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There’s no smile, no reaction whatsoever from Jade. “This sounds…serious.”

I take her hand, slide my fingers between hers so they’re clasped. “It’s as serious as you want it to be.”

She squeezes my hand. “We haven’t known each other very long.”

“I know.”

“So dinner with the parental units already feels…serious.” She turns her head to look at me, her eyes wide, lips parted.

My heart is thumping so hard in my chest I swear it’s trying to burst free. “I’ve never introduced a girl to my parents,” I admit.

“Why not?” she whispers.

“I’ve never been with one long enough to warrant an introduction.” I lick my lips, hoping like hell I say this right. “I know we haven’t been seeing each other for very long, but for me, this is…something. And maybe it freaks you out to meet my parents, but I’d really like it if you came with me Saturday night. I want you there. By my side.”

She’s staring at me, her eyes still so wide. She presses her lips together, her expression unsure and for one horrific moment, I think she’s going to refuse me.

“I’ll go,” she finally murmurs, squeezing my hand again. “If it means that much to you to have me there.”

“It does. It means a lot to me, baby.” I lean in and kiss her again, like I can’t resist her, and the truth is, I can’t. I touch her cheek, drift my fingers across her soft skin and when she sighs, the softest, sweetest sound I’ve ever heard, I feel it right to the very depths of my soul.

That’s my cue to get her the fuck out of this car and into my bed, stat.

Tristan’s home but in his room and we sneak through the quiet, dark house, Jade giggling and trying to swat my hand away when I pinch her perfect ass. I put my hands on her hips, slowing her down and she leans into me with that perfect ass nestled close to my dick, making it stand at attention. She does this little wiggle move that has me gripping her hips too tightly and then she’s pulling away, practically running down the hall and slipping into my bedroom.

I have no choice but to chase after her.

She’s leaning against my dresser when I enter the room, her hands propped on the edge, her legs looking impossibly long as they’re stretched out in front of her. A mischievous smile curls her full lips and I stare at her as if I’m in a daze, captivated by the sight of her, shock and lust racing through my veins at how flirtatious she’s being. Since we’ve been together, she’s really come out of her shell but she’s still shy about some things.

When it comes to us, I don’t want her shy about anything.

I approach her without saying a word, my gaze never leaving hers. I reach out, curl my hand around her neck, and stand directly in front of her. “You disappoint me,” I murmur.

Her flirtatious look falls and I hate that. I’m teasing. Can’t she tell? “Why?”

“Your hair. It’s all bound up again. You know I don’t like that.” I slide my hand further into her hair, tugging at the strands at the base of her neck. “Turn around.”

She does as I ask without protest, offering her back to me and I admire her for a quick second, my gaze sweeping down the length of her, lingering on the curve of her ass, the graceful arc of her back. My fingers literally itch to get her naked.

But I need to do something else first.

I reach for the end of her braid and tug the band off slowly, letting it fall to the ground. She remains stiff before me, her shoulders ramrod straight, and I swear she’s holding her breath. Carefully, I start to undo the braid, flipping the thick strands of her hair undone, letting the silky softness slide over my hands. Up, up I go, stepping closer to her with every part I undo, until my mouth is on her neck and my other hand is beneath her shirt, fingers pressing into the skin of her waist as I finish taking apart the braid.

Her hair falls around her shoulders, spills down her back. I grab the base of her T-shirt with both hands, murmur a quick, “Lift up,” and she raises her arms so I can take her shirt off. I remain standing behind her, pushing her hair to the side so I can press my cheek to hers and we both stare into the mirror that sits above my dresser.

“You’re beautiful,” I murmur just before I nuzzle her cheek with my nose, inhaling her fresh, sexy-as-fuck, perfectly Jade scent. “Put your hands on the dresser.”

She does as I ask, her gaze meeting mine in the mirror. She’s trembling. I can feel her, see it and she presses her lips together, her eyes falling closed when I reach for the back of her bra and slowly unhook it. I push the straps down her arms and the cups fall away from her breasts, revealing her to me. She sheds the bra, tossing it to the floor before she places her hands on the edge of the dresser once more.

“Fucking perfect.” I kiss her neck and reach for her breasts, holding them in my palms, tweaking her nipples. She gasps, her butt brushing against my cock and I bite back the groan that wants to escape.

Tonight, right now, is all about her. I want to get her off. I want her to watch as I get her off. And then when it’s over I want to turn around and make her come all over again.

And again.

And again.

“Open your eyes, baby,” I urge and she does. “Watch what I can do to you.”

I go to my knees and curl my fingers around the edge of her cotton shorts, pulling them down her long legs, until they fall to a heap at her ankles. She kicks them off and I sit back on my haunches to admire her pale blue panties that barely cover her ass. I can smell her, musky and sweet, and know for a fact without even touching her that she’s soaking wet. She’s always wet for me.

“Keep your eyes open,” I remind her as I touch her ass, skim my fingers along the lacy hem of her panties. She shudders beneath my touch, her skin so warm and smooth and I lean in, press my mouth to the very spot I was just touching. The agonized moan that comes from the back of her throat makes my dick surge against my fly. “You like that?” I murmur against her skin.

“Shep…” Her voice drifts. She sounds tortured.

I fucking love it.

“You’re still watching?” I glance up to catch her nodding, her eyes open and locked on the mirror. “Good. Don’t look away. Don’t close your eyes. Tell me what you see.”

“I see…me.”

I pull her panties off, past her hips, her ass, her thighs, over her knees, down her calves, until they’re off, and she’s completely naked in front of me. Pale and pretty and smooth and wet. “What do you look like? Describe yourself.”

She hesitates. I feel it in her body language, the way she stiffens the slightest bit. She doesn’t want to play this game. “You know what I look like,” she says self-consciously.

“I do. And I love what I see.” I press a kiss to the back of her thigh, to the very spot where that little constellation of freckles dusts her skin, and she jolts beneath my lips. “But tell me what you see.”

“Um, okay.” She takes a deep breath. “My hair is a mess.”

“It’s sexy,” I correct, dropping tiny kisses along her other thigh.

“My cheeks are flushed.”

“They’re always flushed when I’m touching you.” I kiss the very underside of her left ass cheek. “I think that means you like it,” I murmur against her skin.

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