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I disappointed my family, especially my father. I fucked up. Swore I would never do something stupid again when I became a civilian once more, grateful for my friends who rallied around me and invested in my new business. I took their unwavering faith as them investing in me, believing in me.

And I needed that. Desperately.

The business has done well; it’s been almost two years and it’s grown steadily. Since the doors opened I’ve taken on a steady stream of clients, treated them well, done what I needed to do and kept on the right track.

Until Lily. She’s fucked me up all over again. I shouldn’t be here with her. I shouldn’t be doing this. I can tell myself all damn day I’m trying to get close to her so I can get that laptop, but it’s complete bullshit.

I like her. I’m attracted to her. Hell, I think I might be addicted to her pussy, to her mouth, to the fire that blazes within her. I want her.

And it has nothing to do with the laptop, with the job, with Pilar Vasquez.

It has everything to do with Lily.

Without a word I swim to her, never taking my eyes from hers, seeing the troubled doubt, the anxiousness, the worry in her expression. The fire is there, too, blazing in her beautiful hazel eyes, and I know she doubts me. Is probably tempted to shove me away and tell me to go fuck myself.

I’d deserve it, too.

I stop just before her, water splashing all over my head, the roar of the waterfall making it hard for me to hear or be heard. Clearing my throat, I yell, “I’m sorry.”

There’s no need to explain myself to help her figure out why I just reacted the way I did. I need to finish out today and be done with it. Be done with her. That’s what I tell myself, at least.

I don’t know if I can do it.

She watches me, her gaze, her expression, softening the slightest bit. But she says nothing, which fills me with the need to say something.

“I’m a dick.” I shake my head, sending water droplets flying, and she floats away from me, like she needs the distance. “I don’t want to ruin this.”

Lily frowns. “Ruin what?”

“Today. This afternoon. What we’re doing.” I come toward her, relieved she doesn’t move away. “I’m having fun.”

“I was, too,” she says, the sarcasm heavy. “Until you went all asshole on me.”

“I can’t say I won’t do it again.” I slip my arms around her slender waist and she drifts toward me, her legs circling my hips once more, her hot pussy pressed up against my lower belly. Breathing deep, I place my mouth at her temple, the scent of her shampoo, the feel of her skin, making me hard once more. “But I’ll try my best to not be a dick for the rest of the day.”

She starts to laugh, her arms coming around my neck, her breasts once again lodged against my chest. I love how her body feels close to mine. We fucking fit. “Well, that was the most honest apology I think I’ve ever received.”

I kiss her because I can’t resist her laugh, can’t resist the way she’s touching me. The kiss turns deep in an instant, our tongues tangling, the two of us moaning, our bodies melding as close as they can get. I start to steer us both closer to the water’s edge, on the other side of the waterfall, so I can at least stand.

Within seconds, it’s shallow enough for me to find my footing and I reach between her legs, making her gasp. She’s so hot, she coats my fingers with her creamy essence and I kiss her hard while I work her harder, sinking my fingers inside her body as I press her swollen clit with my thumb. She moans into my mouth, her teeth nipping my lips, her tongue circling mine, and I know she’s already fucking close.

Hell, I’m about to explode, all from arguing with her, kissing her, touching her. She works her hips against my hand and I add another finger, then another, fucking her with three, getting a little rough as I thrust as deep as I can get.

But this girl, she can take it. She likes it when I take over, when I’m not gentle. It’s a rare thing, to find a woman who seems to get me immediately. When I was young I fought my urges. Figured they weren’t normal. Now I run with them, though I usually have some restraint when I’m first with a woman.

Not Lily. I sensed she would like what I could give her. And I was right.

She breaks away from my mouth and takes a deep breath, her head slung back, her lips parted on a silent moan, her eyes squeezed closed. She’s holding on to me so tight with her legs that I’m able to take my free hand and reach into her wet hair, gathering it up and tugging hard, making her face me once more. “Open your eyes,” I demand and she does, though her vision is hazy, as if she’s completely lost in her pleasure. “Watch me.”

Lily never looks away as I continue to push my fingers into her body. She’s obedient, compliant, and the satisfaction that roars through me is overwhelming. I press my forehead to hers, my hand busy between her legs, my fingers loosening in her hair, and I push it away from her shoulder. “Keep your eyes on mine, princess. I wanna see it when I push you over the edge.”

She nods, a little whimper escaping her. “Please.”

That I’m making her beg for it pleases me even more. “Work those hips, baby,” I whisper, encouraging her. “You close?”

Her hips twist and she clamps her knees on either side of my hips, locking herself in place. I pull my fingers from within her body and cup her pussy, her moan of frustration sending a sick thrill through me. “Don’t stop,” she whispers, tugging on the hair at my nape.

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