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“Positive,” Gabe says firmly. “Now go.”

I check my phone to see I have a message from Jade.

But that’s so late. Maybe we should do something tomorrow…

“Thanks G,” I tell him sincerely, reaching out so I can pat him on the shoulder. “I definitely owe you for this.”

“Then I’ll definitely come collect.” He grins. “Go have fun getting naked with your girl, you lucky bastard.”

I tap out another text before I exit the house.

Change of plans. Can you be ready in ten minutes?

I pop out through the double doors of my dorm hall as soon as I see Shep’s car pull up in front of the building, running down the steps in my furry slippers Mom gave me for Christmas. It’s almost eleven o’clock on a Saturday night but no one is really around and I’m glad. Last thing I want to do is draw attention to myself, especially in this get up.

Jogging toward his car, I open the passenger door and slide inside, slamming the door behind me. I drop my cell phone in the cup holder in the center console and glance up to find Shep staring at me with a look on his face that can only be described as unabashed hunger.

“Did you just run all the way to my car while not wearing a bra?” he asks, his voice hoarse.

I start to laugh. Boys. They’re such pigs sometimes. “Yeah, I did. Do you have a problem with that?”

He reaches for me, his hands going directly to my boobs, kneading them, brushing his thumbs across my hard nipples and making me whimper. “Not at all. Keep up the good work, Frost. If I had my way, I’d make sure you never wore a damn bra.”

I shove his hands away and point at the steering wheel. “Drive.”

“So demanding,” he mutters, flashing me a knowing grin before he throws the car into drive and pulls away from the curb.

I settle back in my seat, trying to calm my accelerated breaths, resting a hand over my chest. I’m sitting in this luxurious car that reeks of Shep in the best possible way, wearing the clothes I normally wear to bed. Not only am I braless, I’m panty-less too and I’m sure Shep will appreciate it when he makes that little discovery.

“So you got off, uh, work early?” I ask, trying to make conversation, anything to fill the tense silence in the car. Not that we’re uncomfortable with each other, no way. But there’s this awareness between us that’s like a low hum, and it pulses through me, comes alive in my blood, vibrates just under my skin. It makes me itchy and anxious, like I want to lunge across the center console and grab him. I can’t do that though. I could cause a freaking car accident and kill us both. All for what? Because I can’t resist his kissable lips? His gorgeous face? His oh-fuck-me-I-need-more-of-it-now body?

Yeah I need to get myself under control.

So talking. Making conversation is good. Keeps me focused, and him too. That way we don’t make a grab for each other and put our lives at risk.

“Yep. Got off so I can assist in getting you off,” he says with a leer.

I laugh. I can’t help it. He says the cheesiest things sometimes. “Who says I want to get off?” Ha, all I can think about is getting off. Specifically, Shep getting me off.

He sends me a look. “You come into my car looking like that? Wearing hardly any clothing? Trust me, before the night is over, you’ll be getting off. Most likely more than once.”

A thrill runs through me, settling like a pulse between my legs. “Sounds promising.”

“Oh, it is. I can guarantee that.” He resumes his attention on the road, his fingers curled tight around the steering wheel. “Gabe was there tonight. He said I could go, that he would cover me.”

“Oh. That’s nice of him,” I offer, my voice soft. I chance a glance at him, checking out his outfit. He’s wearing black shorts that hit him at the knee and a pale blue button down. Preppy looking, without being too over the top. I can only assume he dresses up a little for the job? I guess they take that place pretty seriously, which is insane because what he’s doing is illegal and truly, I shouldn’t be involved with someone like that.

But here I am, sitting in his car. Gladly. Knowing he’s going to take me back to his place and get me naked in minutes.

I can’t freaking wait. I’m so excited I’m practically bouncing in my seat.

“Gabe’s a good guy. One of my best friends,” he says.

“You’ve known him a long time? Or only since you came here?”

“Since high school. We went to the same prep school. Miss Derringers School for Wayward Boys.” He starts to laugh and shakes his head. “It really wasn’t called that but it should’ve been. We were both troublemakers.”

“I’m not surprised,” I say dryly. I’m sure he was the epitome of trouble when he was younger. Sometimes he still is. He has a devilish streak inside of him that I can’t help but find appealing.

“Enough about me and Gabe.” Shep reaches out and settles his hand on my thigh, sliding his fingers between my legs. His touch is like a brand, hot and possessive. “I’ve missed you.”

I can hardly believe he’s saying such a thing. He’s really missed me? “You saw me this morning.” When he drove me back to my dorm room at the crack of dawn, giving me such a warm, wet, spine tingling kiss I’d hardly been able to walk up the steps of my dorm hall, my knees were so weak.

“That was hours ago.” He gives my thigh a squeeze and I feel it everywhere. “How was work?”

He would’ve made me stay with him all day, but I had to go in to Light my Fire at noon. I had a five hour shift and normally they go by fast, especially on Saturdays. The weather was perfect, which usually means a beautiful day draws in a lot of downtown shoppers and tourists eager to explore the little shops.

But all I did was mope around and think about Shep. Mull over what happened between us the night before. Daydreamer extraordinaire, that was me, to the point that my boss Enid called me back into her office and asked what the hell was wrong with me—direct quote.

How could I tell her that I was sick? She’d think I was crazy if I told her I had Shep flu. Though really it was a Shep hangover but that doesn’t make any sense either…

“Work was fine,” I say, not really wanting to talk about work at all. I have a shift tomorrow too. I usually work all weekend, every weekend but now I’m thinking that’s too restrictive. I won’t see Shep as much. Though am I really making future plans with Shep in my head? I must be losing it. Clearly. I need to remember to take whatever it is we’re doing here one day at a time.

That’s about all he can give me, I know.

“Thinking of me the entire time?” He scoops up my hand in his and brings it to his mouth, dropping a warm, lingering kiss on my knuckles. I swear I feel the touch of his lips in the deepest, most secret part of me.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” I tell him, my breath lodging in my throat when he sends me a smoldering look. One that says he’s mentally undressing me.

“I’m just stating a fact. At least, for me it’s a fact.” He kisses the back of my hand, his gaze going back to the road. “You’re all I’ve thought about since I dropped you off this morning.”

I shouldn’t like his admission so much. More like I shouldn’t read so much into it. This isn’t the first time he’s said this sort of thing to me though. I’m starting to think maybe Shep and I could date and see each other like two normal people, versus just having the occasional hookup.

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