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“Why are you on a diet?” I try to keep my voice bland but I hear the disbelief. Does she?

“I’m too curvy. I have a bit of stomach. Eating burgers and fries and drinking vanilla Cokes isn’t going to help my diet either.” She sounds sad again. Damn it. “But everyone’s allowed a day to cheat, right?”

“Sure.” I shrug. “Can I say something though?”

Amusement laces her tone. “Please don’t hold back on my account.”

I turn to face her, my gaze locked on hers. She stares back, all humor fading, her expression turning serious. She licks her lips, making them shine and I’m desperate to lean across the console and kiss her.

But I don’t.

“I dig the curves,” I admit, my voice low. “Sometimes a man wants something to hold onto, you know?”

She blinks. Slowly. “Okay,” she says, drawing the word out.

“Not a stick figure with boobs on it. It’s no fun, cuddling with a bag of bones,” I say.

More blinking. “Are you saying you want to cuddle with me?”

“Anything you’re game for, I’m on board,” I tell her. Cuddling. Kissing. Fucking. Yeah, I’m up for all of it.

“We’ve only just met,” she points out.

“We’re getting to know each other.”

“I don’t cuddle with a guy on the first date.” There’s that prim little voice again. I don’t believe it for a second. I think this girl could unleash on me if coaxed—and I’m real good at coaxing. I’d love to be the one who makes her fall apart.

“Technically this is our second date.”

Lucy rolls her eyes. “I don’t know if you’ve earned that second chance yet.”

I pretend to be taken aback. Hand on heart, the whole deal. “You’re not impressed with my choice dinner location?”

She shakes her head. “Not enough.”

“I need to do more?”

Her answer is a slow nod accompanied by a sly smile. “Definitely.”

“Challenge accepted.”

Game fucking on.

We drive around town, my mind scrambling to come up with something to impress her. I don’t know this city well enough. I haven’t been striking out much on my own, what with the way my parents have shit planned all the time. It doesn’t matter to them that I’m a twenty-one-year old adult. Every person they meet, every place they socialize, they believe is advantageous. To both them and me.

They have high hopes for me, my parents. They believe I’ll take over the family business. That I’ll meet a nice girl of their choosing and get married, merging two successful families and turning us into a dynasty.

It sounds like a fairy tale from hell yet they really think this way.

But fuck it. I ditched the family and I’m on my own tonight. Hopped in my car and I’m trying my damnedest to get this girl to give me another chance.

The idea strikes me while I aimlessly drive and we stop at a frozen yogurt shop. The dirty look Lucy shoots me as we get out of the car could slay just about anyone dead but I’m made of stronger stock. I’m not letting her get all pissed off because I keep trying to stuff her face.

Besides, I’m still hungry.

I let her walk ahead of me, my gaze locked on her swaying hips and perfect butt encased in those extra short white shorts. Her thighs are full but not flabby. She has nice calves and ankles. Her hips are wide but they nip in, showcasing a slender waist. I wasn’t lying when I said she has something to hold onto. I could grip those hips and that ass all night long.

“I’m not eating any of this,” she whispers to me after we walk inside. The brightly lit place is packed with people, the air chilled by the constant blast of the air conditioner and we stand in line together, the both of us eyeing our options.

“I’ll share mine,” I offer and she reluctantly nods. I see the way she eyes all the toppings and I know I’m going to get mine loaded with a variety of them. I choose three different flavors, tell the girl working behind the counter a long list of the toppings I want until she starts giggling and when I take the cup from her, I’m surprised at how heavy it is.

And this place charges by the weight.

Lucy goes to grab a table while I pay. I take a bunch of napkins and two spoons and turn to find Lucy has chosen a table outside. I walk through the crowded shop, nod at a group of girls who look like they’re in their late teens, causing them to erupt in a fit of giggles.

Glad to see I still got it. Not that I care about them. Hell no. I’m too intent on getting back to my date.

Lucy shakes her head when she sees me approach, her gaze landing on my overflowing cup of frozen yogurt and candy. “You didn’t even get any fruit toppings?”

I settle into the chair right beside her, wanting to get as close as I can. I offer up a spoon, which she reluctantly takes, though she lies it back down on the stack of napkins I brought. “I’m not trying to pretend this is a healthy snack like you are, Luce. And I’m all about the candy.”

I dig in, waving my spoon at her to indicate she should have some but she doesn’t so much as attempt to lift her spoon. Frustrated, I scoop up some yogurt with a bunch of Reese’s Pieces on top of it and wave it in front of her lips. “Open up.”

She tightens her lips so I can’t get my spoon past them. “No,” she murmurs.

“You’re annoying.” I bump her mouth with the edge of my spoon, getting maple donut flavored frozen yogurt on her lips. “Come on. Live a little. You’re only young once.”

Still no breaking her. This girl is tough. More like stubborn. She reaches up with a napkin and wipes at her lips and I bump her mouth again when her hand drops, smearing her lips with more yogurt.

Her glare is full of fire and I take the proffered spoonful and shove it in my mouth. “You need to loosen up,” I say after I swallow.

“And maybe you need to get more serious,” she returns.

“No way. Being serious all the time sucks the fun out of life. I’ll have enough of serious when I graduate college.” I swirl my spoon through the yogurt and candy, wishing she would just give in and eat some. “Until then, I’m having fun.”

“Must be nice. To have so much fun,” she says, heavy on the sarcasm.

“Don’t knock it until you try it.” I bump her shoulder with mine. “Come on, Luce. Try some. It won’t kill you.”

“But it’ll go straight to my butt,” she says, her cheeks turning pink.

“I happen to like your butt,” I say quietly.

Her cheeks flush bright red. “Fine,” she says with an irritated sigh and I’m thankful she doesn’t grab the spoon I brought for her. I’d rather feed her myself.

Trying my best to get as many toppings as possible, I gather up a scoop on the spoon and hold it in front of her mouth. She parts her lips, her gaze on mine as I slowly slide the spoon into her mouth. She closes her lips around it and I slide the spoon out, my blood flowing hot when her tongue sneaks out and catches a drop of yogurt in the corner of her mouth that the spoon left behind.

Who knew feeding someone frozen yogurt could be so damn sexy?

“So much candy,” she murmurs once she’s swallowed. “Between the soda and the dessert, I’m going to be riding a total sugar rush.”

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