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“Never me, baby girl,” I say, meaning every word I say. How can I hate her when she looks at me like that, her skin shining from the sun, her body on blatant display, just for me? Grabbing her hand once again, I lead her around the house, taking the same path I did a couple of nights ago when I snuck into her room. The slider is unlocked, just as she said it would be, and she darts inside while I wait for her on the lanai, coming back out in a few minutes with a towel in one hand, sunscreen in the other, and her sunglasses firmly in place.

She drops the towel and sunscreen on the lounge chair closest to her and turns so her back is to me. “Will you unhook it?”

I stare at her back, knowing exactly what she wants me to do but wanting her to spell it out. “Unhook what?”

Lily glances at me from over her shoulder. “My top.”

Reaching out, I do as she requests, my fingers brushing against her smooth skin when I ease the clear plastic hook out and the top springs apart. She sheds it with a flick of her fingers, letting it drop to the lounge chair before she turns to face me, clad in the skimpy bikini bottom and nothing else.

“Could you help me put some sunscreen on?” she asks, eyes wide, voice full of innocence.

A trap. I know what she’s trying to do, but it’s a trap I’m willingly walking into because hell yes, my fingers are itching to rub sunscreen all over her body. Any excuse to touch her again.

Not that I need one.

“Lay down,” I order, and she grabs hold of the sunscreen bottle, handing it to me before she settles onto the lounger, lying on her stomach so all I see is the smooth skin of her back, her ass barely covered by the bikini, and those long, sexy legs tempting me.

Every bit of her tempts me and she knows it.

Her arms are folded beneath her head, her right cheek resting on her clasped fingers, as she watches me from behind her sunglasses. I nudge at her legs and she scoots them over, allowing me room to sit on the edge of the lounger as I open the bottle of sunscreen and squirt a huge dollop of liquid into the palm of my hand.

I rub my hands together and start on her shoulders, smoothing the creamy lotion all over her warm skin until the sunscreen is absorbed. A dreamy sigh escapes her, making my dick twitch, and I power on, my hands moving lower, to the base of her spine, just above her ass.

I love her skin. The way it feels beneath my hands, her intoxicating scent. I swear I feel her quiver beneath my touch when I start in on her legs, my fingers curling around her ankles and spreading her a little bit. Not obscenely, oh no, but just enough to make her think of sex.

Sex with me. Hopefully she’s remembering just how good it was between us. I know I sure as hell am. I want to touch her there, between her legs. I know she’d be wet and hot and the moment I pushed my fingers deep, she’d moan.

I slide my eager fingers up, tickling the back of her knees and making her giggle. She has a sexy laugh. She has a sexy everything. When I touch her thighs, she stiffens the slightest bit, just before she starts to relax as I massage her skin, my fingers curling around the inside of her thighs, drawing closer, closer …

A little whimper escapes her when I hook a finger beneath her bottoms, my thumb tracing the luscious curve of her ass. She shivers and tilts her head—I can tell she’s watching me from behind her sunglasses—and I keep my gaze fixed on her as I sneak my finger in farther, until I’m touching her pussy.

Fucking soaked. Just like I knew she’d be.

“Max.” The whispery groan that falls from her lips makes my cock hard. I trace her slit, tease her, slip inside her with a shallow thrust, and she spreads her legs farther, giving me better access. “Please.”

“Please what, princess?” I sound tense. My voice cracks and I’m sweating, and not because of the sun barreling down on us.

“More,” she whispers, another moan falling from her lips when I cup her.

“More what? What do you want me to do?” She’s a dirty girl. I know it. And she’s not ashamed to show her wicked side, either. Lily has no problem asking for what she wants. She has a confidence I can’t help but admire. Even better, she does as I demand, no questions asked.

It’s almost like she was made for me. What would it be like, seeing her again once we both return to New York? What would she say if I told her I lived close to her, that we could be together again? Not just have some island fling but a real … relationship.

That line of thinking will only get you in trouble, asshole.

“Fuck me with your fingers,” she says, her voice thin as she wiggles her butt. “Make me come.”

I shake my head, getting rid of the serious thoughts. She doesn’t want a relationship and neither do I. Not really. She wants hot sex. She wants me to fuck her with my fingers. That’s all this is. A steamy affair. A lot of fucking with very little emotion.

Why do I feel like I’m trying to convince myself?

“Demanding today, aren’t you?” I withdraw my hand from between her legs and tug at her bikini bottom, easing it down, baring that perfect, biteable ass of hers. Jesus, I want to spank her. Mark her. Bite her.

I tear the bikini off her and let it fall to the ground before I run a hand over my face. The woman makes me fucking crazy.

She makes me want things I can’t have.

“I know what I want,” she says, her voice wavering, belying the confidence of her words. “And I want you.”

“Is that why you came looking for me, baby? Even though I pissed you off yesterday?” I run my fingers across her ass, back and forth, warming her skin, dying to slap that perfect little butt.

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