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He rolls his eyes. “Practically down the damn road. We’ll be staying in Santa Barbara for the summer. My parents rented a house there.”

“Nice.” The Walkers never do anything half assed. If they’re going to summer in Santa Barbara, they’ll do it in style. “Big mansion right on the beach?”

“Probably. I don’t know. I assume it’ll be some obnoxious house with fifty rooms and twice as many servants.” He hangs his head, talking down to his shoes. “I’m sure I’ll find some rich bitch to fuck for the summer. What else is new, right?”

Damn, he’s sort of bringing me down. I remember last summer when he spent it with his family in the Hamptons. That’s exactly what he did—found some lonely housewife whose husband only came to visit for the weekends. Gabe regaled us with stories about fucking the chick every which way he could get her throughout the summer. Blonde and stacked, in her thirties and lonely as hell, he claimed he’d had a great time.

I don’t know though. It sounded sort of…sad. Not that I ever said that to him.

“Why do you go?”

Gabe lifts his head. “I don’t have much choice. They force me. Claim that we’re one big happy family and we need to spend as much time together as possible before I go off and get married.” He makes a face. “My mother already has a few girls lined up that she thinks are perfect candidates. Like they’re running for political office or something.”

They are. Anyone who marries Gabe will need to have the most pristine reputation ever. He’ll probably need to find a virgin to meet his parents’ approval, like that’ll be easy.

“That’s why you’re lucky,” Gabe continues, his tone wistful. “You like a girl, you go after her until she’s yours. Now you’re going out with Jade and you don’t have your family breathing down your neck, asking what her bloodline is, who she’s related to, if she’s up to their standards. This is why I fuck around, dude. I will never measure up. The girl I might fall in love with someday? Swear to God, I’ll pick out a chick I know they’ll hate just to piss them off.”

“My parents are just as big of snobs as yours are,” I reassure him, and it’s the truth. Mom won’t be truly happy unless I’m dating a girl with a perfect pedigree. If Mom doesn’t come from old money, then by God I should find someone who does so at least she’ll become related to old money.

My family sucks balls.

“Seriously. It’s bullshit. You ever think of running away? To like, the Virgin Islands or some such shit? Or maybe New Zealand? Yeah, New Zealand works, because that’s about as far as I can get from my parents. They’d never come see me out there,” Gabe says, staring off into the distance. “I came into my trust fund. I have my own money. They can’t control that.”

But they control every other part of his life. I think my parents are bad—and they are, there’s no denying it—Gabe’s are ten times worse.

My phone buzzes and I check it, a smile curling my lips when I see who it’s from.

Hi. :)

I shake my head, typing my reply.

That’s all you got for me? No hey big stud? No can I come over later and fuck your brains out?

No response for a while. Makes me wonder if I made her mad. Though how can she be mad with me? I’m the one who made her come three times last night.

“Are you sexting your girl?” Gabe asks.

“Of course not,” I scoff, though I’d like to.

You really want me to call you big stud?

Hell yeah. Don’t you wanna stroke my ego?

Isn’t your ego big enough?

Then maybe you want to stroke my cock instead?

Again, there’s no reply for a few minutes. I think I push her too hard. Hell, I know I push her too hard. It’s like I can’t help myself with her. I love getting a reaction. And she’s always good for a reaction…

“I’m gonna grab another beer,” Gabe says, pulling my attention from my still unanswered text. “You want something?”

“Nah.” I’m loopy enough as it is. Drunk off Jade. Tired from last night. The minute I’m off duty I should go crash out in bed and catch up on sleep.

But sleep is for the dead. I’d rather try to get Jade to come to my place later.

Gabe takes off and I check my phone, pleased when a text appears at that very particular moment.

Didn’t your cock get enough stroking last night?

I smile. Glance around, make sure no one’s paying any attention to me. Hell, my cock is twitching right now just reading her response.

There’s no such thing as enough cock stroking where you’re concerned. What are you doing?

I’m in bed.

My cock doesn’t just twitch. It happily rises to the occasion.

What are you wearing?

Shorts I got for free at VS and a tank top.


Victoria’s Secret. They say PINK across my butt.

I think I’m breaking out into a sweat.

What color?

God, you’re a perv.

Tell me.

Pink shorts, white tank. No bra. Thin material. As in you could probably see my nipples if you look close enough.

I’m definitely sweating. Her next text makes me laugh.

I can’t believe I just said that.

I love that you just said that. Let me pick you up when I’m done.

Won’t that be too late?

It’s never too late for us to get together, right?

She’s contemplating my suggestion. I can tell. I glance around the room again, notice that absolutely nothing is happening at this very moment and I wish like hell I could just walk out of this place. Despite Gabe being here too, it’s definitely my night for duty so I need to stay. Fucking sucks but I’m here and not about to shirk my responsibilities.

Damn, just thinking that sentence, I know would make my father proud. Well, as proud as he can be with me running an illegal gambling house. He’d shit his pants if he knew. He’d never believe my explanation that it’s a practice run for me to take over the family business later.

But I’m already in bed.

All thoughts of my father evaporate as I imagine Jade in bed. All cozy and warm, her hair a mess and all that soft, smooth skin exposed.

You don’t have to change on my account. I’ll text you before I come over.

What time do you think?

Around one? Is that okay?

Please say it’s okay. God, please say you don’t mind.

Gabe approaches, a beer bottle dangling from his fingers, irritated look on his too pretty face. The guy needs to be punched square in the nose to mess up all that beauty he has going on. He is way too good looking for his own good. “You should get the hell out of here. There’s no point in the both of us staying.”

My jaw drops open. Golden opportunity has just landed in my lap. “No way dude. It’s my night.”

“I have zero plans and from the way you’ve been tapping on your phone, I’d guess you have an eager girl dying to see you.” My friend isn’t too far off the mark, though it’s more like I’m the eager one dying to see her. “Just go. I owe you. How many times have you bailed me out before?”

Too many to mention, but I don’t keep track of all that shit. “Are you sure?”

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