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“Yeah, I suppose you’re right. We should stay here in your giant apartment versus the box I live in.” With his big hands still gripping my ass, he spreads my legs wider, his fingers sinking into my wet pussy, and I inhale sharply, loving the way he knows just how to touch me. “You got enough space in that fancy closet of yours so my clothes can fit?” he murmurs into my neck.

“No way are you getting anywhere near my closet.” I start to laugh, but it instantly turns into a moan when he starts to stroke me between my legs in earnest.

“Baby, you are always so wet for me.” He moves down my body, his hot mouth burning a path along my skin until he’s nestled between my thighs, licking and sucking me into oblivion. “Damn, you taste good,” he murmurs against my flesh.

I clutch at his hair, overwhelmed by the way this man makes me feel. How did I get so lucky? And it’s not only about the sex, though he certainly knows how to keep me satisfied.

“Max,” I whisper, thrusting my hips against his face. He looks up at me, his gaze intense, his tongue circling my clit as he sinks a finger inside me, and that’s all it takes. I’m shuddering, the orgasm slipping over me with ease as I cry out. I’ve never had more orgasms in my life as I do with him.

And I’ve never felt so loved, so cherished. And it’s all because of Max.

It’s the way he believes in me. Encourages me. Supports me when I need it and steps back when my freedom is necessary. His instincts are always spot on and I trust him. He still wants me to be a partner in his business and though I agree, it’s a huge step and one I’m not quite ready for.

Which he’s fine with. He doesn’t push. I appreciate that more than he’ll ever know.

He gets along with my sisters and Ryder and Caden. I’ve met his parents and I really like his mom and dad, though his big brother, Sam, is just as grumpy as Max warned me he would be. He’s a police detective in New Jersey, a giant bear of a man with a constant scowl on his face, though he’s almost as handsome as Max.

Almost. No one’s as gorgeous as Max, at least in my eyes.

“You are loud when you come, princess,” he teases as he rises above me, his boxer briefs somehow disappearing.

“I like the way you use your tongue, cowboy,” I tease back, sighing with pleasure when he kisses me deep, his tongue thrusting against mine.

“Speaking of cowboy, I think my girl needs to ride me,” he murmurs, and then he’s flipping me over so I’m straddling his hips, lifting up so I can take his big cock deep inside my body. “Ah, that’s it, baby. Start rocking.”

I do as he tells me, sliding up and down his cock slowly, rocking into him. I lift my arms and close my eyes, my body swaying as I gather up my hair and pile it on top of my head. I know he likes it when I do this. Putting on a show, thrusting out my chest, my breasts swaying with my movements.

“Pretty view,” he encourages as he runs his hands along my waist, over my stomach, then back up to cup my breasts. I drop my arms and open my eyes, smiling down at him, and then he’s shifting his position so he’s sitting up, his mouth on my nipples as he tongues and sucks first one, then the other.

A shuddery sigh escapes me and I cradle his head in my hands, breathless when he looks up at me with his beautiful blue eyes so full of affection and lust and love. All for me. I still can’t believe this man is mine. All mine. “Feels so good,” he murmurs. “I love the way you ride my cock.”

My pussy clenches around his length and his lids fall to half-mast, as he lets out a low groan. I grind against him, sending him so deep I swear he’s touching my very soul.

“Love you, baby girl,” he whispers, knowing exactly what his words do to me. He can feel the reaction my body has to his tender endearments. “You gonna come again already?”

I nod, my messy hair falling all around my shoulders. His cock rubs against my inner walls, creating a delicious friction that takes me right over the edge, and he grabs hold of my hair, pulling tight so it stings as he thrusts his face in mine.

“Tell me you love me,” he demands.

“Oh, I do. I love you. So much, Max.”

He grips my hip with his other hand, increasing his pace, fucking me hard. He’s still pulling my hair, his mouth on mine, his tongue thrusting, his cock thrusting, and then I’m coming, milking his cock, his come spurting deep inside me, marking me.

Making me his.

Minutes later I’m in his arms, snug against his side, my head on his firm chest. I can feel his heartbeat, steady and strong, and I trace my fingers over his pecs, unable to stop touching him.

“Maybe we need to start slowing down or something,” he murmurs, his fingers in my hair. “All this sex we keep having might kill us.”

I lift my head to glare at him. “No way are we slowing down. This is my favorite part of the day.”

He chuckles and squeezes my shoulders. “Have I told you that I love you today?”

Only about twenty times, give or take. “Yes, but tell me again.”

His expression goes serious and he cups my nape. “I love you. I’m the luckiest man in the world to have you in my life.”

“I love you, too,” I say, my voice soft, my emotions all over the place.

He stares at me. “Would you give up your closet for me?”

I go completely still. “Are you serious?”

His expression doesn’t change and I shove at him, seeing the teasing glimmer in his gaze. “You don’t want to force me to choose between you and my closet. I love that closet. At one point I planned to marry that closet and take its name.”

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