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And here he is with me. Silly freshman, nobody special, little old me. I can barely wrap my head around it.

“Beautiful,” he murmurs as he dips his head and kisses my nipple. I inhale on a moan, closing my eyes when he envelops my nipple into his mouth and begins to suck. I touch the back of his head, thread my fingers through his hair, holding him to me, my core tightening with every pull of his mouth. His erection is heavy, pressing against my thigh, and I spread my legs wider, needing him pushing against me, creating that delicious friction once again.

He doesn’t comply. The man has a mind of his own and I have to admit, I like it. I reach for the waistband of his boxer briefs but he shoves my hand away. I moan with frustration, startled when he moves up, his mouth at my ear, his hands wrapped around both of my wrists. How he grabbed me so quickly I don’t know.

“You get me naked and I won’t have any choice but to fuck you,” he murmurs close to my ear, his hot breath and warm lips making me shiver. Oh, and his words. I really love how he tosses out the word fuck so casually. “My boxers are the only barrier that’s keeping me from diving straight into that hot, tight pussy of yours.”

I want to fan myself. His words make me hot. The way he’s holding me down makes me hot too. My arms are bent, my hands curling into fists on either side of my head, his fingers wrapped firmly around my wrists. “I want you to…” My voice drifts and he smiles, dipping his head so his mouth hovers right above mine.

“You want me to what? Fuck you?” He drops the lightest kiss on my lips at the same time he thrusts his hips against mine. “I’m trying to be a gentleman.”

“I don’t want a gentleman,” I confess, my voice low, my body weak from the way he’s looking at me. Like he wants to gobble me up.

He lifts his brows, looking surprised by what I said. “You don’t?”

I shake my head, sucking in a sharp breath when he presses his mouth against my neck, his hips working mine. Oh God, I can feel him. Thrusting against me, rubbing the tip against my clit, like he knows exactly where it is. Every other guy I’ve been with needed a roadmap to find the damn thing and even then there were no guarantees. Not that I pointed it out or anything. More like I suffered through the too rough fingers, the sloppy kisses, the really bad fucking.

I have a feeling Shep is going to be nothing but really good at fucking.

“You’re a constant surprise,” he murmurs with a smile, just before he kisses me. “Tell me what you want,” he whispers against my lips.

“I want…” I want all sorts of things. I love it when he kisses me. When he touches me. He releases one of my wrists, his hand going to my waist and drifting downward, until it settles between my legs, his fingers working my flesh. I’m so wet I can actually hear it as he searches my folds and I’m sort of mortified.

But I’m also so turned on I don’t care.

“Tell me, Jade.” He slips a finger inside me just as he thrusts his tongue in my mouth. It’s sensory overload. He surrounds me, he’s inside of me and I can hardly think straight. “Tell me what you want.”

“You,” I choke out when he presses my clit with his thumb. “I want you inside me.”

He’s gone in a whirlwind of movement and I blink my eyes open to find him standing at the side of the bed, yanking open the drawer of the bedside table and pulling out a condom. He shucks his underwear and my eyes go wide at the sight before me. Yes, I’ve had his cock in my mouth but seeing it again like this, hard and flushed and looking rather determined—can a penis look determined? I think it can—the ache between my legs only intensifies. I’m dying to feel him slide inside me for the first time.

“You gotta stop looking at me like that,” Shep murmurs.

I glance up at his words, our gazes meeting, his dark and completely unreadable. “Like what?”

“Like you want to swallow me whole. I’m not going to last if you keep that up.” He tears open the wrapper and rolls the condom on that monster cock of his—and when I call it a monster, that’s a good thing, trust me.

I’m so excited my body is tingling with anticipation. A sigh escapes when he rejoins me on the bed, his big body on top of mine, hands braced on either side of my head, his erection probing my sex. He reaches for me, readjusting my position so we’re more face to face, his arm around my waist, holding me to him.

“Put your arms around me,” he whispers and I do as he asks, my arms going for his neck just as he starts to enter me. It’s a tease though. He removes his arm from my waist and grabs the base of his erection, brushing the head through my folds, against my clit, making me close my eyes and moan in agony. Or ecstasy.

Take your pick.

All I know is, he’s driving me insane. I lift my hips, trying to get him to slide inside me, and he chuckles. Yes, he actually chuckles as he continues to torture me, a groan replacing his soft laughter when I tip my hips up further, desperate to make the contact I want.

“You want it?” he asks, sounding like a smug, confident jackass.

A very sexy, smug, confident jackass.

I nod, my hair brushing against the pillow, falling into my face. “Yes.”

“Beg for it,” he whispers, going still. “I wanna hear you say please.”

God, he’s awful. He’s also starting to pull away and we can’t have that. I’m stuck and he knows it. “Please,” I murmur, my gaze fixing on his. I reach for him, my fingers curling around his forearm as I try to guide him in. “I need you inside me.”

The little smile curling his lips is both wonderful and terrible, all at once. As if he knows how much he’s driving me out of my mind. “Say the dirty words, Jade. I want to hear them.”

He’s pushing me past my comfort zone. I stare into his eyes, my chest rising and falling so rapidly my breasts brush against his chest. I can feel him, thick and long and ready to push inside me but also waiting for my words. Words that are so difficult to say.

“Please,” I whisper, my voice strangled and high pitched. “Please fuck me.”

The moment I say it, he pushes inside, just the head, pausing as he stares down at the spot where we’re almost joined. “Is that all you got?” He sounds strained, like he’s as tortured as I am and I close my eyes, my hips wiggling as if I have no control over my body.

“Fuck me with your cock,” I say in the barest of whispers, “Oh God, I need it. Please.”

He rewards me with the very thing I asked for, his cock sliding deep inside my body, filling me completely. I go still beneath him, holding my breath, and all I can hear is the roaring of my heart. He doesn’t move for a long moment and his cock pulses deep inside me, making me moan. Making him moan.

And then he starts to move, withdrawing almost completely before pushing back inside, establishing this amazing rhythm that has me clinging to him, my arms wrapped tight around his neck, my face buried in his chest.

“Put your legs around me,” he demands and I do so, the both of us moaning when the new position sends him even deeper. “Fuck, Jade. You feel so fucking good.”

His words send a current of electricity through me, settling in my sex. I might come again. As wild and outrageous as the idea sounds, I’m so worked up, I think it’s possible. My clit is tingling in that way it does when I get close and oh God, he’s actually touching my clit with his fingers at this very moment. Pressing against it, his thrusts increasing, his mouth seeking mine. The kiss is sloppy, our tongues tangling, and we swallow each other’s groans as he increases his rhythm.

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