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My jaw drops open. “Shep and Tristan have a housekeeper?”

“Oh yeah, and she spoils them rotten too, as does Jade. It’s fucking annoying.” He starts to laugh. “Sorry, I sound bitter. I could afford a housekeeper if I wanted one I guess, but I don’t really need it. I’m not that much of a slob.”

I glance around his room, seeing that most of the mess was just piles of clothes lying here and there. He’s right. It’s not that bad. “I could spoil you if you want,” I suggest nonchalantly, trailing my fingers along the edge of the desk before I turn to face him fully.

“Oh, yeah?” The interest in his voice is obvious. “And how would you spoil me?”

Smiling, I point at the bed. “Sit down and I’ll show you.”

Without hesitation he sits on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide in that wholly masculine way men sit, his gaze full of curiosity and—is that adoration?—as I approach. My heart pangs at that look in his eyes and I slowly kneel in front of him, resting my hands on his rock hard thighs.

“Lucy…” he starts but I shake my head once.

“Sshh.” I smooth my hands up and down his legs slowly, sneaking my fingers beneath the hem of his shorts. His thighs are hot, a little hairy and full of muscle. “I could cook you meals.”

“Oh yeah?” He blows out a shaky breath when I drift my nails along the inside of his thighs. “Like what?”

“Anything you want.” Mama had me with her in the kitchen since I was a little girl. Half the time she worked so much that when I was in high school, I was the one who cooked all the meals. “What do you like?”

“I, uh, would like anything you want to make me.” He flinches when I pull my hands out of the legs of his shorts and reach for his waistband. “What are you doing, Luce?”

I smile and undo the top button of his shorts. “Spoiling you. Now take your shirt off, Gabriel.”

“Only if you take your shirt off.” He pauses and I lean back as he whips his shirt off quickly, tossing it on the ground. “Hey, I should’ve asked before but is Lucy short for anything?”

I’m momentarily speechless at first sight of his chest. God, he’s hot. I mean, I’ve seen him like this before, plenty of times. But the sight of a half naked Gabe never gets old. “Um, promise you won’t make fun.”

His expression softens. “I’d never make fun of you, Luce. I hope you realize that.”

I hold back the dreamy sigh that wants to escape. Not only is he hot, he’s so sweet. Like, ridiculously sweet. “My full name is Luciana,” I admit quietly.

“Luciana.” He lingers on each syllable, testing it out. “Luciana. It’s beautiful. I like it. But you prefer Lucy?”

“Lucy fits me better.” I shrug. “Luciana is too formal.”

“It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” His tone is sincere, as is his gaze. “But Lucy is cute. I like it too.” He reaches out, drifts his fingers across my cheek. “I like everything about you.”

“You don’t know anything about me,” I automatically say, clamping my lips shut the moment the words are out. Damn it, I didn’t mean to say that, not right now, when I’m about to rock his world.

Or at least I hope I rock his world. I’m starting to have a case of performance anxiety…

“I want to know more about you,” he admits, his fingers dropping away from my face. “If you’re willing to share.”

I want that more than anything but I’m so scared. “Gabe…”

He stands and I shift backwards, landing on my butt. He looms above me, shirtless and with the button undone on his shorts so they hang almost indecently low on his hips. My gaze is fixed on his lower abdomen, the narrow trail of dark hair that leads from below his navel straight to the Promised Land and I lick my lips in anticipation.

“It’s your turn,” he says as he watches me.

I tilt my head back, feeling almost…submissive, sitting like this with him above me. “My turn for what?”

“To take your shirt off, babe.” A dark thrill runs down my spine when he calls me babe. I really love it when he does that. He waves a hand in my direction, encouraging me no doubt and without hesitation I pull my shirt up and over my head, leaving it on the floor beside me.

His gaze flares when he drinks in the bra I’m wearing. It’s bright blue and made entirely of lace, my already hard nipples protruding against the fabric almost obscenely. I wore this bra with him in mind, hoping he’d have his hands all over it by night’s end.

Looks like my wish is about to come true.

“Nice bra,” he drawls.

“Thank you.” I glance down at my chest. “I was hoping you’d like it.”

“Oh, I do.” His eyes darken and he slowly lowers himself to the edge of the mattress once more. “I’d like to see you wearing it and nothing else when you suck my cock.”

My mouth drops open. I haven’t heard him say something dirty in a long time. I forgot just how much I liked it. “Is that your special request?”

“You did say you wanted to spoil me.” He shrugs.

“Difficult to meet that request when you still have your shorts on.” He’d removed his shoes when we first walked into the room and I watch as he lifts his hips and slips his shorts along with his underwear down his legs, kicking them off. “Ah, much better.”

His cock is thick and long, hard and straight, almost to his stomach and I quake in anticipation of taking him in my mouth.

Eventually taking him in my body.

“Your turn, Luce,” he murmurs, the dark edge to his voice making me shiver.

Slowly I rise to my feet, trying to stay as graceful as possible, which is hard when my knees are practically knocking together, I’m so nervous. It’s been a while since I’ve been with Gabe like this and I hope it’s as good between us as it used to be.

His hot gaze tracks my every move and when I reach for the waistband of my denim cutoffs, I undo them slowly, knowing he’s watching. Anticipating. He licks his lips just before I slide down the zipper and a hot pulse throbs between my legs.

“Take them off nice and slow,” he says just as I’m about to push my shorts off my hips. “Let me enjoy the show.”

I pause and lift my head, my gaze colliding with his, holding his stare. His eyes are so hot I feel like they’re scorching me. He tilts his head to the side, his mouth curled into the faintest smile as he nods his encouragement.

Okay, then.

Inhaling deeply, I hook my fingers around the belt loops that rest at my hips and pull the shorts down excruciatingly slow, slowly revealing my matching blue lace panties. Gabe doesn’t look away, his gaze zeroed in on every bit of my body I’m revealing and my skin tingles from my hips to my toes.

I let the shorts hit my feet and carefully step out of them, standing before him in my panties and bra. For a brief, ridiculous moment I’m tempted to cover myself. Hide the curves, my pudgy stomach, the slight rolls. But that’s silly. He’s touched me everywhere. Explored every inch of my skin with his hands and mouth. He knows me better than anyone else on this earth.

Yet he doesn’t really know me at all.

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