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His eyes have a dark gleam to them and his smile is nothing short of gigantic. “You’re a bad, naughty girl, Luce.”

“I am? Why?” I ask innocently, even batting my eyelashes at him for good measure.

“You know why.” He shoves the skirt of my dress up to my hips, exposing me completely and he sucks in a harsh breath. “Look at you,” he says reverently, his gaze locked on the spot between my thighs.

The perv.

But hey, at least he’s my perv. For tonight.

A tiny part of me wishes I could keep him for all my nights.

Without a word Gabe presses his hands on my shoulders and gently pushes me backwards so have no choice but to fall down on the bed. My legs go wide when I land since I don’t have the hindrance of my skirt, offering him a view of my nakedness. He doesn’t tear his gaze away from me, continues staring at that spot between my thighs.

“You look pretty wet, babe,” he says in this low, dark murmur that sends a cascade of shivers along my skin.

He rarely calls me anything but my name or Luce, so when he calls me babe, it makes my stomach flutter. I hold my breath as he reaches for the waistband of his pants and undoes the snap, then tugs down the zipper, kicking off his shoes before he gets rid of his pants while standing in front of me. I watch, my gaze dropping to the front of his black boxer briefs, how his thick erection strains the front of them.

My legs go weak and I’m glad I’m not standing.

“Take the dress off, Luce,” he demands, his gaze locked with mine. He’s being bossy but I don’t mind. He takes full command in the bedroom and I think it’s hot. I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing most of the time so I prefer it when he tells me what to do.

Without hesitation I take the dress off, pulling it over my head, noting the heat in his eyes when he sees I’m not wearing a bra either. He’s slowly shaking his head, running his hand over his jaw as he continues to study me.

“No bra either? You’re definitely on the naughty list,” he says, a sexy gleam in his gaze as he joins me on the bed, his big body above mine, his hands pressed on either side of the bed. “Though the naughty list isn’t such a bad place to be.”

“That’s what I was hoping,” I murmur just before he claims my mouth. His kiss is thorough, his hot, damp tongue seeming to touch me everywhere. He pulls away from my lips to continue kissing down the length of my neck, across my collarbone, his hands on my breasts, fingers brushing over my nipples and making me shiver.

I love the assured way he touches me, how closely he pays attention to what I like. He knows just what to do to have me begging for more—like how sensitive my nipples are. I suck in a breath when his mouth wraps around one and sucks and tugs, his tongue swirling, teeth nibbling on the hard flesh. I thrust my hands in his soft hair and hold him close, lifting my hips, seeking him. Becoming frustrated when I realize he’s not naked, he still has his underwear on.

He treats my other nipple to the same attention, licking and sucking and biting. I almost feel like I could come just from the way he sucks my nipples, which is insane.

His mouth is on my stomach, circling my belly button with his tongue before going further. I spread my legs wide to accommodate him, ready for what he so generously delivers.

But when he doesn’t deliver I open my eyes and lift my head to find him watching me, a slight smile curving his lips. “You look so beautiful like this, Lucy.”

I’m embarrassed and pleased, all at once. He makes me feel beautiful with his words, the way he looks at me, how he touches me. I say nothing because I have no idea how to respond. He doesn’t seem to mind though. He lowers his head, his gaze still on mine as he touches my inner thigh with his lips. He kisses me there again and again, soft, barely there touches as he draws closer and closer to my sex. I tingle with anticipation, my legs shaking, my eyes falling shut when his mouth lands right where I want it, between my legs, his hot tongue sliding through my folds.

The moan that falls from my lips is long and shuddery. His shoulders brush against my inner thighs and he grabs hold of them, draping my legs over his shoulders before he continues to lick and suck me. One long finger slips inside my body, then another and he slowly pumps them in and out, the wet sounds of my flesh loud in the otherwise quiet of the room.

“You’re so fucking wet and tight.” He sounds absolutely tortured. “I can’t wait to be inside you.”

I can’t wait for him to be inside of me either. My entire body is shaking in anticipation and nerves. Will it hurt? I don’t want it to hurt. I want this to be a memorable, perfect experience. I know there’s no such thing as perfect but I’m determined to have the best night possible with Gabe.

And I know he would do anything to ensure that I enjoy this moment.

He continues to search me with his tongue, circling my clit before he draws it into his mouth as he increases his pace with his fingers. He’s always so enthusiastic when he goes down on me, seems to enjoy it so much and I’m freaking glad because oh my God, do I enjoy it when he does this.

Gabe’s face between my legs just might be my favorite thing. And if that makes me a dirty whore, then so be it. I will own and embrace my dirty whorishness to the max.

“Mmm, you taste fucking good,” he murmurs against my sex. The low vibration of his voice sends a shiver through me and I curl my fingers around his hair, holding him to me, practically mashing myself against his face. I’m already close. I can feel myself teetering on that delicious edge but I don’t want to fall just yet. I want to draw this out, make it last. This is one of my last moments with Gabe and I don’t want it to end.

But then he lifts away from me and I can’t help the flood of disappointment that follows. What is he doing? Where is he going? I stare up at him, notice the way his lips and chin gleam and I flush with embarrassment.

I’m…all over his face. And I can’t help but think that’s extremely hot.

“Come here. Let’s readjust our position, try something different.” He lies down on the bed, his head on the pillows, his cock looking like it wants to burst free from his boxer briefs. He waves his hand, encouraging me to go to him and do so. “Straddle me.”

I start to wrap my legs on either side of his hips but he shakes his head. “Straddle my face.”

My mouth drops open. “Say what?”

He smiles, looking like a naughty little boy. More like a sexy grown man with devilish intent. “Yeah. Ride my face, Lucy. Come on.”

Ride my face? Oh God, I swear I feel faint just from his words. That sounds positively…filthy. And wonderful.

I kneel on the mattress beside him, my body still pulsing, needing that orgasm I was so close to having only a few minutes ago. “I don’t know…”

Gabe doesn’t even let me finish my sentence. He grabs hold of my hips and draws me to him so I have no choice but to do as he wants. A squeal escapes me as he adjusts my body directly over his face, my knees on either side of his head. I reach out to grab onto the headboard, holding on for dear life when he presses his mouth against me, his tongue darting out for a long, languid lick.

Oh, God. I feel that all the way down to my toes. He keeps licking slowly then starts to increase his pace over my clit, his tongue fluttering around it, driving me insane with need. I try to hold back. I don’t want to smother him to death and use my vagina like a murder weapon. But I can’t help it. I’m moaning. Panting his name, cursing, circling my hips, trying to get his mouth to land on that one particular spot I know will send me straight over into orgasm land. He suddenly thrusts two fingers deep inside me, sucks hard on my clit and that’s it.

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