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People who do that sort of thing make me insane. I grip his T-shirt harder, tighter. “Tell me.”

He shakes his head, his thumbs streaking across my cheeks. “You’ll get mad.”

I can only imagine what he’s about to say. “Shep…”

His smile fades. “You never say my name enough.”

“Tell me what you dream about and I’ll say it so much you’ll want me to shut up.”

He laughs. God, I love his laugh. “You have to promise you won’t get mad.”

“I won’t get mad,” I immediately say.

“Promise.” He gives my face a gentle shake. “And say my name again.”

“I promise. Shep,” I whisper, tingles sweeping over my skin when he studies my mouth intently before returning his gaze to mine.

He exhales loudly and presses his lips together. “You’re going to hate this.”

“I probably won’t.” I’m sure I will, but I must know. I have to know what I do to him in his dreams.

“Oh, you probably will.” Another exhale before he tilts my head up as he leans his down. Our mouths are so close I can feel his warm breath waft across my face and I want more. It doesn’t matter that he’s about to say something incredibly offensive. More like it’ll just turn me on, I’m sure. Maybe there’s something to what Kelli said, about being hornier when you’re on your period. I’m starting to firmly believe it. I’m on fire for Shep and I’ve never felt this way about a guy ever. “I’ve dreamed of you on your knees in front of me.”

My lips part on the softest gasp at his words and I swear his eyes go even darker. “Go on,” I whisper.

Shep doesn’t even hesitate. “And you’re giving me the most unforgettable blowjob of my life.” He closes his eyes and swallows hard. “And I warn you to stop, that I’m going to come in your mouth but you don’t stop.”

I can see it. Oh God, I can actually see this happening and I have never been a fan of giving blowjobs. But with Shep…I think I’d get off on him getting off.

My cheeks warm at the mere thought.

“Wh-what happens next?” I clear my throat, my eyes fluttering closed when he touches his mouth to mine in the barest kiss.

“You keep going,” he murmurs against my lips. “And I can’t stop watching you. Your hair is…everywhere. And your face is flushed and those pretty eyes of yours are wide as you stare up at me.” He releases his hold on my cheeks and nuzzles my face with his, his mouth at my ear when he whispers, “You lick the tip of my cock with your tongue, then wrap those fucking sexy lips around just the head and that’s it. I’m coming. And you don’t move, you don’t pull away. You just take it, swallow every bit of me and then…” His words trail off and all I can hear is his accelerated breathing and mine. I want more. I need to hear what happens next.

“And then what?” My voice is hoarse and shaky. I’m trembling. He’s so warm and solid and I cling to him, my hands falling to the waistband of his shorts, my fingers slipping just beneath to feel hard, hot skin.

“And then I wake up.”

I should’ve never told Jade about the blowjob dream. One of the best dreams in recent memory, to be sure, but now she might think I’m not so subtly asking for one and I’m not.

Not yet, in any case. Though it’ll happen, mark my words. It’ll happen and I’ll probably fucking blow my wad at first touch of those magical Jade lips on the tip of my dick after all the dreams and fantasies I’ve had about them, but it’ll be worth it.

So fucking worth it.

She’s trembling. I can feel her shaky fingers as they dip beneath the waistband of my shorts and just her hands touching me so innocently have me sucking in a deep breath as I mentally tell my dick to calm down. I can’t begin to express just how disappointed I am we can’t take this any further tonight.

Wasn’t I the one who said there’s something to be said for anticipation? That night when I refused to kiss her because she was drunk? I was trying to be noble. Respectful. Two words no one would use to describe me.

I’m a total asshole for even uttering the word anticipation, for believing it’s a good thing. Anticipation fucking sucks.

“Come here.” I don’t give her a chance to answer or do anything. I take over, grabbing her ass and hauling her into me, her body flush with mine. She tips her head back, our gazes meet and I stare at her, fascinated with her pretty face. I notice something different every time I look at her and this moment is no exception. “Your eyelashes are red, like your hair,” I tell her, like she doesn’t know.

She tears her gaze away from mine. “Usually I have mascara on to darken them.”

“But you’re not wearing any makeup.” I touch the side of her face, the tip of her nose. Her skin is pale, the freckles like little flecks of cinnamon across her flesh and I drag my thumb across her plump bottom lip, liking how it catches right in the center.

“Half the reason why I was so mortified to run into you. No makeup. Sloppy hair,” she admits. “I’m wearing my oldest, most favorite T-shirt and ratty leggings. I’m a mess.”

“I noticed the holes.” I touch the one at the neckline of her shirt, then decide the hell with it and touch the one that’s just beneath her boob, my finger brushing against her ample chest. I am fucking dying to get a look at her tits naked. Does this make me an asshole? Probably, but I don’t care. Not at the moment. “You’re not a mess, Jade. I like you like this. You look…real.”

“Opposed to me looking fake all the other times we’ve seen each other?”

Ah, there’s my sarcastic girl. That smart mouth of hers is such a fucking turn on. There’s gotta be something wrong with me, that I like it so much. “I didn’t say that. Honestly? Seeing you like this makes my imagination run wild.”

Her brows draw together. How did I never notice they’re red too? Well, more like a deep auburn color. Very dark and perfectly arched. “How?”

I think I’m trying to seduce her with words. Not like I planned this but since we’re not going to do anything tonight, I should at least talk about it, right? What I want to do to her. With her. What I want her to do to me. With me. How I want to see her naked and flushed and moaning my name all while I’m buried deep inside her. I want to know what she looks like when she comes.

Yeah. More than anything, that’s what I’m dying to see.

“I imagine this is what you’d look like in my bed after you spent the night.” I push away the little tendrils of hair that curl around her cheeks. “No makeup, no pretense. Just you.”

Her lips part and she blinks up at me. “Kiss me. Before you say something awful and ruin it,” she whispers, her eyes falling shut when I lean in and do exactly as she asks. Her arms move so they’re wrapped around my neck and I grip her ass harder, pulling her in as close as I can get. I take the kiss deep in an instant, thrusting my tongue against hers, swallowing the moan that escapes her.

Christ, she tastes good. Sweet and seductive. She scoots closer to me, her legs clamping tight along my hips and I keep one hand on her ass, with the other I reach up and touch her cheek, tilt her face to the side to deepen the kiss further. She whimpers and I draw her lower lip between mine and suck—I know she likes it when I do that.

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