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I spread my legs wider as she settles in, a little smile teasing the corner of her lips before she begins licking my cock again. A ragged exhalation leaves me and I reach out, pushing her hair away from her face so I can see this better.

And I really want to see this.

Her fingers stroke as her tongue licks, and she takes me deeper, the wet heat of her mouth making me close my eyes and fight against the urge to come. It would be so easy to let go. She’s been doing this for all of what? Three minutes? And I’m ready to blow. I blame it on the excitement that she’s the one blowing me. I blame it on the fact that I haven’t been with a woman in weeks. I blame it on the fact that I’ve become well-acquainted with my hand lately and the touch of Alexandria’s tongue and lips is just fucking too good not to give into.

But really, it’s all about the girl. That she’s willing to do this for me, that she’s actually enjoying it, is upping my arousal factor. It’s an incredible turn on, to watch a woman suck your cock and have zero expectations in return. She’s doing this because she wants to.

Not because she wants something from me.

She hums around the head of my cock, causing a vibration that I feel all the way to my knees. I lift my hips, trying to send my dick a little deeper, not wanting to be obvious about it and she pulls away from me completely, her fingers still wrapped tight around the base. Her lips are damp, glossy in the low light. Her hair is a mess, a golden cloud around her head. And the best part, she’s naked. All naked and flushed, her tits on display, those long legs folded beneath her, she’s gorgeous. Looking a little flustered, a lot adorable.

“I don’t know if can take you all the way in my mouth,” she confesses, her face full of disappointment. “It’s just that…you’re so big.”

Every guy in the whole damn world wants to hear this. Yeah, yeah we want to be deep throated too but if your girl can’t do it because you’re well hung? Who’s going to complain about that?

“Just keep doing what you’re doing.” I hesitate when she frowns. “Or…don’t. It all feels good. Trust me.”

“Really?” She squeezes my dick, her fingers firm and I press my lips together to keep from shouting harder! at her.

“Fuck yeah. Don’t be shy.” I touch her cheek, cradle the side of her face in my palm. She leans into my touch and I push my fingers into her silky soft hair, loving the way the strands cling. “Anything you do, I’m going to like, angel. Trust me.”

Her cheeks go pink as she smiles. And then without hesitation, she goes at it in earnest, enveloping me in her mouth, her head bobbing up and down, her strokes matching the same rhythm as her seeking lips. I try to last as long as possible. Push her hair away so I can watch. Thrust my hips up and enjoying the view of my cock sinking deeper into her mouth. It’s visual overload, sensory overload, fucking Alexandria overload and there’s nothing I can do to withstand it any longer.

I lose all control.

Her name falls from my lips in a shaky whisper as I arch my back, the tingly sensation starting at the base of my spine, flowing into my balls. It’s close. I’m close. I need to warn her. I need to tell her so she can pull away or whatever but then I feel it. That first spurt shoots out of me and fucking forget it. I’m done. I’m coming in her mouth, coming on her tongue and she never pulls away, not once.

She swallows it like a champ. My champ. Damn, this girl is good.

I shake uncontrollably and sound like I’m dying, groaning and carrying on. She doesn’t let up until I’m finished, giving me one last swipe of her tongue before she withdraws, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. I’m lying there in a boneless heap, helpless to move, to think, to say anything and she smiles at me. A sexy curve of lips, her eyes bright, her cheeks pink as she pushes her hair away from her face.

“I think you liked that,” she says quietly and I know. I just fucking know.

I’m doomed.

Monday morning dawns, the air crisp and cold, the sky blue and not a dark cloud in sight. I wake up at six-thirty, practically bounce out of bed and take a long, hot shower, remind Shep when I’m done that we need to get going. He’s still in bed with Jade, the lazy ass.

But I forgive him. He’s got a nice warm woman snuggled up close to him. Why would he want to leave?

I wait patiently for him down in the kitchen, sipping on coffee and pacing back and forth. I’m starving but I want to save my appetite for the diner. Whatever’s the biggest breakfast plate on their menu, I’ll take it. I need to fortify for later today when I see Alexandria.

Saturday she worked. Saturday night I worked the gambling house while she finished a paper that’s due, though we texted each other throughout the night. Sunday we met for brunch. I’ve never brunched with a girl before. It was nice. I sat across from her at the table in the restaurant surrounded by tons of people talking and carrying on. While all I could do was stare at her lips, remembering how I had my dick between them a few nights ago.

Yes, I’m a fucking pervert. I can’t help it.

We didn’t do anything Sunday night. Nothing sexual, at least. We hung out in her room and she forced me to watch Friends—I don’t mind Friends, I can admit I grew up on that shit. Somewhat. I sort of paid attention.

Okay, fine not really.

I tried to make a bold move when I kissed her, but she told me she wanted to take this slow. There was nothing coy, nothing bogus about her suggestion. She told me she liked me, she thought we had a connection and she wanted to ease into whatever it is we’re doing. I want to honor her request. It’s either that or she bails. And I’m not ready for her to bail.

I like her too damn much to let myself ruin whatever we have between us.

“Why the hell are you so cheerful?” Shep asks as he shuffles into the kitchen, looking like the world’s biggest grump. He’s dressed but it’s half-assed at best, like he just rolled out of bed and threw his clothes on. Plus, he’s a little bleary-eyed and not one hundred percent awake. “It’s Monday for Christ’s sake.”

“I had a good weekend.” I shrug.

“Meaning you got some?” He pours himself a cup of coffee, dumps a ton of sugar and creamer in before he sticks a spoon in it and stirs. “Fucking finally.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I scratch the back of my head, pausing in my pacing. Was it that obvious that Alexandria and I weren’t doing the nasty?

“You’ve been chasing after this girl for weeks. It’s nice to see you act so…cheerful.” He takes a drink of his coffee and makes a face. “You’re never cheerful.”

“I’m always cheerful,” I counter.

“No, you’re really not. Once we started seeing our girls on a regular basis, you became even worse.” Shep sets his cup on the counter. “But now that you’ve joined the club, it’s all good.”

I frown. “What club?”

“The relationship club,” he stresses, a cheesy grin on his face. “Face facts, bro. You’ve fallen. You’re in a relationship with Alex.”

“I am not,” I immediately say, wondering why the hell I just did that. What Alexandria and I are doing though, I wouldn’t classify as a relationship.

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