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“Wait a minute—I don’t think you’re boring.” I stare after her as she starts for the pool house, the towel discarded on the floor and I watch her ass, her legs, mentally shaking myself so I go after her. “You’re the farthest thing from boring.”

She turns before she opens the door, her head tilted back so her gaze can meet mine. She’s such a little thing. But that little body is all woman and my fingers itch to touch her again. “Then why did you fall asleep?”

“I find it really hard to believe that I did…” I stop talking. She’s looking at me like she wants to rip my tongue out of my head and I like my tongue, thank you very much. “Fine,” I breathe out, scrambling for a reason. “Too much beer, too many tequila shots, plus a hot tub, you put it all together and it wipes me out?”

Lucy stares at me, her dark eyes narrowed, her lips pursed. Lips I really enjoyed kissing only a few minutes ago. How did I fuck this up so badly? Seriously, I can’t believe I fell asleep. Who does that?

You do, asshole.

“That’s the lamest answer I’ve ever heard.” She turns away from me and throws open the pool house door, striding inside. I follow right after her, watching helplessly as she slips her red T-shirt back on but doesn’t bother with the white shorts. The disappointment I feel at seeing her perfect tits covered is strong and I mourn the loss. I’m even more disappointed I didn’t get to touch them.

“It’s the only excuse I can come up with,” I say truthfully. I must’ve been asleep for what? A minute? Two or three? She can forgive me for that, can’t she? We had it going on chemistry-wise. That kiss was like whoa and the feel of her body so close to mine, I want to soak that up some more. I want to explore this further. Not like I got anything else going on this summer.

She’s the perfect distraction.

“Well, it’s awful.” She tilts her chin and sniffs, looking like the haughty spoiled princess I’m sure she is. “I want you to go. I think I’ve been embarrassed enough tonight.”

Ah, I hurt her pride. I get it. My pride would be wounded too, if a girl fell asleep while I was trying to kiss her. Though if she were drunk I’d probably just laugh it off and think she was cute.

I don’t think Lucy believes I’m very cute though. I’m pretty certain I just blew my chance with her.

Big time.

“Let me make it up to you,” I toss out as a last bid. She comes closer to me, her hand shooting out to touch my chest. Hope lights me up but then—she just gives me a hard shove and I stumble out of the pool house backwards.

Damn, the girl is strong.

“No,” she says as she pulls the pool house door shut behind her.

“I’ll take you out tomorrow. Dinner, a movie, whatever you want to do.” Hell, I’ll make her dinner and the only thing I know how to cook is a grilled cheese sandwich and a quesadilla, which is pretty much one and the same.

She shakes her head—very firmly. “No thanks.”

“Let’s go hang out at the beach tomorrow afternoon. Soak up the sun, walk in the waves.” I sound like a cheesy asshole and I’m pleading. Oh, shit. I never plead, not with chicks. I never have to.

“I don’t think so.” Did she waver? Nah, she didn’t waver. This chick is tough as nails. Passionate as all get out with a body sexy enough to make my head spin just looking at her.

And she hates me, because I somehow fell asleep mid-kiss.

I’m a complete idiot. If the guys ever find out about this, I’m screwed.

Clearing my throat, I make one more attempt. “Lucy…”

She holds her arm out, indicating I need to get away from her pronto. “See you later Gabe.”

Nodding once, and with my proverbial tail between my legs like a chastised puppy dog, I leave her place and head back to mine.

“You did what?” Shep starts to laugh. Like, hysterically laugh.


I hang my head, my mouth tight, my fingers ready to hit the end button and finish this call. Why did I think telling my best friend what happened last night was a good idea again? I reminded myself when it all went down that if Shep or Tristan found out I’d never hear the end of it.

And here I go, running straight to Shep, spilling my guts about what I did to Lucy.

“You heard me,” I finally say grimly, feeling like an asshole. Though really Shep’s the asshole. “And you fucked up time and again with Jade so don’t give me any grief.”

“Yeah, but I never fell asleep on her in the middle of sexing her up,” Shep stresses, his laughter still hanging on. “Man, that is just priceless. You’re lucky she only slapped you in the face. She should’ve kneed you in the balls.”

“Thank Christ she didn’t,” I mutter, rubbing my hand along my jaw. I’m lying in bed, it’s almost noon and I haven’t even gotten up yet. What’s the point? Last night was such a major disappointment. Lucy hates me, I slept like hell and I have a lingering hangover that makes my head pound.

Meaning, I feel like ass.

“I’m thinking you need to move on from this one,” Shep suggests, jovial and carefree as usual. Easy for him to say. He’s banging the hottest redhead I’ve ever seen who happens to tolerate his shit, and Shep dishes out a lot of shit.

He also happens to be madly in love with Jade and somehow she feels the same. Crazy. Never thought I’d witness Shep the player, Shep the total dog fall for a girl and pursue her relentlessly until he made her his.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” I say gruffly, though I don’t mean a word of it. Damn it, I’m still intrigued. Any other girl would’ve slapped my face and I’d bail. Who needs that shit?

Jade slapped Shep’s face and he chased after her like a mad man. Maybe we’re both kinky bastards or something. Only truly interested by a woman who slaps the shit out of us.

Now there’s a disturbing thought.

“How’s it going anyway? Ready to come home yet?” Shep asks.

“I was ready to come home the second I arrived down here.” Family vacations are the worst. We’re all ordered to attend, even if we don’t want to. Sydney tried to get out of it a few years ago, saying she had cheer camp, which she did. A totally legitimate excuse.

Guess who didn’t make the cheer team that school year? All for a shitty family vacation in Paris.

Granted I sound like a spoiled brat complaining about vacationing in Paris but I was eighteen, Sydney was fifteen and we were miserable. Constantly under our parents’ thumbs, unable to have any fun. Though I did sneak off and let that one French girl I met in a café give me a blowjob in the restroom.

Yeah. Fond memories. Sort of. Now I’m imagining Lucy on her knees, her hands curled around the waistband of my shorts just before she pulls them down and my hard cock springs out directly in front of her mouth...

“Go to the beach. Check out the hotties,” Shep suggests, pulling me from my dirty thoughts. “Find a cute girl, flirt with her and get that other chick off your mind. She couldn’t have been that great, considering you fell asleep on her. Mid-kiss.”

I wince. The thing is, Lucy is pretty. And she seems cool. I don’t know her that well but I felt like we could’ve had something. That explosive kiss we shared suggested we could’ve had something major.

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