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Ugh, why are you even thinking like this?

Deciding it’s best I say nothing, I remain quiet, disentangling my hand from his and resting them both in my lap. I avert my head, staring out the window, nervousness coursing through me the closer we get to his house. We’re going to do this again. And it’s going to be good. How can it not be? Though I’m dying to do it with Shep again I’m also…scared.

Scared I’ll enjoy it too much. Scared I’ll want him even more. Scared I’ll start to fall for him. Scared I’ll believe we could really have something. Scared he doesn’t feel the same way about me, about us, whatsoever.

I clutch my trembling fingers together and will myself to keep my shit together.

The moment he cuts the engine after pulling the car into the garage, he reaches for me, our bodies separated by the center console, his mouth fused with mine. He kisses me long and deep, his tongue searching, his hands in my hair, tugging and pulling. When he breaks the kiss first we’re both breathing hard, and he’s looking at me like I totally confuse him.

The feeling is mutual.

“I couldn’t wait any longer.” He touches my bottom lip with his thumb, drags it slowly back and forth and I release a shuddering breath. “I get near you and it’s like I lose all control.”

I feel the same exact way, but no way can I admit that.

“Let’s go inside,” he murmurs as he cups my cheek. His gaze is zeroed in on my mouth and I lick my lips, pleasure rippling through me when he closes his eyes and exhales loudly. “You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I whisper, making him growl.

Making me smile.

“I can’t move,” Shep murmurs, his deep velvety voice washing over me. I shiver at the sound, my skin hot and damp with sweat, my muscles loose and languid.

“Me either,” I whisper back, keeping my eyes closed. My heart is…still racing. Third orgasm of the night, best one yet if that’s even possible. I have to give credit where credit is due.

Shepard Prescott has a magical mouth. And the most perfect, long fingers ever created. Ohhh, his fingers. And his lips. His tongue. Holy crap, his tongue. I could write a poem praising his oral skills. Though that would probably be in bad taste.

We’re lying in the middle of his giant bed, facing each other. We’re both naked and warm and I’m still a little shaky, though I have no idea if he is or not. He’s watching me though. I can feel his eyes trail over my skin and for once, I don’t feel self-conscious. I flat out don’t care what he sees. I’m sure I look a wreck. But he’s the one who wrecked me so he may as well take a good long look at what he’s done.

“You are so pretty right after you come.” His fingers are in my hair, right along my hairline, smoothing it back from my face. I keep my eyes tightly closed, not wanting to open them, afraid it might ruin the moment. Worse, that I might ruin the moment. I don’t do well with praise. It always embarrasses me, and when that praise has to do with the way I look after he makes me come? Um, mortifying. “Your cheeks are always so pink. Your entire body is. You’re fucking glowing.”

There’s a reason I’m glowing. He’s lit me up from the inside. I’m completely wrung out. Just a heap of liquid limbs and warm skin, a pounding heart and tingling bits—and it’s all his fault.

“And the sounds you make,” he continues, his voice going deeper. He scoots closer, the mattress dips and I roll closer to him, like I have no control of my body. “They make me fucking insane, Jade.”

The sounds I make? I try my best to be quiet but he encourages me to say things. Whisper things. Moan and groan and whimper and cry out and…

Oh, God. I make a lot of sounds.

“Um, I think I have that sort of effect on guys, and not in a good way,” I joke, my eyes still closed, my voice but a mere whisper. I’m sort of fading. Three orgasms will do that to a girl, especially a girl who was given three orgasms the night before too. It’s some sort of record in my book. I go from zero to six within twenty four hours with a guy.

Shep is the overall gold medal winner in making me come.

“Mmm, in the absolute best way.” He tangles his legs with mine, wrapping one around the back of my thighs and drawing me closer so I have no choice but to run smack into him. I automatically slip my arms around his waist and press my cheek against his chest, concentrating on the sound of his thumping heart. He rests his chin on my head, his arms around me, hands on my butt.

This is good. Comforting. I feel…safe wrapped up in his arms, nestled close to his naked body and that’s stupid, right? I’m just putting it all out there and I’ll only get hurt in the end. That’s what scares me. He has power and I have none. Not that I’ve handed over any power to him, he came into this…thing between us holding all of it right off the bat.

I hate it.

“I’m made of boy repellent,” I tell him sleepily, wondering why I even opened my mouth. Yeah, convince him how much boys dislike you. Way to keep him interested. “They never want to get too close for fear I might take them out.”

“Take them out? I agree you’re pretty damn tough. And you know how to throw a hell of a slap, Frost.” I really like it when he calls me by my last name. Is that weird? It’s weird. “But deep down inside, you’re just a softie.”

Well, maybe I am with him…

“Besides, you haven’t met the right one yet,” he says, sounding completely logical. “You’re dealing with the wrong kind of guys. Hence the words boy repellent.”

I open my eyes and shift, and he moves away so I can lift my head to stare up at him. “Did you just say hence the words?”

“Yeah. I’m trying to prove to you that I’m a man, not a boy.” He kisses the tip of my nose, then my cheek. Oh, then my other cheek. Like he can’t stop. “By using fancy phrases and stuff.”

“You don’t need to prove to me you’re a man with your stellar vocabulary. I already…” I clamp my mouth shut. I can’t continue on with what I was going to say can I? No way.

His fingers are on my lips, as if he wants to pry them open and force me to speak. “Finish that thought.”

I shake my head.


“No,” I murmur against his fingers. Oh God, I can smell myself on them. These are the very fingers that were just inside my body, bringing me to a magical orgasm along with that very magical mouth and tongue and…yes, his teeth. Who knew teeth could be so sexy? Clearly I haven’t been living a full life, I swear to God.

“Yes.” He cradles my jaw and leans in, his mouth on mine once more in a brief kiss. “Tell me how you already know I’m a man.”

“That wasn’t what I was going to say,” I deny and he smiles against my lips. That wonderful, wide, he doesn’t give a crap about anything smile Shep is so good at giving.

“Stop lying.” He kisses me again, his tongue tangling with mine lazily. I can taste myself on him too and just like last night, arousal courses through me, heady and strong. His cock rises between us, ready to rejoin the action and a moan falls from my lips. I’m tired, my limbs feel heavy but if he rolled me over right now, it would be so easy for him to slip inside me…

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