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She parts her lips, ready to say something else, but I kiss her, silencing her. I tangle my tongue with hers, drink from her mouth slowly, earning a low, sexy moan that comes from deep in her chest. Christ, I can’t get enough. My cock is insistent, ready to take her, fuck her hard until we’re both screaming with our release. I’m desperate to take my time, treat her right, give her body all the attention and love it deserves, but I can’t.

I won’t last long, I want her so bad. And I’ll probably be a disappointment to her after the long wait, but the thought of being inside her without a condom … so I can feel everything, every clench and release and burn … oh yeah. I’m ready to move this to the next step.

“I want to fuck you bare,” I tell her, thrusting my hips against hers, nice and slow. “I want to feel it when you come on my cock.”

“Yes.” She closes her eyes and arches her neck, her breasts brushing my chest. The girl is on fire for me and I’m eager to quench her need. “Please.”

“You want this?” I lift up so I’m on my knees, straddling her hips, and I take my cock in hand, giving it a stroke. Then another.

She opens her eyes to stare at me, her gaze dropping to where I’m touching myself. “Tease me with it,” she demands, her voice low and sexy as fuck.

I do as she asks, dragging the head of my cock in her drenched folds, back and forth across her clit, driving her wild. Her long, agonized moans only fuel me further and I continue my torment, circling her clit, teasing her flexing entrance, sliding my cock in, just the tip. Driving myself fucking crazy with wanting her. I’m not going to last much longer if I keep this up.

“More,” she demands, keening when I slip back inside her. “Please, Max. I’m begging you.”

I love it that I’ve made her beg. She needs me. Can’t get enough of me. And that’s exactly what I wanted, what I needed. To see her complete and total submission, but there’s one more thing I want from her.

“Lily.” I reach out, touch her cheek gently with a soft drift of my fingers. “Tell me who you belong to.”

“You. Only you.”

“Is this my pussy?” I tease her again, slipping inside her one inch at a time, then withdrawing just as slowly, the pace torturous both to her and to me.

“Yes.” She wraps her legs around my hips, anchoring herself and sending me farther. “Is this my cock?” She reaches for my dick, her fingers skimming my length, teasing at her pussy and making me shiver.

“Fuck yes, baby. All yours. Just like you’re all mine,” I tell her just before I sink deep, all the way inside her body until my balls brush against her ass and it feels like I’m touching the very deepest part of her.

I fuck her mindlessly, my sole focus on giving her the desperately needed orgasm she’s craved since we ended up in my bedroom. She claws at my back, her legs clamped tight around my hips, her mouth hanging open and pressing against my neck. I feel her hot breath, her damp lips, her tongue and teeth sinking into my skin. She’s as caught up as I am, lost to the sensation of our connected bodies, my cock sinking into her depths, striving toward my orgasm and hers.

Reaching between us, I stroke her clit, circling it, and she gasps, the clench of her pussy at my touch making my vision go hazy. I don’t want to come. Not yet. I need to make sure she comes first. My girl is desperate to get off and I don’t want to disappoint.

“Max.” She whispers my name against my neck, sending shivers all over my skin. “I’m so close.”

“Me too, baby,” I tell her as I increase my pace. She’s so wet it’s easy to sink deep and I pump inside her with long, even strokes. Heat rushes over me, making me falter, and my mind goes blank. I’m close. So damn close and I shut my eyes tight, my hips pumping, my cock full of come and ready to explode …

“Can I …” A strangled sob escapes her when I press my thumb against her clit. “Can I come, Max? Will you let me?”

I go completely still, lifting my torso away from her so I can stare down at her face. She’s asking for permission. Hell, I forgot I told her she couldn’t come unless I said so.

She drags her eyes open and she looks so damn beautiful my heart cracks. Her mouth is puffy from my kisses. Her lids are heavy, her cheeks flushed, her hair a wild tangle about her head. Her skin is covered with the lightest sheen of sweat and she looks completely undone. Nothing like the woman I saw in Maui, not even close to the woman I saw in the numerous photos on the internet. And nothing like the quiet, angry woman I’ve been with the last few days.

Right now, like this, she looks like mine. Like she belongs to me and no one else. That she’s asking me for permission tears me up inside. Makes me feel like a fucking king.

I gentle my touch on her swollen clit, flicking it this way and that, toying with it, toying with her. Her inner walls clutch me tight, strangling my dick, and I exhale loudly through my nose, my gaze meeting hers as I continue to touch her. “I want to feel you come around my cock,” I murmur, studying her, wanting to see her reaction.

She lifts her hips, her gaze never straying from mine. “I need permission first.”

“I’m giving it to you.” I start to move, slipping my cock inside her, still teasing her clit. “Come for me, Lily. Let me feel you. Let me see you.”

Her breath catches and she starts to close her eyes but I pinch her clit hard, making her gasp. Those eyes fly open wide, frustration swimming in their depths, and I ease my fingers away from her clit. Remove my hand completely. “Grind yourself on my cock, baby,” I command as I haul her in close, our connected bodies brushing against each other. “Fuck me as hard as I’m going to fuck you.”

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