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“I like it better when you’re closer,” she admits, reaching behind her so she can wrap her arms around my neck. The position gives me a great view of her tits, her perfect pink nipples and I stare down the length of her body, my eyes cataloging every freckle I can see.

Still haven’t had a chance to count them all yet. Need to make more of an effort, but it’s so damn difficult. Every time I get her naked the last thing I’m thinking about is counting her freckles…

“Nothing better than having you in my arms,” I murmur as my hands roam over her silky soft skin until I’m cupping her breasts, playing with her nipples. Damn, with her arms around me, her chest thrust out, my dick buried deep in her tight, wet warmth, I’m gonna blow. Soon. I thought this slow and easy stuff would be just that—slow and easy.

But that’s not happening. Without thought I increase my pace, tightening my hands on her breasts, making her whimper. She tosses her head back, resting it on my shoulder and I lean down, pressing my mouth to her cheek. “You close?” I ask.

She nods frantically, strands of red hair falling into my face. “Y-yes.”

I should’ve known. She gets close and her voice starts to shake. Her entire body trembles and there’s a little hitch in her breath I find impossibly sexy. That I’m the one who can make the snarky, feisty Jade Frost fall apart like this, makes me feel like a fucking God.

No girl has ever affected me like this.


“So what’s it like?”

I turn to glare at Gabe who’s watching me with a neutral smile on his face. I don’t like that smile. It looks suspicious. Reeks of suspicion actually. “What’s what like?”

Monday morning, nine a.m. and we’re at the diner for breakfast as usual. It’s packed. As the semester winds down, there are less people on campus and more people…everywhere else.

“Banging the same chick every night for over a week straight. Curious minds want to know.” Gabe shoves a piece of toast in his mouth and chews, his gaze never leaving mine.

After a few seconds of irritation at his shitty question, I realize the bastard is serious. He genuinely is curious. Because everyone knows Gabe hasn’t been with a girl beyond one day, let alone a week. Same with Tristan.

Fine, same with me. But I’m a changed man, damn it. Thanks to Jade.

Hmm, Jade. Thinking of her immediately has my dick twitching. The shape of her mouth and the way it stretches when she smiles. How the color of her lips is the same pale pink shade as her nipples. The taste of her nipples, the way she moans and writhes beneath me when I suck on them. How slick and wet she is every time I slip my fingers between her legs. Every time. Always wet, only for me. Drives me out of my fucking mind.

Just thinking about her like this, with my friends in the middle of a very busy restaurant, is driving me out of my mind. I need to stop.

So I do.

Tristan is unusually quiet this morning, shoveling food in his mouth, his head bent as if he’s staring at his plate. He’s not very talkative. None of us have been. Hell, I’d considered skipping our traditional breakfast meeting and I never do that.

When you have a warm, naked girl in your bed, you’re willing to skip just about anything to spend a few more minutes with her.

“It’s…good,” I finally answer somewhat lamely. It’s beyond good but I don’t want to sound like a starry-eyed kid. What exactly does Gabe want to know? If it’s dirty details, forget it. That’s between Jade and me. We have plenty of dirty details. Lots of them. But those are ours and no one else’s.

“Really? Good? That’s all you have to say?” Tristan lifts his head, his gaze zeroed in on mine. He looks tired. Skeptical. Irritated. I know this semester has been kicking his ass and he can’t wait for it to be over. We’ve all been ready to make our escape from this town these last few weeks, especially Tristan and I since we spent the entire last summer here.

But now? For me? There’s no rush. I want to savor every moment with Jade before school’s done and she leaves. I don’t know what’s going to happen after we leave. And I’m almost afraid to ask.

“Well, it’s definitely not bad,” I say irritably, pushing my plate away from me. My appetite is gone. I hate it when they corner me, question me, act like I’m crazy for wanting to spend time with Jade and not them. I think they’re just jealous.

“Tell me what it’s like though,” Gabe urges, his expression…sincere. “You aren’t bored yet?”

“Not even close,” I mutter, grabbing my cup of coffee and taking a big swig. It’s lukewarm at best and I put too much creamer in it so it tastes like absolute shit.

“She must know some real magic tricks in the sack then, huh? Let’s not forget she has that amazing mouth…” Gabe’s voice drifts and when I send him a dirty look, he immediately appears contrite. “Sorry dude. You know what I’m talking about.”

I know exactly what he’s talking about. Her mouth is the stuff of my every wicked dream. She knows how to use it too. But I don’t need to hear my best friend go on about Jade’s mouth like he wants to sample it.

The mere thought of him only looking at her lips makes me want to rip his eyes out of his head. I’ve turned into a possessive caveman when it comes to Jade and that makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

“Listen.” I lean forward and rest my elbows on the edge of the table, staring at the both of them like I mean business. Which I do. “Jade is…off limits. We don’t need to talk about her. Not like we do with other girls.”

“You mean the ones we hook up with?” Tristan asks, both eyebrows raised.

“Yeah. Those ones,” I say slowly, irritated that I even have to make this new rule. But hell, they don’t get it. Any other girl, I’d be talking about her, because I’d already be done with her. How good she was in bed—or how bad. What sort of kisser she was. Hell, sometimes we’d rate them, especially back in the early days when we were young and total shitheads.

If I had to rate Jade now, she wouldn’t even register on the scale, she’s that good. But no way am I going to say that out loud. They wouldn’t get it. Hell, I barely get it. Why exactly has she become so important? What is it about her that makes her so different from the other girls I’ve been with? It’s like the minute I kissed her, touched her, everything changed. I want no one else. Need no one else.

Just her.

Worse? I have no idea if she feels the same way. The uncertainty kills me and I don’t know how to deal with it. I’ve never had to deal with it and that’s my problem. She makes me straight up crazy. In both the worst and best possible ways.

“So you get serious about a chick and you’re suddenly no fun.” Gabe shakes his head, his disappointment palpable. “That sucks, bro.”

“Never thought I’d see this day happen,” Tristan adds as he balls up his napkin and tosses it on top of his empty plate. “I just lost my appetite.”

I decide not to remind him that he’d already eaten all his food. “What, are you in mourning now? Give me a break. You are both assholes.”

“This is college,” Tristan says, stressing the last word. “The land of opportunity. Not a time for you to get serious about some young chick. Dude, she’s a freshman, barely out of high school! The girl doesn’t know shit. She hasn’t even lived. What do you think will happen when you bring her home to mom and dad, huh? Your mom is gonna chew her up and spit her back out in seconds.”

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