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Again and again.

“I don’t want to lay out around this pool. I was hoping that maybe we could go back to my bungalow and sit on my lanai,” she suggests shyly.

Would you look at that. Lily Fowler, shy. Un-fucking-believable.

“Why do you want to sit on your lanai?” I know why I want to. Fewer people, less hassle, less everything. I figure she’s the type who likes the attention, though. That she’d want to strut herself around in front of anyone who happened to look, their hungry gazes feeding her equally hungry ego.

Maybe I’m wrong.

“So I can get a tan without tan lines?” She smirks, batting her eyelashes at me, and I burst out laughing, trying my best to ignore the arousal swiftly moving beneath my skin, settling in my cock.

I sit up, scooting to the edge of my lounger so I can get closer to her. Lowering my voice, I murmur, “You thinking of lying out naked?”

Without a word she nods, the smirk disappearing. I can see the way her chest flushes deeper than the faint sunburn, the wild flutter of her pulse at the base of her neck. “At least with my top off,” she admits quietly.

My gaze drops to her top. Her nipples press against the fabric, tiny and firm, and I want to put my mouth on them, on her, so fucking bad I can barely stand it. “I’d like to see that,” I admit hoarsely, even though I’ve seen her breasts enough that I can close my eyes and conjure them up in my mind. Full and soft, with rosy pink nipples that taste like heaven, a perfect handful, mouthful, whatever.

I’m done playing games. I need to move this shit along, and besides, I’m dying to have my mouth and my hands on her again, for one last night. My time is limited. I need to make this happen.

“I want to show you,” she whispers.

“You’re not mincing words today, princess.”

“I figured what’s the point? Why fight it?” She stares at me, those pretty eyes never leaving mine. “I know what I want.”

My skin tightens. She keeps this talk up and I really will end up making an ass out of myself, walking around the pool with a hard-on. “You do, huh? And what would that be?”

She leans in closer, her hand going to my knee. Her touch burns, awareness sizzling through me as my gaze drops to her lips, and I watch as they form one perfect word.


We stare at each other for a long, tension-filled moment like a couple of dumb kids until I decide to not waste any more time. Reaching for her hand, I stand, taking her with me. She grabs hold of my cell phone and gives it to me and I shove it in the pocket of my swim trunks.

We don’t say a word as we exit the pool area, our hands still clasped together, fingers entwined. I lead her through the lobby without a word toward the bungalow area, and she practically runs to keep up with my stride.

It doesn’t matter how eager I seem. She’s right. Why bother hiding it? The chemistry between us is there, strong and overwhelming, and I’m not going to deny myself one last chance for us to be together and neither is she. This is the perfect excuse to get in her bedroom, get some satisfaction, give her some satisfaction, and then …

Take the damn laptop and disappear.

Plus, I’m just doing my damn job. I’m not scared of a hot little piece like Lily. Most people who know me think I’m a badass. Unafraid, bold as hell, and doing as I please. I sound like an arrogant prick even in my own head for just thinking it, but it’s the truth. Sometimes my boldness has got me into trouble—lots of times, actually—but no way could this girl ruin me.

Back up, asshole. This girl can completely ruin you. She’s your target. And instead of objectively observing her before going in for that damnable laptop, you’re too busy thinking with your dick and wondering how fast you can stick it in her hot, eager pussy?

Catching a glimpse of the real woman behind the façade helps my decision, too. She’d been so damn responsive. I want to experience that again. Soon.


We start to go up the front walkway of her villa but she jerks on my hand, making me stop and turn to look at her.

“I don’t have my key,” she admits.

I frown. “How are we going to get in? Do you need to go back to the front desk?”

She shakes her head. “We can sneak in through the sliding glass door.”

I can feel my frown deepen. The woman is careless. “Any asshole can walk right in, you know.”

“I’m not worried. We’re at an exclusive resort. In the most exclusive part of the resort,” she points out.

“Assholes hang out in fancy resorts, too, princess. Don’t think you’re so untouchable. That’ll get you in trouble.” I release her hand to tap my index finger against the tip of her nose.

She presses her lips together, her gaze never leaving mine. “I have a habit of that. Getting into trouble.”

The grin that spreads across my face can’t be contained. “Why am I not surprised?”

“People hate me for it,” she admits.

My grin fades, just like that. “Who could hate you?” She drives me insane, but in a good way. In a let’s get together and fuck each other’s brains out way.

I don’t really know her, though. What she does on a day-to-day basis. What her normal life is like. This woman in front of me is vacation Lily, not real-life Lily. For all I know she’s a raging bitch who makes everyone crazy with her needy, arrogant ways.

“Lots of people hate me.” She stands up taller, throwing back her shoulders. “Hopefully not you, though.”

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