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“You liked it,” he mutters, and I laugh because he’s right. I loved it.

“You like this, too,” I whisper, brushing the hair out of my face so I can see him. He’s watching me, his gaze intense, his mouth drawn in a thin line and sweat forming on his forehead. He looks like he’s doing everything possible not to fall completely apart and I love that, too. It’s a heady feeling, knowing I have so much power over him.

That I’m capable of giving him so much pleasure.

“Don’t stop,” he urges and I return my attention to his cock, bobbing up and down on him, moaning when he sinks his fingers into my hair and guides me, thrusting deeper, fucking my mouth. He’s uttering an endless string of harsh curses, using me for his satisfaction, mindless with it, and I let him, murmuring around his cock, gripping him tight, sucking him deep.

“Gonna come,” he rasps as a warning but I don’t move away from him. More like I sink him deeper into my mouth, and the first spurt of semen on my tongue makes me moan in tandem with his bone-rattling groan. I pull away from him slightly so he doesn’t flood the back of my throat, but I don’t waste a drop, either. Men love this sort of thing and normally I don’t swallow.

But there’s something about this man that makes me want to do … anything for him. Give him as much pleasure as I possibly can. Do whatever he wants me to do.

Let him do with me whatever he wants, too …

“OKAY, I REALLY SHOULD GO NOW,” Max says hours later as he sits up in bed, swinging his legs so he’s seated on the side of the mattress, his feet planted firmly on the floor. He runs a hand through his hair, then turns to look at me.

I’m lying on my side, completely uncovered and not really caring. I’m comfortable in my nudity, I always have been, and this intimidating, delicious, sexy man is not going to get to me, no matter how intently he stares.

Besides, I like the way he stares. And kisses and touches and licks and sucks …

“Why?” I ask when he doesn’t say anything more. Though I already know the answer. He gave me a long list of things he needed to do hours ago. Before he proceeded to attack my pussy first with his fingers, then his mouth. It’s all we’ve been doing, getting each other off with lips and fingers and tongues. No condoms mean we have to get creative.

And I’ve discovered that Max is extremely creative.

“I still need to take that shower. Get some fresh clothes on. Find a giant box of condoms.” He grins ruefully, and the sight of it sends a zing of pleasure straight between my legs. “Trust me, princess. It’s hard for me to leave with you looking like that. You’re too damn tempting.”

“Should I take that as a compliment or an insult?” I’m confused, which is dumb. And I’m also feeling a little unsure. This isn’t my usual thing, making small talk and plans to see a guy again after a sex marathon.

Stretching out my legs, I sigh, my muscles aching deliciously. I feel gently abused since he just finished bringing me to orgasm for the third time since I woke up. I swear my body is still trembling from the force of that last climax.

I honestly don’t think I’ve come so many times before in my life.

“It’s definitely a compliment.” He reaches out and runs his fingers down the side of my thigh, making me shiver. His hand drops and he gets up, reaching for his clothes where he left them on the floor and offering me a very fine view of his very fine ass. “I gotta get out of here. I won’t be able to resist you like this,” he says.

I raise a brow. “Like what?”

“Naked and sexy as fuck.” He turns and faces me with a grin, and dodges when I toss a pillow at him.

I settle back against the remaining pillows, pulling the sheet up over me as he gets dressed. The late morning sun is blazing through my bedroom window and I glance at the clock on the bedside table, shuddering when I realize just how late it is. We’ve fucked the morning away completely.

Not that I regret it.

“You covered up,” he says, sounding disappointed.

“I’m a distraction, remember?” Sitting up, I plump the pillows and lie back down, a yawn taking over me so fast I don’t quite cover it up with my hand.

“And you’re a sleepy distraction.” He’s fully dressed as he comes back toward the bed and dips over me, dropping a kiss on top of my head. “See you around, princess.”

“Wait a minute.” I grab hold of his hand before he can escape. “Are we still meeting later?”

He raises a brow. “You still want to? Or are you having second thoughts?”

Is he projecting? Maybe he’s the one having second thoughts. “I want to,” I admit softly, swallowing hard against the lump in my throat. Honest admissions aren’t easy for me. They make me uncomfortable, like I’m putting myself on the line. Making myself vulnerable.

He smiles, and the sight of it steals my breath. It’s not cocky or full of amusement. It’s tender. Real. “Good. I still want to, too.” He gives me another kiss, this time on the lips, soft and sweet and unlike any kiss he’s delivered. All the others have been full of passion. Raw. A little rough.

Not this one. My lips are tingling and I reach up and touch them, watching as he goes to the door, flashes me one last grin over his shoulder, and then opens the screen door, sliding through it and shutting it with barely a sound.

The room is depressingly quiet without him there and the air conditioner clicks on. A blast of icy air hits me, making me shiver, and I tuck the sheet tight around my neck, letting out a trembling sigh as I close my eyes, waiting for sleep to take over.

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