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“I—I do like it,” she admits. “My eyes…they look a little dazed.”

“Hmm.” I’m raining kisses on her cheek now. The skin is firm yet soft. I bet no one has ever kissed her here. This territory is all mine—unchartered Jade territory that I’m about to conquer. I feel like scrawling my name across her ass and claiming it as mine.

Property of Shep Prescott. Hands off.

“Do you like it when I kiss you here?” I ask as I run my hands along her outer thighs. I glance up at her to catch her nodding, like she can’t even speak. “Spread your legs baby.”

“Oh, God.” She does as I command, her feet spreading apart, revealing her pretty pink pussy to me and I reach up, lightly drift my index finger along her center to discover she’s dripping wet. She whimpers at my touch.

“Tell me something else,” I demand. “Tell me what you want.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“What do you want me to do next?” I touch her again, another teasing press of my fingers to her pussy. She’s so soft and wet. I want to put my mouth on her. Suck her. Bite her. Lick her. Fuck her with my tongue. Fuck her with my fingers.

But I need to hear what she wants first.

“Put—put your mouth on me,” she says and I smile. She’s so easy. I know this is her favorite thing. I can get at least two orgasms a night out of her with my mouth alone.

“Like this?” I hold her hips and lean in, pressing my lips to the very back of her pussy in an almost chaste kiss. “Or like this?” I tilt my head, open my mouth and try my fucking best to consume her in the most obscene way possible.

Her legs shake around me, a whispery, “Like that, like that,” falling from her lips just before she moans.

I continue consuming her, licking and sucking her everywhere, pushing two fingers deep inside her. She’s babbling nonsense, her hands are gripping the edge of my dresser like she might fall if she let go and I’m kneeling between her legs, getting my girl off all while she watches herself.

Fucking hot.

“Your eyes are still open?” I ask once I pull away from her. I stare up at her, taking in her messy hair and flushed cheeks, bright gaze and swollen lips. Her eyes are open and she’s staring at her reflection in the mirror as if she’s the most fascinating thing she’s ever seen.

Again, fucking hot.

“Yes,” she murmurs.

“I want you to watch as I make you come.”

“Shep…” She sounds like she’s protesting and I cut her off.

“Do it, Jade. Keep your eyes open. Watch yourself. See how pretty you are when I give you an orgasm.” I return my attention to her pussy, attacking her clit with gentle, swirling strokes of my tongue. I push my fingers back inside her body, slowly pulling them out before slipping them inside again, keeping up a steady rhythm that has her body working with me. God, she tastes so fucking good. I can feel her clit swell with every swipe of my tongue and the inner walls of her pussy cling tight to my fingers, like she never wants to let me go.

“Come for me, baby,” I urge against her hot flesh, just before I draw her clit between my lips and give it a powerful suck. And then she is coming, chanting my name, her pussy quivering, her entire body shuddering. I grip her hips, hold her to me as I continue to devour her, my mouth, my tongue everywhere I can touch her and she’s holding my head, her fingers buried in my hair.

I pull away so I can glance up at her. She’s still watching herself in the mirror, her lips parted. “Tell me what you see,” I whisper.

She looks down at me, her expression full of wonder and pure, feminine satisfaction. “I see a girl who just had the best orgasm ever.”

I start to chuckle. “There’s more where that came from.”

“Prove it,” she demands as I stand up, rubbing my mouth with the back of my hand. Her eyes track my every movement so I lean in and drop a lingering kiss to her lips, hoping like hell she can taste herself on them.

“Get your ass on the bed,” I tell her with a little growl, smacking her butt with the palm of my hand.

She jumps and squeals, then runs over to the bed.

And I have no choice but to follow, tugging off my shirt as I do so.

It’s going to be a good night.

“Don’t be nervous.” Shep catches my hand and pulls me close to him, dropping a kiss on my forehead. “They’re just people. They’re not going to bite your head off.”

Easy for him to say.

We’re in the parking lot of the Shellfish Company, one of the most expensive restaurants in town, of course. Every parking spot is filled but Shep didn’t even bother trying to find a space. He left his car with valet parking, which sounds decadent and expensive, especially since I’ve never done that sort of thing before. Hell, I don’t even own a car.

Clearly I’m nervous. I’m babbling in my own head.

He’s behaved like the perfect boyfriend the entire week. We’ve hardly spent any time apart. If I’m not in class or working and he’s not in class, we’re together. We talk a lot. Share stories. He’s a business major and plans on working for the family company once he graduates. Running the gambling house is like a practice run, he told me, which I found amusing.

When I told him I was a pyschology major it was his turn to be amused. He found that fitting—direct quote. I don’t know what to think about that.

With us spending so much time togther, I’ve stayed at his place every night this week, and that means we’ve been having lots—and lots—of sex.

Awesome, wonderful, make me forget all of my inhibitions and hang ups, sex. Like, the best sex of my life. It just keeps getting better and better every time we get naked. And he seems just as into me as I am into him. We feel…connected.

It’s sort of amazing.

“Are they already here?” I ask as we approach the front entrance of the restaurant. There are a lot of people waiting outside, most of them dressed up, and I’m so glad I wore a dress. A brand new one Kelli and I found when we went to Old Navy yesterday. It’s white eyelet, sleeveless, with a full skirt that hits just above the knee and makes me look like sweet girlfriend potential.

At least, that’s what Kelli told me when I tried it on for her at the store.

I’m thankful Shep didn’t act all perverted when he picked me up, which is his usual way when he first sees me. Not that I don’t mind usually, but that’s not the reaction I’m looking for. Tonight is all about demure. Not sultry and sexy.

“Probably not. My mother always runs late.” He sends me a look as we start to climb the stairs that leads to the front doors. The restaurant is close to the ocean and there’s a chill in the air that makes me wish I’d brought a sweater. “She made a reservation though, so we’re good.”

We enter the restaurant and Shep releases my hand to go speak to the hostess, letting her know we’ve arrived. I take my chance to admire him yet again. He dressed up tonight. Black pants and a white button-up shirt that sets off his tanned skin, the sleeves rolled up to show off his sexy forearms. Who knew forearms were so sexy?

His hair is actually tamed, like he might’ve brushed it and I’m tempted to run my fingers through it just to mess it up. I love it when his hair is messy. Which is a lot because every time I get my hands on him they’re buried in his hair, tugging and stroking and holding him close…

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