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I press down on his face, coming hard, chanting his name over and over. His hands grip my hips, holding me to him as he continues to suck my clit and I lean forward, pressing my forehead against the padded headboard and closing my eyes. I could probably faint. Oh my God, I could faint from that orgasm and my body won’t stop shuddering. I’m afraid he’s sent me into a permanent seizure state…

“Lucy.” He lifts me away from his face and I open my eyes to find him staring up at me, his mouth curved into this arrogant, over the top smile. He looks very pleased with himself. I, on the other hand, am completely rung out. I can barely keep my eyes open. “I think you’re ready.”

I frown, trying to catch my breath, calm my racing heart, but it’s impossible. I’m lucky I didn’t have a heart attack just now. “F-for wh-what?”

“For me.”

There is nothing better than giving Lucy an orgasm. Seriously, she’s beautiful when she comes, and she makes all these sexy noises. The way she breathes, the hitch in her throat, the whimper, the moans, how she says my name, sometimes even screams it. Fuck me, it’s amazing. Watching her turns me on like no other woman has before and I try to act like it’s no big deal.

But it’s a huge deal. She means a lot to me, and making her feel good is everything. If I could give her the world I would, I’m that far gone over her. Though really, I tell myself it’s just a waste of my time and emotion. In less than two days I’ll be in another state and I’ll never see her again. We could make promises to call each other and all that other crap but we both know it won’t happen.

This is it. Tonight, maybe tomorrow night and then it’s over.

I really fucking hate that it’s almost over.

Pushing all negative thoughts aside, I focus on my girl. She’s fallen onto the bed beside me, flushed and naked, a pleased smile on her face. Her lids are at half-mast and she looks like she could fall asleep at any minute. The fact that I’m the one who put that satisfied smile on her face makes me want to puff up my chest with pride but I tone it down. I don’t need to act like an asshole.

“Come here,” I mutter, reaching for her waist. She comes willingly, her arms sliding around my neck as I roll her beneath me. I kiss her and she doesn’t even flinch, considering I had my mouth on her pussy not even a few minutes ago. I’d been afraid at one point that she might cut off my breathing but still. It was a totally hot moment I will never forget.

“I seriously need a condom.” As in, I’m dying to get inside her. Though once that happens, I’m afraid I won’t last beyond a few minutes. Poor Lucy will think I’m some three pump chump.

Closing my eyes, I think of going to the dentist. Taking a test that I didn’t study for—wait, I rarely study for any test so that won’t work—anything to take my mind off of coming too fast.

“Okay.” She’s not helping with my problem though I love how she’s kissing my neck, her lips lingering, teeth nipping at my jaw line. “Do you have one?” she asks shyly.

Thank Christ I stuffed three in my wallet earlier. I already had one in there but I was feeling hopeful. “I do. Let me go grab it.” I hop off the bed, nearly tripping over my own feet and making Lucy giggle. I snatch my pants off the ground and pull my wallet out of the back pocket, take all three condoms and toss two of them on the bedside table before I open one, sliding the rubber on my cock.

I’m hard as a rock and it’s sensitive to touch, almost painful. I’m aching to get inside her, can’t wait to sink within her depths and feel her clutch and squeeze around my cock. She watches me with apprehensive eyes, her skin flushed, her hair a mess, a tentative smile on her lush mouth. She looks scared.

She looks beautiful.

I go to her and without a word gather her into my arms, pressing my mouth to hers. The kiss is long and deep, my cock pressing insistently against her belly. I roll her onto her back, my lips never leaving hers and it’s like she melts beneath me, her warm, curvy body pressed close to mine as she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me even closer.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” I breathe next to her ear after I break the kiss.

She shakes her head, her hair getting in my face. “I know you’ll be gentle with me.”

I go still, blown away by the trust she has in me. The utter faith I’ll do the right thing when it comes to her no matter what.

Taking a deep breath, I rise up onto my knees, bracing one hand on the mattress as I grab the base of my cock and brush just the head of it against her pussy. She closes her eyes on a shivery sigh, her hips arching as if she wants more. As if she’s seeking me because I’m the only one who can take care of her.

I brush the head of my cock against her clit, amazed at how wet she is, her flesh so pliant and welcoming. I’m fucking shaking as I press my cock into her entrance carefully, slowly feeding myself inside her, inch by inch, bit by bit. She stiffens at the first invasion, her body tense and I can tell she’s holding her breath.

“Breathe baby,” I murmur, watching in fascination as I slowly sink inside her. She takes me so easily, as if she were made for me and when I’m finally fully seated inside of her pussy, I close my eyes and drop my head so I can brush my mouth against hers in the lightest kiss possible. “You okay?”

She nods, murmurs something I can’t quite understand and just as slowly as I entered her, I withdraw, taking my time, not wanting to hurt her yet desperate to fuck her hard and make her mine.

But she’s already mine. I can tell by the breathless noises she makes, the way her body slowly relaxes, the tight heat of her completely enveloping me. I thrust deep. Deeper. Making her moan. Making me groan. I’m sweating, the shaking hasn’t dissipated, hell I think it’s worse and I wonder at my reaction toward her. Why I feel so overwhelmed with the need to make this good for her?

Because she deserves it. She deserves only the best.

I might not be the one who can give her a lifetime of the best, but I’m going to damn well give her the best of me while I have her.

“Wrap your legs around my hips,” I encourage and she does, causing me to sink even further inside her. We both moan and I can’t hold back anymore. It’s fucking killing me to not just unleash on her so I do, but as subtly as possible. I rise up and reach between us, touching her clit, circling it with my fingers and she clutches me close, her fingernails digging into my shoulders, her mouth at my ear as she pants these sexy little breaths that drive me wild.

Everything she does drives me wild.

“Are you close?” I ask because it’s going to happen for me at any given moment. I’m going to come. I don’t want to ruin this for her but damn it, I’m going to blow and that familiar tingle is already starting at the base of my spine. “Tell me you’re close.”

She nods furiously, her eyes popping open to meet mine. “You feel so good.”

I close my eyes and shake my head. I can’t look at her like this. Not when she’s so goddamned beautiful it makes my heart hurt. I hate that I’m going to leave her. I hate that I only have a few hours with her left and then I’ll never see her again.

But maybe it’s best. The way I feel for her after knowing her for only a brief time is nothing short of crazy. It shouldn’t be like this. I shouldn’t fall for a woman I can’t have. How fucking painful is this going to be when we can’t see each other anymore?

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