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I stay where I’m at, my gaze locked on her tits, my body just as still as Lucy’s is. “Hear what?” I whisper back, playing dumb.

A car door slams, followed rapidly with another one and I wince. That is sure as fuck my parents. Their timing is impeccable. “Oh shit, your parents are home!” She shoves at my chest, trying to get me off her but I won’t budge. “Come on, Gabe!”

“Come on, Gabe what?” I bend down and kiss her, swiping my tongue along the inside of her upper lip. The sexy sound she makes sends a jolt straight to my dick. It was also kind of loud. “Sshh, baby. Be quiet. They won’t even know you’re here.”

“Oh, God,” she murmurs against my lips, her breath huffing across my face just before I kiss her on the lips again. Once. Twice. Then I move down, kissing her neck, her collarbone, her chest, the tops of her breasts.

She doesn’t stop me, doesn’t shove me off and I take that as a good sign, so I keep going.

Her hands come up to cup the back of my head, holding me to her. My mouth drifts down, tracing the lacy edge of her bra with my tongue, her hard nipples poking against the thin fabric. The front door opens, I hear Mom’s shrill voice calling my sister’s name echo in the foyer but I press on, ignoring her. Pushing her voice out of my head so I can concentrate on Lucy.

I trace my fingers down her belly until I’m at the waistband of her shorts. I make quick work of the button and zipper, spreading the open fabric wide, pressing my fingers against the front of her damp cotton panties.

“Gabe.” She moans my name and though I love the sound, she needs to be careful. I can’t let anyone hear us. I send her a look, one that I hope says shut up and I continue to stroke her, above the panties, my mouth above the bra. Trying not to push her too far because if she makes me stop, I’m going to be pissed. Not at her, but at myself.

I don’t wanna stop.

I slip my fingers just beneath the waistband of her panties and she whimpers. I skim over her pubic hair, the heat of her like a beacon I’m desperate to find. I cup her, apply just the right amount of pressure so she opens up to me and she lifts her hips like she wants more.

Ah fuck, she’s soaked. I start to move my fingers, brushing her swollen clit with my thumb, gently searching her folds. I don’t want to hurt her. A pussy is a beautiful thing but they are extra sensitive and you fuck with a girl in that way—the wrong way—she will hate you forever.

Girls need a sign over their pussy that says handle with care.

My breath hitches in my throat as I continue to stroke her hot, slick skin. Her hips start to thrust in rhythm with my touch, a little sigh escaping her. I hear footsteps on the stairs. The low murmur of voices rising as my parents head toward the second floor. I glance up to find Lucy watching me, dark eyes wide, expression panicked and I rear up, drop a kiss on her lips, my hand still between her legs.

“Feels good?” I whisper against her cheek just before I kiss it.

She nods furiously. “So good,” she chokes out.

I smile, pleased that she seems so overwhelmed she can hardly speak. “Good, because you feel fucking amazing, Luce. So wet for me. Have you been this wet for me all this time? I swear to God I’ve been hard since the first moment I set eyes on you.”

Lucy wavers. I love that my words have enough power to make her react. She loves it when I talk to her like this and I haven’t done it enough. I continue to explore the wet, pliant flesh between her thighs, searching her folds, slipping just the tip of my index finger inside of her. She’s fucking tight. Unbelievably tight.

I’m going to blow my load before I even get inside her and I can’t remember the last time I did something like that.

Wait. I’m getting ahead of myself. I won’t be inside Lucy tonight. I need to slow down my train of thought.

“Gabe,” she whispers, making me glance up at her. “What are we going to do?”

I frown. “Do about what?”

My mother’s voice chooses that precise moment to sound right outside my door. “Tell her that her little friend isn’t here!”

Lucy stiffens, her eyes sliding shut. Mom is talking about her. And Sydney. I bet Syd woke up and she asked where Lucy was. What would everyone do if they knew she was with me? In my bed? My hand buried in her panties?

“I should go,” Lucy whispers, shoving at my shoulders.

I rise up and kiss her, slowly moving my fingers once more, thrusting my tongue in her mouth as I play with her clit. It’s swollen. She wants this. She might already be close. She needs to come. And I want to be the one to do it for her.

I want to see her fall apart.

The voices in the hall get lower and I hear a door shut. My parents are in their room, none the wiser that I have a girl in my room. I feel like a freaking teenager hiding my secret girlfriend away, doing wicked things to her and swear to God my cock pulses against the fly of my shorts, like I’m getting a thrill out of doing something so bad. Right down to the fact that we’re not even going to fuck—I’m going to respect Lucy’s wishes that she remain a virgin. She’s not ready yet.

But I can be patient for her.

She begins to respond to my insistent touch, her hips lifting, her tongue seeking mine. I’m hard as stone, wish like hell she’d reach over and grab my dick but I can’t push. I don’t hear my parents anymore. I don’t hear anything anymore but the sound of Lucy’s panting breaths, the rustle of clothing, my fingers sliding against her hot, wet flesh.

I thumb her clit, press hard against the swollen piece of flesh and she gasps against my mouth. I roll it between my fingers and she pulls away from our kiss, a shuddery moan escaping her as her hips lift. “Oh, God Gabe.”

“Are you close?” I ask, needing her to be close. “You want more?” I want to see her come. I want this more than I want my own satisfaction and that’s fucking unheard of. Lifting away from her a bit, I stare down at her near writhing body, thankful for the sexy view. Her breasts strain against the thin lace and satin of her bra, her skin is flushed and my hand is stretching her panties out.

Unbelievably hot.

She nods, offering a choked yes in response. I circle her clit repeatedly, increasing my pace, whispering words of encouragement in Lucy’s ear.

“Come for me, Luce. I wanna see you come. I wanna feel you come all over my fingers.”

My words send her over the edge. A loud moan falls from her lips and I seal my mouth over hers, continue to stroke her as the orgasm rocks her body. She shudders, her pussy seeming to spasm beneath my touch, a gush of wetness coating my fingers. It goes on for long, drawn out seconds and I keep touching her, eventually slowing my pace until she’s pushing my hand away, murmuring against my lips, “Too much. It’s too much.”

I lift my head and stare at her, my heart racing as if I’m the one who’d just come my brains out. I realize at that precise moment it might never be enough. Not when it comes to Lucy.

And that thought terrifies me.

I think I have a problem. And his name is Gabriel Walker.

Not that he’s a problem. More like…an addiction. And addictions are bad, right? They consume you until you can think of nothing else but having your next hit. Your next fix. It’s like I need him. Not want him—need him.

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