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There’s no choice. I have to walk away. And I don’t want to.

The minute I pay the dinner bill I’m on my feet, offering my hand to Lily. Our conversation when we first arrived at the restaurant had been stilted. Awkward. She knew I was mad—though I was more angry at myself than at her—and it pissed her off, too, so we had a sort of standoff across the table from each other.

I gave in first. I needed an opportunity to get back to her bungalow. To spend time with her alone. Once our food came—and we were both on our second drink—the conversation flowed, the flirtation grew, and I knew I had her.

She is too damn easy. I feel like a complete asshole for thinking like that.

I passed on a third drink because I wanted to keep my wits about me, and too much alcohol would result in me falling into a deep sleep later. Something I can’t do considering I need to stay awake past Lily so I can grab that fucking laptop.

“Thank you for dinner,” she says after we leave the restaurant, reaching out to touch my arm as we walk side by side. Her fingers burn my skin and I almost pull away from her, but instead I stop, my fingers curling around her wrist so I can pull her in closer. She goes willingly, her eyes wide, her lips parting.

Looking sexy as hell.

Doesn’t help that her hair is up, revealing her edible neck, and she’s wearing a strapless bright green dress that makes her skin appear extra golden. Large, thin gold hoops dangle from her ears and a delicate long gold chain hangs from her neck to rest between her breasts.

She’s not just sexy, she’s also beautiful. Sweet. I want more of her. So much more … but I can’t have it.

“I should’ve never agreed to the conditions you put on tonight,” I mutter, running my gaze over her body, wishing it were my hands trailing all over her.

She laughs, her eyes sparkling, her cheeks the faintest pink. I made the secret dirty girl blush again? Go figure. “Are you the type who wants what you can’t have?”

“Not usually.” My fingers tighten around her wrist. With her, yes, a thousand times yes. “I tend to just go for it.”

Lily presses her lips together, and I feel her heart rate speed up since my fingers are pressing directly against her pulse. “Like you did with me before?”

“Exactly.” She’s so close, I can nuzzle her hair, breathe in her sweet scent. Damn, the woman smells good. Fragrant and fresh, rich and decadent, a contradicting combination I want more of.

Just one more taste. One more night.

“I never go against a lady’s wishes, though,” I tell her, stepping away. I see the disappointment cross her face and it matches the disappointment that spreads through me. I mean what I say but I’m hoping … I’m fucking praying she’ll give in and let me have her. At least one more time. “I may be an asshole, but I’m not that much of one.”

“Sometimes …” She moistens her lips, the luscious, shiny curve of her bottom lip sending a bolt of lust straight to my dick. “The lady says things too rashly. She has a bad habit of not thinking things through.”

Hope sparks within me. Stupid, idiotic hope. I squash it down. I shouldn’t do this. Shouldn’t want this. But I do. God, I do. “Does she, now?”

“Oh yes. All the time. Usually it ends up with her doing something she regrets. She tends to make a lot of mistakes,” Lily admits softly.

I don’t know what she’s talking about. Past regrets? Possibly. I understand that. “Does she think what happened between us is a mistake?”

Slowly she shakes her head, taking a step toward me. Her body brushes against mine and it’s like my entire being has been lit on fire. “Maybe. I don’t know. But I don’t care. Some things are just too hard to fight.”

I give in to my urges and touch her. Cup her cheek, tilt her head back, and I know by the way she parts her lips that she’s ready, eager for me to kiss her. I love how responsive she is to me. It makes me feel like I can conquer the whole damn world. “I won’t do a thing until you say the word.”

Her delicate brows draw down as she stares up at me. “What word is that?”

Leaning in so close my mouth hovers above hers, I whisper, “Yes.”

Her breath wafts across my lips, minty and sweet from the chocolate mint I saw her pop in her mouth as we exited the restaurant. She tilts her head back the slightest bit, aligning our mouths perfectly, and murmurs, “Take me to your room, Max.”

I settle my lips on hers, not caring that we’re surrounded by people as they exit and enter the restaurant. The Hawaiian music that plays fades to the background, as does all the chatter. All I can see and hear and taste is Lily, the perfect offering to placate my raging need. She tastes like heaven, her mouth opening eagerly to mine, our tongues sliding.

She draws away from me before the kiss gets too out of control and keeps her hold on my wrist, my hand still at her cheek. “So is that a yes?” I ask.

Nodding, she kisses the side of my jaw. “Yes.”

UNFORTUNATELY I COULDN’T CONVINCE her to go to her bungalow. She was adamant about seeing my room, so here we are, frustration rippling through me as I escort her down the hall toward my door. My mind is scrambling, trying to come up with a plan B, but then she looks at me, the smile on her face soft, her eyes glowing, and fuck, all plans to take what belongs to her are obliterated from my brain.

All I can think about, all I can focus on, is Lily.

Maybe I don’t need to grab that laptop after all. I can destroy whatever evidence is on the damn thing and somehow prove it to Pilar. Hell, I can make a copy of everything on it and give it to her. Though that would probably not ease her mind. I don’t think anything will pacify her. She’s as high strung as they come.

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