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“Are you saying you’re giving up on me already?” She rests her hands on my shoulders just as I lean in and press my mouth against her bared belly.

“Never,” I murmur against her warm, slightly salty skin. I kiss her there. Gentle, feather-light kisses, again and again, doing my best not to miss an inch of skin with my lips. She trembles beneath my mouth, a shaky sigh leaving her when I lick the curve of her belly button.

“Tristan, what are you doing?”

I tilt my head back and she runs her hand over my hair. “What does it look like I’m doing?” I kiss along her ribcage while she tugs on my hair. I guess she wants me to stop? Why?

“I’m sweaty. I should take a shower.”

“No way. I like you sweaty.” I run my mouth along the edge of her sports bra, breathe deep her wildflower scent. Is it the lotion she uses? Or maybe her perfume? I need to ask her. But not now. “It’s your fault you know.”

“My fault for what?” She huffs out incredulous laughter when I look up at her, my eyes narrowed.

“Tempting me with your sexy zipper bra and your spandex.” I smack one ass check lightly, making her stumble. “You really think I’d be on my best behavior when you’re dressed like this?”

“If I didn’t like you, I’d take offense to that remark,” she starts, her voice firm. Did I just press all of her feminist buttons? Shit. I didn’t mean anything by what I said. “Women don’t wear clothing just to be objectified by men, you know.”

“Yeah, but you wear your sexy bras and panties just to drive me wild with lust. Don’t deny it, you know it’s true. You admitted it yourself a few nights ago,” I point out.

She sinks her teeth into her lower lip, contemplating me. Her fingers are still in my hair, sifting through it carefully. As if it brings her joy to touch me. “Wild with lust?”

I nod. “Uh huh. And now this.” I reach up and toy with the zipper, giving it a little tug. It slides down easily, revealing gloriously bare skin. “I love zippers.”

She smiles, her eyes glowing as she watches me. “Really?”

“Definitely. Especially when I can do this with them.” I unzip her bra the rest of the way, the fabric falling open, revealing her breasts. My mouth goes dry. Will that always happen every single time? In that first breathtaking moment when I see her bare, just for me? Her nipples are hard, beaded points and I pull her in closer to my eager mouth, pressing a kiss in the spot between her breasts.

Her hand curves around the back of my head, holding me to her. “We shouldn’t…”

“Oh, we definitely should,” I interrupt, licking the underside of her breast and making her jump. “Unless you think I’m too sweaty?”

“I don’t think you broke a sweat the entire run,” she mumbles, sounding irritated.

Which only makes me smile. “Jealous of my superior athletic ability?”

She shakes her head. “Sort of. Not really. I figure I’ll benefit from it eventually.”

Mmm, she is so right. “You can benefit from it right now if you’d like.”

“I’d like that,” she admits softly.

I don’t say another word, just kiss my way across her chest, teasing her nipples with my tongue. Her breathing accelerates, as does mine. Her fingers tighten in my hair. Her stance gets a little wobbly when I pull a nipple into my mouth and gently suck. My hands never leave her butt, keeping her steady, not letting her escape, though I don’t believe she would try.

She tastes good. Like warm, fragrant, salty Alexandria. I curl my fingers into the waistband of her leggings at the exact moment she shrugs out of her sports bra, leaving her bare from the waist up. The spandex proves more trouble, the clinging fabric a struggle as I pull them down her legs, and I come face to panties with the sexiest little black mesh thong I’ve ever seen.

And I can see everything, each curling, dark blonde pubic hair that barely covers her mound, the dampness from her body sticking to the front of her panties. I suck in a breath, inhaling her musky scent before I glance up to find her head bent, hair tumbling forward as she watches me.

“You’re wet.”

She nods, nibbling on that lower lip again. “That’s what happens when you touch me.”

“Just one touch?” Leaving her leggings bunched around her knees, I skim my finger across the front of her panties. She sucks in a harsh breath, her eyelids wavering.

“That’s pretty much all it takes,” she murmurs.

“Hmm.” I trace along her slit, back and forth, pleased when the fabric grows wetter. Hotter. With my other hand, I push her leggings farther down, until they fall in a heap around her ankles, though she doesn’t kick them off. “You smell good.”


“I’m serious.” I press my face against her pussy and breathe her in. My dick twitches in response. “I love the way you smell, especially right here.”

A shiver moves through her. “You’re a pervert.”

“I am.” I pull away so I can smile up at her. “I’ve never denied it.”

She laughs, a nervous, tinkling sound. “I’m thinking you believe I should be okay with this?”

“Like you said, you do benefit from it. And I’m only a pervert for you.” I grab hold of the skimpy strings that stretch across her hips and pull. “Now let’s go ahead and get you naked.”

Oh, he’s a wicked, wicked man, smiling at me so casually, his face right in my lady business, his long fingers curled around my panties as he tries to take them off. Only moments ago he had his face right there, inhaling me. Teasing me with his fingers, and before that kissing and licking my nipples…

I didn’t plan on this happening. Really, I didn’t. I figured we’d go for a run as a way to work off some of that sexual frustration that’s been building up between us. But then I’d taken off my shirt, he’d caught one look at my sports bra and forget it. Our libidos kicked right back into gear and now here I am with my leggings around my ankles and my shoes still on, practically naked while he’s still fully dressed.

This might get a little awkward with the clothing logistics.

That smile is still locked on his face as he pulls my thong down, revealing me to him. He inhales sharply, his nostrils flaring, the smile fading as he drinks me in. A wave of arousal moves through me and I feel sexy. Powerful. That I can make him react so strongly without really doing anything but exist is a heady sensation.

“I want to taste you so fucking bad.” He holds onto my hips, his large hands enveloping them. I wait and watch with barely held breath, jerking against him when he nuzzles my sex with his nose. His mouth. He kisses me there, softly at first, then more persistent. Open mouthed kisses that feel so good I could faint. And when his tongue joins the mix, lapping at my damp skin, the whimper that escapes me is loud.

So loud he glances up at me, that wicked smile firmly in place once again. “You okay?”

I nod. “I still have my shoes on.”

Chuckling, he helps me with that, tugging them off my feet along with my socks, then taking off my leggings and panties until I’m naked in front of him. Bared to him, completely on display in the afternoon light, where he can examine my every flaw.

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