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I want him to kiss me. I’m dying for it.

And then his mouth is on mine. A soft press of lips on lips, mine parting at first touch, as are his. Electricity races through my veins, sparking my blood and I sigh, bathing his lips with my breath. He shifts closer, breaking the kiss as his hands lift to cradle my cheeks and then he kisses me again.

I’m lost.

Christ, her lips. They’re so soft, damp and warm and…giving. Eager. Clinging to mine as I kiss her again. And again. No tongue involved yet—what the hell is wrong with me— and I savor the taste of her. Learn the shape of her lips, hear the hitch in her breath when I take her lower lip between mine and gently tug.

She likes that. I make a note of it for later.

Alexandria melts into me, her hands braced against my chest before they slowly slide up to curl around my shoulders. The scent of her fills my head, sweet and clean and she tastes like toothpaste, all minty fresh and straight out of a freaking commercial.

I stroke her cheeks with my thumbs and step closer, her head tilting back when I break our kiss. Slowly I open my eyes to find hers are still closed. A dreamy little sigh falls from her lips and the sound twists my stomach into knots. Fuck, the kiss was just as good as I knew it would be. Maybe it was even better—though I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing. More like a bad thing.

Yeah. Bad. Real fucking bad.

Her eyes slowly open as her tongue sneaks out and drifts across her lower lip. I wonder if she can taste me. If she wants more. I stare at her unabashedly, sliding my hands down her neck, over her shoulders, my gaze following the length of her body, taking in the thin tank and the tiny shorts…

“Fuck, what are you wearing?” I sound like I’m in agony and holy shit, I am. I grip her shoulders as I step away from her, staring at her barely covered, incredibly sexy body.

If that first touch of her lips on mine didn’t do it, seeing her like this certainly does. I’m so hard my dick is pressing against my fly, desperate to bust out and get to fucking.

“I was going to bed,” she admits, her voice small. She stares at me, icy blue eyes hazy with lust. “I thought you were Kelli.”

“I’m definitely not Kelli,” I say as I push Alexandria against the wall, my hands going to her waist, testing her shape, the slight curve of her hips. She’s thin, there’s not much to her and I think of my usual preference. I like ‘em with dark hair and eyes, short and curvy, lots of boobs and ass. Something to grab onto while you’re fucking her hard. Hey, I can even admit when I first saw Gabe’s girl I perked right up. Lucy’s totally my type.

But I don’t dip my dick in a girl my friend is in hot pursuit of. Hell, those two claim they’re in love. Gabe’s all serious about her and I just…hell. It blows my mind. I look at Lucy now and see nothing but the name Gabe stamped all over her. Totally off limits.

The primal need to keep a woman all for myself has never happened to me before but I think of some other guy touching Alexandria—like that nice guy Steven—and I see red. Fucking red.

What does that even mean?

“Why did you come here?” she asks, her voice low and soft. I lean down and press my forehead to hers, close my eyes and take a deep breath. I should lie and say I wanted to fuck her. Make it about that. Nothing but sex. That’s all it should be. That’s all it normally is.

From the moment I’ve met Alexandria, nothing’s been normal. It’s like I’m in a different realm, especially tonight. Hanging out with dudes on a Saturday night playing video games while hoping I can get with the girl who’s crashed out on the couch. She thought I wasn’t paying attention to her but I heard every word she said.

He doesn’t have any feelings.

Yeah. I’ve been told that more than once. I’d heartily agree with that assessment.

He doesn’t look like he stayed for me. More like he stayed for Call of Duty.

She’s totally wrong about that one. The only reason I showed up was for her.

“I wanted to see you,” I finally admit truthfully, lifting away from her so I can study her face. “But you were sleeping and they invited me to play so…”

Alexandria keeps her head bent, her gaze downward. Her hands are on my chest again, her fingers playing with the three buttons at the top of my shirt and my body tenses up. I want to know what it feels like to have those hands on my bare skin. “I didn’t know you were a Call of Duty fan.”

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.” I touch her chin, skim my fingers along her jaw. She lifts her head, her gaze meeting mine as she tilts her head up further, her eyes falling closed as she parts her lips.

An invitation. One I’m not going to decline.

I kiss her again, my hands going to the back of her thighs just as I deepen it. I lift her up easily, her long legs wrapping around my hips as I lick at the seam of her lips. She opens for me and I tangle my tongue with hers, groaning low in my throat at that first delicate, tentative touch. Her hands move up, resting on my nape before they slide up into my hair.

Jesus, she feels good like this. Her clothes are so thin I can feel her. Soft and warm, blazing hot between her legs, right against the front of my jeans. I bet she’s wet. I bet if I sneak my hand beneath those tiny, indecent, fucking amazing shorts, I’d find nothing but a soaked pussy. All because of me…

Someone raps on her door. Three short knocks that startle us both, making her gasp against my lips as I pause in my thorough examination of her mouth with my tongue. I lift my head and she drops her hands to my shoulders, the both of us deathly quiet as we wait for whoever’s knocking to go away.

Go the fuck away.

It’s quiet. I hear nothing on the other side of the door and we’re just about to resume kissing when the knock happens again, louder this time. More insistent. If it’s Kelli I’m going to kill her.

“Hey.” The voice on the other side of the door is distinctly male and slightly hesitant. “Alex? You in there?”

Groaning, I close my eyes and thunk my head against the wall beside Alexandria’s. It’s Steven.

Of course.

“You need to…” Alexandria shoves at my shoulders. “Go or something.”

I lift my head to stare at her. “Where the hell am I going to go?” I whisper, glancing around her tiny room. “You want me to hide in the bed?” I raise my brows, ever hopeful.

“No. God, you pervert.” She unwraps her legs from around my waist and I reluctantly let her go, her feet falling to the floor with a gentle thump. “Uh, give me just a minute, Steven!” she yells at the door.

I glare at her. “You’re really going to talk to him right now? Tell him to leave.”

“Go.” She shoves at me. “Hide in the closet. I can’t let him see you in my room.”

“Why the fuck not?” We’re whisper arguing with each other and it’s ridiculous. I bet Steven can hear us. Hell, I hope he can because I want him to know she’s mine. At least for tonight. I’m in her room, I had her in my arms and my tongue in her mouth not even a minute ago. That has to qualify for something—like she is mine, right?

I’ve never laid claim on a chick before. This is a new thing for me.

“Because I can’t! I just…ugh.” She runs to her closet and slides the door open, waving a hand for me to go inside the narrow space. She’s crazy. I could barely fit in there. Crossing my arms in front of my chest, I slowly shake my head.

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