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A lacy white thong runs up the crack of her ass, all that tight flesh on display just for me, and I smooth my palm over the tantalizing curve, triumph filling me when she backs into my touch. I squeeze her ass cheek hard, leaving marks on her skin, and then I spank her, more of a light tap that makes her suck in a harsh breath.

I slip my hand down between her legs, where the lacy fabric of her panties is soaked straight through. I nudge it aside, sinking my finger into her drenched heat, and she moans my name as I start to finger-fuck her.

“Like that, princess?” I ask, my other hand busy squeezing her breasts. She nods furiously, like she’s too overcome to speak, and I slide another finger inside her tight pussy. “I want to fuck you right where you stand,” I growl, overcome with my base need for her. I touch her, kiss her, and all I can think about is conquering her. Making her mine.

All mine.

“Do it,” she murmurs, working her hips against my fingers and sending me deeper within her. “Fuck me.”

“That means I have to stop touching you and I’m not ready yet.” She doesn’t protest, doesn’t make any sorts of demands, and I’m surprised. That’s our biggest problem when we’re together like this. It’s a battle of wills, a show as to who’s the one ultimately in control. Drives me fucking nuts and I know it makes her crazy, too.

But we’re so damn good together. She’s so responsive, so needy for my touch, my mouth, my cock. She’s writhing against me right now, her pussy so wet, and those inner walls are clenching rhythmically. She’s getting off on this, her hands gripped tight around the metal railing, her ass thrust toward me almost obscenely.

Hell, I’m getting off on this, on watching her, touching her, feeling her. My cock strains so hard against the front of my pants, my zipper will probably imprint on my fucking skin if I don’t let it free soon. It’s as if we can’t resist each other.

And we can’t. I don’t want to resist her.

I think she feels the same.

“Please,” she whispers as she strains against my hand. The need in her voice is intense and I slip my arm around her waist, my fingers still buried in her pussy.

I bend over her, resting my cheek against hers as I whisper, “Please what, baby girl?”

“Please let me come,” she says, whimpering when I still my fingers.

It’s the words let me come that gets to me. As if she’s asking permission. As if she’s finally realized who’s the one in charge here and it’s not her.


“You don’t want to wait for my cock?” I ask her.

Now it’s her turn to go completely still, though her body trembles in my embrace. “I do. I want it. But …”

“You want to come now,” I finish for her.

She nods. “I’m sorry.”

That does it. She’s giving me everything I crave, saying all the right things, responding in exactly the right way. If she’s purposely trying to drive me out of my fucking mind, it’s working. “No need to say sorry,” I reassure her. “I’ll give you what you want.”

Before she can say anything, do anything, I angle my hand, slipping my thumb over her swollen clit, and press hard. A relieved sigh escapes her and she rotates her hips, grinds her pussy against my hand as she starts to pant. She’s working toward her orgasm, racing toward it I bet, and I decide to help her along.

“So goddamn tight, princess,” I murmur against her cheek. “You like the way my fingers fuck you? Do you like them better than my cock?”

“I—I like b-both,” she stutters, and I’m impressed she can even speak.

“I’ll give you both. Come with my fingers and then I’ll have you coming all over my cock. Do you want that?”

“Oh God … yes,” she moans as I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and then she explodes, sobbing as her entire body is overcome. She shakes within my arms, my fingers coated with a fresh gush of wetness. When she sags against me, I carefully withdraw from her still shuddering body, grabbing the condom out of my pocket before I’m shoving off my pants and underwear, practically hopping out of them when they fall to my feet.

I tear into the wrapper, pulling the rubber ring out as I kick her legs open so she’s spread wider for me. Stopping in my race to get inside her, I stare dumbfounded for a moment at her pussy. It’s pink and glistening, on perfect display just for me, and I tear my gaze away from the fascinating view to catch her studying me from over her shoulder.

Her shoulders heave with her still ragged breaths. Her lips are parted and wet. Those big, luminous eyes watch me and I lean in, kissing her fiercely, stealing her breath and mine with the intense connection that we’ve woven between us in such a short amount of time.

“So fucking beautiful, princess,” I tell her, my gaze never leaving hers as I move away from her so I can slip on the condom.

Voices sound and she turns her head on a gasp, peeking down below. More people are walking by, looks like two couples this time, and they’re laughing and chatting loudly, sounding a little drunk. Lily leans over the balcony railing, her hands still gripping the metal, her breasts practically dangling over the edge, and I take that moment to slip inside her, inch by inch, filling her up.

Making her sway and moan low in her throat.

The sound makes the chatter stop and we both go still, my cock throbbing inside her tight pussy. I wait, all the air trapped in my lungs, one hand smoothing over her ass, the other gripped around her waist. Slowly she starts to move and I look down at the spot where we’re connected, entranced by the way her pussy glides over my dick, taking it deeper and deeper until I disappear inside her body and then moving back out till only the very tip is nestled within.

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