shout I fall over the edge, my vision blurring as the orgasm sweeps over me, rendering me speechless. My body shakes and I collapse on top of her in a panting heap, my heart racing so hard I swear it’s going to explode.

She runs her hands over my head to calm me and I lay there, breathing deep, trying to slow my rapidly beating heart. I’ve got to be heavy on top of her like this and I go to roll over but she squeezes her arms around me, keeping me in place. “Not yet,” she whispers.

So I do as she wishes and let her hold me, my face nuzzled in her hair, hers pressed against my chest. Long minutes pass until I finally withdraw and climb off the bed, pulling the condom off and knotting it before I toss it in the nearby trash. Breathing deep, I run a hand through my hair, my entire body tingling with awareness.

I’d do that again. Hope she’s up for it.

“You called me Alex.”

I glance up to find her watching me, her head propped against a pile of pillows, the sheet bunched around her hips. A satisfied smile curls her swollen lips and I stare at her in fascination.

“What?” I ask when I realize she spoke to me.

“Earlier. You called me Alex.” Her smile grows and she closes her eyes, doesn’t say another word. The rise and fall of her chest is a fascinating thing to witness and I realize I’m entranced by her breathing for fuck’s sake.

“I did?”

“You did. I liked it. Though I like it when you call me by my full name. Or Ali. Or angel. I like angel a lot.” She reaches out and sweeps the sheet back on the other side of her bed, patting the mattress. “Come join me. We can use up more of Conrad’s condoms.”

I go to her without protest, slipping into her bed and pulling her to me.

I’m seriously giddy with happiness. It’s crazy, I know, but the last few days could not have been better if I tried. I turned in a big project, I got a B on my stats test and I’ve been having sex with Tristan every night this week.

Life is finally treating me pretty damn well.

“I hate you,” Kelli says as I push open the door and enter my bedroom. I knew she’d be waiting in here. She’d texted fifteen minutes ago to warn me. She’s hiding out since there are so many guys in my living room.

The moment I walked into the house and they all yelled at me in greeting, I was sort of taken aback. I’m used to a few dudes always hanging around the game consoles but this is getting ridiculous.

“Why do you hate me?” I ask her as I dump my purse on top of my dresser and plop into the nearby chair.

I only just got home after working at the consignment shop all afternoon. We were extra busy today. Lots of girls coming in and trying on my formal dresses, most of them the ones I have for sale. Sandie warned me last week there were winter formals coming up, both for the high schoolers and a few fraternities and sororities too.

Not only did I make my usual hourly wage, I also sold a few of my dresses. It proved to be a great day, money-wise.

“Because you’re having sex on a regular basis.” Kelli’s voice is petulant and she flops backward on my bed. “And you’re rubbing it in.”

“How am I rubbing it in?” I glance at my phone, hoping for a text from Tristan. He should be here any minute. He texted about an hour ago saying he was heading over here soon after I got off work. Conrad invited him to play the newest version of Call of Duty, which just came out a few days ago. Considering this is somewhat of a national event in my house, there’s been a nonstop revolving door of guys over to play for the last two days straight.

Don’t know how it happened, but Tristan got sucked into the mix. And he said he was bringing Gabe with him as well. Shep’s working tonight as is Lucy, so it’s just the two of them.

Weird, how my two worlds have converged. I kind of like it.

“That glow in your cheeks and the way your eyes sparkle. I’m so fucking jealous it’s pathetic.” Kelli sighs, staring up at the ceiling. “I’m done waiting around for Steven.”

“Why?” Poor guy can’t catch a break. “I thought you liked him. I thought he liked you.”

“I thought so too, but he refuses to make a move,” Kelli says bitterly.

“Did you make a move?” I want to change clothes but not in front of Kelli because I also want to change into sexy underwear. Tristan’s new favorite game is discovering what I’m wearing beneath my clothes.

It’s my new favorite game too. I get shivery just thinking about it.

“Yes.” I pause at her one word answer, waiting for more. “And I failed.”

“Oh, Kelli.” She sits up at my sympathetic tone, sending me a scowl. “What happened?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Not like you’re full of good advice anyway, considering you and Tristan just hump like rabbits and stare at each other all googly-eyed every time you’re in the same room together.”

We do? Yeah, I like staring at him because come on, what’s not to like? But googly-eyed? I don’t see that on Tristan.

“We don’t do that,” I start to protest but she makes an irritated noise and climbs off the bed.

“You so do. And you’re so gone over him you don’t even realize it. It’s disgusting. I’m gonna go hang out with the guys,” she mutters as she heads toward the door. “Is Tristan coming over?”

“He should be here any minute,” I say, feeling sad. Kelli’s mad at me yet I’m the one who feels bad. But I didn’t do anything wrong. I can’t help it if I have a—guy.

I can’t call him my friend. I feel silly labeling him as my lover. That sounds way too glamorous and sophisticated for what we’re doing. And I definitely can’t call him my boyfriend.

Nope. No way.

“Great. Ought to be a fun evening watching you two slobber all over each other.” She opens the door. “Later,” she says as she leaves.

A sigh escapes me the moment the door shuts. I don’t like that Kelli’s upset with me but she’ll get over it. Maybe she’s just in a bad mood. I know she’s frustrated over Steven but how can I help her if she won’t tell me what’s going on?

Getting out of my chair, I go over to my closet and slide open the door, picking out something to wear. A button up shirt will do the trick, I think as I pull it off the hanger. I have an image of Tristan slowly undoing each button, his fingers brushing against my skin, his gaze locked on my chest as he sees what bra I’m wearing.

I have enough bras to keep this game going for weeks. He has no idea what he’s in for.

Quickly changing, I head out to the living room just in time to see Tristan and Gabe walking through the door, the both of them holding twelve packs of beer. The moment Tristan’s gaze finds me, he smiles and heads directly for me.

“Hey.” He kisses my cheek, his lips lingering. “You look good enough to eat,” he murmurs low so no one else can hear him.

Gabe walks up behind him, making exaggerated kissy faces and rolling his eyes. I laugh, covering my mouth with my fingers when I notice how quickly Tristan tenses up. He glances over his shoulder, glaring at Gabe. “Knock it off.”

“Aw, poor Tristan, can’t take it when we tease him.” Gabe ruffles Tristan’s hair, who ducks out of his reach. “He deserves it,” Gabe tells me. “He gave us endless shit, especially Shep.”

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