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He’s waiting for me to say something and I don’t know how to answer. I don’t know what to do. Tell him the truth? Yeah, I’m sure that’ll excite him.

Oh hey, Shep. Did I happen to mention I have a hard time um…finding release? Yeah, it’s most likely a waste of your time to focus all of our energy—there. You could go downtown on me all you want, but you’ll probably just end up spraining your tongue. And it’ll be all for naught! So go ahead and skip that part. There’s really no point.

“Uh,” I start and he sends me a look. A look that makes me snap my mouth shut and wait in breathless anticipation as he slowly starts to tug my panties down, exposing me. He pauses, my panties halfway down my thighs, his face mere inches from my lady bits and then he presses a light kiss on my thigh, a mere brush of his lips against my extra sensitive skin. Yet a jolt runs through me at first contact, settling in my core, and I close my eyes on a whimper.

Hmm. Maybe he can make me come with that magical mouth of his…

“Let’s take these off,” I murmur, keeping my eye on Jade’s face as I slowly remove her panties. That little sound she made in the back of her throat when I kissed her thigh was hot. I want to hear that sound again.


She looks a little dazed at the prospect of me stripping her naked and I like that, too. I like it a lot. I want her dazed. I want her open and willing and receptive and eventually, I want her falling apart in my arms—or against my mouth. Around my fingers. However I can get her, I want her. I’m determined to make her come. Give her the orgasm she deserves. I still think about that blowjob she gave me and I need to return the favor.

I slip the delicate black lace down her long, pale legs, run my fingers along her silky smooth skin, until the little scrap of fabric is dangling off her feet and she’s kicking them onto the floor. She inhales sharply when I place my hands on the inside of her slender thighs and I can feel her tremble beneath my palms.

Fuck. My hands are shaking too. I’ve waited for this moment for what feels like an eternity and now that I finally have her where I want her, I’m nervous. And I’m never nervous. Girls are just girls. You fuck one, you’ve fucked them all. Some are a little more up for adventure, some are better cock suckers—crude but true—and some are screamers. But really? They’re all pretty much the same.

At least, they have been for me.

Until Jade.

Trying to get my mental shit together, I spread her legs wider, revealing her to my gaze. And it is a damn pretty pussy. She’s a natural redhead, though that’s no surprise and she’s the first natural redhead I’ve ever been with, which is actually a total surprise. I don’t usually discriminate. Blondes, brunettes—I even fingered a chick with pink hair once—but I guess I’ve never been with a redhead.


I run my fingers down the inside of her thighs, my gaze never leaving the spot between her legs. I can smell her. She’s turned the fuck on and I am too, so what am I waiting for? Slipping my hands under her, I grip that plump ass of hers in both of my hands and lift her up, kissing first one hipbone, then the other. Teasing her. Wanting to drive her insane because holy fuck, she’s been driving me crazy since the very first moment I met her. I set eyes on her in that mirror, heard that smart mouth running a mile a minute as she sat behind me and I was hooked.

If anything, I’m more hooked now. Addicted. Desperate to have her. Desperate to make her mine.

Make her yours? Are you fucking nuts? What, have you gone caveman now?

I shove the nagging voice in my head—it sounds suspiciously like Tristan—to the farthest corner of my brain.

Shifting a little, I readjust her position, ready to lower my mouth to all that pink, wet goodness when she pipes up, her voice more breath than sound.

“I should warn you.”

Our gazes meet, hers apprehensive. “Warn me about what?”

“I um, I don’t normally uh…” She closes her eyes and swallows. “You know.”

I frown but she’s not looking at me. She’s too wrapped up in her own head. “No, I don’t know. Explain it to me.”

Her eyes pop open. “I don’t usually have an…orgasm.” She makes a little face. “It’s um, difficult for me.”

Huh. Seriously? Does she know what sort of challenge she just dropped? And I’m always up for a challenge, especially a sexual one. “No guy has been able to give you an orgasm?”

She nods, her teeth sinking into her lower lip. That lower lip I fucking adore.

“Can you give yourself one?”

Her cheeks go red but she nods. Just barely. The idea of Jade touching herself, making herself come with her fingers, maybe with a vibrator, is a great one. Something I’d like to see someday, but I have other, more important matters to tackle first.

Like Jade. And her supposed orgasm issue.

“So tell me.” I bend my head, nuzzling the soft skin of her lower belly. “What do you like?”

“Huh?” She sounds confused.

“Do you like it when a guy goes down on you? Fingers you? Or is straight sex more your speed?” Me? I enjoy going down on women. Some assholes are selfish and only want a blowjob while giving nothing in return, but I’m a firm believer in reciprocation.

She throws an arm across her eyes. “This is the most embarrassing conversation ever.”

“Tell me Jade. If I’m going to make you come, I need to know what you like.” I kiss her hip again, letting my lips linger. I’m eager to put my mouth on her. Lick her into oblivion. I’m positive I can make her come in a matter of minutes.


She removes her arm and stares down at me. “You won’t be able to make me come. I can almost guarantee it.”

Challenge officially thrown down. “Watch me,” I murmur as I dip my head and drop a chaste kiss right above her pubic hair.

Christ, she just made that whimpering sound again and that’s it. I remove my hands from her ass and push her legs open wider, my fingers biting into her thighs as I lick the length of her slit. She gasps, I feel her quiver beneath my tongue and I do it again, covering every inch of her. I circle her clit, going round and round, sucking it deep in my mouth before I resume teasing her folds with my tongue.

Yet another one of those choked, sexy sounds falls from her lips and I lift my gaze to watch her, never slowing my efforts. She’s thrown back her head, her eyes closed, forehead furrowed in concentration, lips parted as she alternately breathes and moans. Her hips lift in natural rhythm, as if seeking my lips and I gather her closer, my hands on her ass once again, holding her to my mouth as I devour her.

Because I am. Devouring her. She tastes fucking amazing, she’s so wet and warm. I fucking ache to slip my cock inside her. If I don’t watch it, I swear I could come in my jeans and I haven’t done something like that since I was a kid. I’m not one to actually get off on going down, but hell.

This is Jade we’re talking about.

I watch her, fascinated with her response, curious if she’s close. She appears close. She’s giving off all the right signals. Her features are strained, her legs and arms tensed…

Wait a minute.

I lift my head and she cracks open her eyes, a frown marring her beautiful, flushed face. “Relax, baby,” I tell her, making her frown harder.

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