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“Who cares?” He starts to kiss my neck again, his mouth wet and hot, his tongue licking at my skin, making me shiver.

“She found them in Conrad’s closet.” I trace random patterns on Tristan’s chest, playing with the chest hair that grows in between his pecs. He’s so deliciously manly, I can’t get over having him in my bed. Between my legs.

Tristan goes still, slowly lifting his head. “What was she doing in Conrad’s closet? And how many condoms does he need?”

I giggle. “That’s the thing. He never brings any girls around, yet he’s beyond prepared. And I have no clue why Kelli was in his closet. I don’t think I want to know.”

“Probably not,” he mutters before he kisses me again. His tongue slides around mine, circles it, just like his hips move against mine, too. I moan into his mouth, my hands landing on his perfect ass, tugging him closer. I want him inside me. Now.

I’m tired of waiting. I know exactly what I want.


Damn, this girl feels good, wrapped all around me, her long legs curved around mine. She draws her heel up and down, along my calf, heat shooting through my veins at the simple touch. My cock presses against her stomach, more than ready to plunge inside her but I need to take my time.

I need to make sure she’s ready.

Another difference with Alexandria versus other women I’ve been with—we’re into foreplay. Like, long extended foreplay that drives the both of us wild. Not that I was anti-foreplay with anyone else. More like I was always speedy, eager to get on with the fucking.

With Alexandria, I want to savor it. Take my time. Explore every inch of her pretty body and become acquainted with it intimately.

Intimate. There’s a word I never associated with any other woman before. Intimacy makes me uncomfortable. Just hearing the word would make me run as fast and as far as I could.

Weird, it doesn’t bother me when I think of Alexandria.

Overwhelmed with my need for her, I devour her mouth, making her moan low in her throat. I slide down her body so I can taste her everywhere. Her neck, her collarbone, her breasts. Those puffy, pink nipples that stand at attention just for me. The gentle slope of her stomach, the dip of her navel, her hips, her thighs, her knees, her feet, they all receive my attention, until she’s a squirming, panting mess.

I save the best for last, spreading her thighs wide so I can lick and suck at her pussy. She’s unbelievably wet, her folds glistening, her clit swollen. I suck it between my lips and she writhes, her hands in my hair, her words incomprehensible.

I’m driving my girl out of her mind.

Shifting away from her pussy, I rear up, grab a condom and tear into the wrapper, leaning back on my haunches so I can slip the ring of rubber onto the tip. She watches with uncontained fascination, licking her lips, her gaze locked on my cock like she can’t freaking wait for it to be inside her. Hottest shit ever, right there. I’d stroke one off in front of her too but not today.

Today it’s my turn to finally get inside her sweet pussy.

Once the condom is on, I bend over her, one hand braced on the mattress beside her head, the other wrapped around the base of my cock as I trace it along her folds. She arches into me, her hand going to my wrist like she needs to hold onto something tight, and her eyes squeeze shut.

“You want it?” I’m taunting her. Teasing her. Teasing myself. I watch as I drag my cock through all that shiny pink flesh, brushing the tip against her clit, shifting down so it’s poised right at her entry. One thrust and I’m in. One push and I’ll be perfectly embedded in that sexy body of hers.

But I’m waiting for her to give me the go ahead first.

She nods, pressing her lips together.

“Say it, angel. Say you want it.” I dip my head to kiss her, licking her lips, the inside of her mouth. Her taste is sweet, as addicting as candy.

“I want it,” she whispers against my mouth, her voice hitching, her breaths coming fast. “Please, Tristan.”

It’s the please that does it for me. Almost like she’s begging for my cock. I feel her pain. I don’t beg for shit but I have a feeling I’d get down on my knees and plead with her to let me have one more taste of her pussy, one more chance to bury my cock deep in her body.

With one slow thrust I’m inside her. I hold still, hold my breath, hold my thoughts as I push further, until I’m balls deep. She wraps those sexy long legs around my hips, anchoring her body to mine and I release a rough breath, hoping like hell I don’t come too soon. I withdraw and push in again, even slower this time, savoring the drag and pull of her inner walls clenching tight around my cock.

Closing my eyes, I inhale deep, tell myself to get my shit together. She literally throbs around me, squeezing my dick tighter and tighter, making me fucking crazed with need. I promised myself I wouldn’t rush this. But that was before I knew what it would feel like, to be inside Alexandria.

And it feels fucking amazing.

She circles her arms around my neck and lifts up, her mouth at my throat, whispering words I can’t hear for the low roaring in my ears. I’m consumed with pure need, every primal instinct kicking in, turning on. All I want to do is fuck.

Fuck hard.

She says my name when I withdraw again and blindly I grab her face, seeking her mouth. The kiss is wild. Sloppy. Lips and tongue and teeth, whispered words and breaths and whimpers. I increase my pace, my hips shifting, hers lifting.

“More,” she whispers, and I give it to her.

“Harder,” she demands on a cry and I do as she says, plowing inside of her body like a man possessed.

I give it to her just as she wants because that’s what I want too. Whatever she needs, I’ll give her. Whatever she demands, I’ll offer up. I’m mindless with my need to please, my spine tingling, my balls drawing up tight. I’m going to come soon and I lift up, making some room between us so I can touch her clit as I shallowly thrust inside her.

“You ready, Alex? You gonna come?”

She nods, her hair a disaster, her body gleaming with a faint sheen of sweat. I dip my head and lick one breast, then the other, the salty tang of her sweat dissolving on tongue. Fuck, she tastes good, feels even better.

My pace increases, becomes almost violent. I’m rocking into her, grunting with every downward thrust, pushing deeper and deeper until I feel like I’m going to permanently embed my dick inside her body. And still she takes it, encouraging me with whispered words, her ankles digging into my ass.

Soft, slow lovemaking has never, ever been my style. But rutting like a fucking beast hasn’t ever been my thing either—until Alexandria. I’m overwhelmed with my need to make her mine. Hell, I’m tempted to pull my cock out of her at the last minute so I can come all over her tits, just to have the satisfaction of seeing my semen splatter on her skin…

I pause in my thrusting, catching my breath, reevaluating my thoughts. Where the fuck did all that come from? I’ve never wanted to come on a chick’s tits just to say I did. It’s so possessive, so fucking primal.

“Tristan?” She scratches her nails down my back, drawing my attention and I begin to move once again. One thrust. Two. Harder. Deeper. She whimpers with every push inside her body, moans with every withdrawal and I pound inside her, again. Again. Until she’s sobbing my name and she’s coming, so hard I can feel every clench around my dick, her pussy throbbing and pulsating, doing its best to milk my climax from me.

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