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Breathless, I watch him, my gaze glued to his ass. It’s firm and muscular, just like the rest of him, and stark white compared to his tanned skin, as are the back of his thighs. I giggle, clamping my lips shut when he gets waist deep and turns to look at me.

“What are you laughing at?” he asks.

“Your ghostly white butt,” I tell him, deciding to be honest.

He splashes water at me, getting my feet and ankles wet, and I jump back a little. “I bet your pretty little ass is just as white. In fact, I know it is.”

I remember that he became real up-close-and-personal with my ass this morning and my skin tingles at the memory. “Care to see it?”

“Absolutely,” he says without hesitation.

I grab the bottom of my tank and yank it up and over my head, tossing it to the ground. I’m not wearing a bra and I swear I hear him mutter, “I knew it,” under his breath as he watches me strip.

Smiling, I continue, taking off my white shorts, a small part of me hoping like crazy that they don’t get too dirty while crumpled on the ground, leaving me only in a white lacy thong that is completely see-through.

Exactly the reason I wore it.

His expression slackens and that arrogant smile disappears. He’s gazing at my panties like they’re the solution to all of his problems and I start to wade into the water, hissing in a breath at the cold temperature. “Like what you see?” I ask innocently.

“Not going to take off the panties?” he asks, his voice a little rough.

“I thought keeping them on made things more interesting.” Slowly I approach him, the roar of the waterfall becoming louder and louder as I come closer to Max. The water is waist high, then chest high, and he grabs me, hauling me to him, his hands automatically going to my butt as he slides his palms up and down my curves.

“Very interesting. And flimsy. Though I thought we were skinny-dipping,” he murmurs just as he bends his head, his mouth connecting with mine.

I run my hands up his wet chest, parting my lips, allowing his tongue entry. A moan escapes me when he hauls me in close and I wrap my legs around his waist, feeling his erect cock poking against my backside. “Take them off then,” I encourage when I break away from his hot, delicious mouth.

One hand goes to the thin band of my thong and he tugs, tearing the lace away from my body. A gasp escapes me and he’s pulling the ruined panties off me, balling them up into his hand and tossing them over the water, where they land on the shore, right by my flip-flops.

I stare at the balled-up underwear on the ground before I turn back to look at him, my lips parted, gaping at him like an idiot. He smiles and grabs hold of me, pulling me farther into the water, and I have no choice but to swim with him.

“Let’s go fuck under the waterfall,” he says, and I laugh at him, shaking my head.

“We don’t have a condom. Unless you have one tucked under your balls,” I tease, making him chuckle.

“That I don’t. I have one in the pocket of my shorts, though.” He glances at the shore once more, where his shorts lie in a heap. “Guess we’ll have to improvise.”

“Guess so,” I say, my heart racing at the thought.

Can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Chapter thirteen


LILY LOOKS LIKE A WATER NYMPH, sexy and naked, droplets of water scattered all over her skin and clinging to her eyelashes and her hair slicked back. Her breasts bob in the water, offering me teasing glimpses of her dark pink nipples, and they’re hard as diamonds¸ tempting me to lick and suck and make her crazy out of her mind with wanting more.

She likes it when I suck her nipples. She likes it when I do anything to her. She’s so damn responsive. I know she liked it, too, when I tore her panties off her body. They probably cost a fortune but I don’t give a shit. It felt good, showing such aggression, showing her what I can do.

Hell, I felt like a show-off carrying her down the trail to this spot. She complained she might weigh too much, but give me a break. She’s light as a feather. And despite how hot it is, it still felt good having her pressed so close to me. Her mouth at my neck, her breasts crushed against my back, her legs clamped around my hips. She’s warm and soft and fits perfectly in my arms, against my back …

Too damn bad the condoms are stuffed in my shorts pocket and I was too stupid to remember to grab one and bring it with me into the water. Now I can’t fuck her properly like I want to under the waterfall.

Guess we really will have to improvise. Eventually I’ll carry her back to shore, grab a condom, and fuck her in the shallow end. Hell, if I can stand it. I’m afraid she might wear me out by the end of the first go-round.

She splashes water in my face and pushes her body beneath the surface, headed toward the waterfall. I follow after her, my arms slicing through the water as I easily catch up with her. She’s a good swimmer, a talent I figured she was lacking considering what happened when I rescued her out of the ocean.

“So you really can swim,” I say when I capture her in my arms and haul her in close to me.

An indignant gasp escapes her and she slugs my shoulder. “What makes you say that?”

“After your little tumble in the ocean a few days ago, I figured you were a beginner at best.” I grab hold of her injured hand and examine it. The bandage is gone and it looks like the wound is healing nicely. “Still bother you?” I ask.

She slowly shakes her head. “It’s a lot better.”

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