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“Yes,” she whispers as I squeeze her ass, my palm covering one cheek, and she drops her head, whimpering. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you, either,” I admit just before I lightly slap her ass. Her cheek jiggles. The scent of her arousal fills the air and fuck me, I can’t stop myself.

I spank her again. Hard. So hard her skin reddens, and I don’t doubt for an instant the imprint of my hand will soon appear on her skin.

“God.” She jerks against the lounger, squeezing her legs together before she lifts her ass into the air, making me crazier. “More.”

“You like that, don’t you?” I spanked her before but never like this. Never this hard. “Fucking perfect, is what you are,” I mutter, overwhelmed by the realization of how truly perfect she is for me.

Only me.

I gentle my touch, drift my fingers over her skin, watch the goose bumps rise at my caress. I’m all hard, jagged edges, but this woman makes me want to be soft. To slow down and take my time with her, show her exactly what she means to me.

What does she mean to you?

I’m not 100 percent sure.

Taking a deep breath, I refocus and devote my attention to her other ass cheek this time. I alternate between cheeks, spanking her on one side, then the other, again and again, the sharp smack of my fingers against her taut flesh driving me wild. Driving her wild. She squirms and bucks, her ass red as she rises up on her knees, her legs spread, offering me an unbelievable view of her pussy.

Pink. Glistening, dripping wet. The prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. The only one I’ve ever craved. She’s so aroused, I swear the inside of her thighs are drenched.

And I’m hard as a fucking rock, dying to plunge inside her and fucking come. But I don’t. Not yet.

Anticipation is everything. This is the last time I’ll have with her, so I need to make it extra special. I want this girl crazed for me. I want to be crazed for her. Hell, I already am.

I want to drive her and myself out of our ever-loving minds.

Chapter seventeen


I LOVE THE WAY he touches me. His insistent fingers help me forget who I am, what I’ve done, what a failure I’ve become. I don’t worry about anything else when I see his eyes lock on me. All I can focus on is him. How fast can I get him alone, how quickly can I get him to put his hands on me …

After what happened yesterday, I let the anger and the disappointment consume me. He hurt me and I held on to it. But I also knew that I was just as much a liar as he was. Who am I to judge, to hate him, when he should hate me, too? I was lucky enough that I didn’t get caught.


Even though I told myself I wouldn’t search him out, I did anyway. I hid from him, scared he would find me, even more scared that he wouldn’t, and finally I gave in to my urges. It’s like I can’t stay away from him and that’s okay. I can own up to my feelings for Max. I decided to be honest with him. Real.

And he liked it. I could tell by his body language, by the huskiness of his voice. I get near him and the air changes between us. Becomes charged with an energy I can’t deny. One I don’t want to deny. My need to tell him I want him overcame any of my fears or insecurities.

He makes me feel greedy. And I’m pretty sure he feels the same.

My ass still aches from the way he spanked me, my flesh searing hot. I like it. I want more. His big hands roam my body, the slope of my back, the curve of my ass. His touch is gentle but insistent, commanding yet reverent. He’s still got his clothes on and I’m completely naked, the sun shining on my skin. Anyone could pass us by on the beach, none of the beaches are private in the state of Hawaii, but access to this particular stretch of sand is limited.

Not unattainable, though. Knowing someone could walk along and see me like this, the two of us together …

Excites me.

“Dripping wet, princess,” Max practically growls as he sinks his fingers inside me and pumps them once, twice. I close my eyes and grip the frame of the lounger, still on my hands and knees, Max sitting right behind me. “I know you’ll taste damn good, too. I’ve been craving your pussy since the last time I saw you.”

I glance at him over my shoulder to see the tips of his fingers disappear in his mouth as he sucks them and a shuddery sigh moves through me, making my entire body sway. He’s taken off his sunglasses, letting me see that handsome face clearly, those beautiful eyes full of heat and want.

All aimed directly at me.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” he asks.

Pressing my lips together, I nod, scared to say anything for fear I’ll sound like a babbling idiot. Unsure that I’ll even be able to put together words. Or worse, that I’ll say something I’ll regret. I feel unhinged, raw and painfully aroused, my skin so tight I’m afraid I might shatter if he so much as touches me.

And I definitely want him to touch me. I’m dying for it.

“From behind?” He runs a hand over my butt, his fingers sliding perilously close to my pussy. I angle toward him, ready for those fingers to go exactly where I need them, but he’s teasing me, his hand moving away.

“Please,” I beg, not recognizing my own voice. What’s come over me? I don’t even know myself in this moment. My body has been on fire since our stupid argument. I crave him, want him to do everything he did to me yesterday and the night before, plus more. Anything. I’m up for anything he wants. He stuck his fingers in my ass and that was something I swore I would never let any man do to me, and now I’m this close to begging Max to do it again.

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